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Top Zend Coders, Engineers for Hire in Ukraine

The Zend Framework (ZF) is an open-source framework for developing object-oriented Web applications implemented in PHP 5. The aim of the framework is to simplify the creation of Web applications with the help of object-oriented processes which provide the building of extensible classes and objects and promote best practices for building Web 2.0 Web services and applications. The framework is basically a collection of professional PHP based packages. Zend Framework uses different packages with the help of Composer as part of its package dependency managers. It also provides a model-view-controller framework which is used as the basis for an app structure for applications developed with it. Zend Framework provides reusable and extensible code that can be shared among different applications, which allows them to scale easily to the enterprise level as it is an object-oriented framework. An open-source support, static code analysis, predictive analytics, application security, and dynamic analysis are among the features of ZF. It was released in 2006 by Zend Technologies and licensed under the Open Source Initiative-approved New BSD License.

Zend Development Services

Zend Development Services in Ukraine

Searching for a Zend developer for your app? You clearly came to the appropriate vendor. “Echo Ukraine” provides IT staffing services and project based programming. We pleasantly help you to get the appropriate employee or a team for remote development. All our coders are accomplished professionals proficient in developing tailored apps using the most recent trends, including ZEND, API, Redux, Bootstrap, Keras, Amazon EC2, Tokbox, Automation, Moodle, Umbraco, Visualforce. You can also choose us as a Zend development agency and delegate full-cycle development services to us.


  • First-class Ukrainian experts with more than 5 years of commercial experience.
  • Talent retention leading methods to make sure your programmers stay happy.
  • Professional client supervisors to assure smooth communication.
  • Flexible agreement with simple monthly payments.

We help you accelerate your projects by preparing proved Zend coders who can contribute to your company and immediately start delivering top-notch code. Get in touch with us and look over the profiles of candidates available for employment right now. Also, you can read “Zend Developer Salary in the US and UK compare to Ukraine” to reveal the true cost of hiring.

TOP5 Zend Programmers in December 2018

1 Myroslav H.,Age: 27, E-mail: ho*@gmail.com,
Skills: PHP, JS, PHP (Symfony), PHP (Zend), HTML/CSS, JS (jQuery), Ruby, SQL, MySQL, AJAX
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2 Roman D.,Age: 26, E-mail: do*@gmail.com,
Skills: JS, PHP (Symfony), PHP (Zend), HTML/CSS, Team Lead, Full Stack (PHP/JS), PHP (Yii)
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3 Nazar S.,Age: 32, E-mail: sa*@gmail.com,
Skills: PHP, JS, PHP (Zend), Full Stack (PHP/JS), PHP (Yii), PHP (Drupal), JS (Vue)
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4 Grigoriy S.,Age: 30, E-mail: gr*@gmail.com,
Skills: JS, PHP (Symfony), PHP (Zend), HTML5/CSS3, Team Lead, Full Stack (PHP/JS), JS (Angular 2.x)
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5 Alexander P.,Age: 29, E-mail: vi*@gmail.com,
Skills: JS, PHP (Symfony), PHP (Zend), Team Lead, Full Stack (PHP/JS), JS (jQuery)
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The list of Zend coders is based on our applicant tracking system (ATS) data and refreshed every day.

Questions and Answers related to Zend Development

Have you ever used ZEN guard for PHP code? What for?

“It’s quite a silly thing to encode the php code – I mean, any obfuscation has to be reversible in order to display the pages – ergo, it is always possible to decompile the source, just without comments and some friendly variable names. The only serious way to ‘ensure’ that only legitimate customers can benefit from your code is to deploy it on your own servers and sell it as SAAS, without giving them any access to your codebase, server or anything but your application’s admin panel…”

Is Zend Framework 2 an easy way to learn PHP for a beginner developer?

“Zend is one of the most difficult frameworks for a beginner to grasp. I’d say that Laravel is one of the best to learn for a beginner because it follows Rails and Symfony very closely, and because Jeffrey Way of Laracasts has an excellent set of courses that are just on using Laravel, as well as a lot of general programming concepts and PHP concepts. The Yii framework is also very good, and if you’re interested in Symfony, KNPUniversity has some good courses as well.”

Can I use Python written modules inside a Zend Framework–based application?

“I think what you really want to ask is how to call a Python script from PHP. There are a few ways you can accomplish this. You can: use some RPC system like Thrift or a RESTful API. Call the python script in PHP using a call like system(). Use a queueing system, like AMQP, to push the data from the webpage into a queue, and have your python script pull it off the queue, execute the computations, and notify the web app or store the answer.”

Which is better, Yii or Zend Framework?

“Both framework are good, but I like Zend a lot. There are reason behind liking Zend. What I’ve experienced in Zend that everything is extend able and expandable in a very easy way. Where as in Yii2, I’m a bit of a confused with its front-end and back-end structure. It looks like you’re doing development via core in a advance way. The other edge yii has over Zend is that it provides a gii modules which generates CRUD for developers and people like it for that…”

What books should Zend programmers read?

Best Zend Books that You Should Have on Your Bookshelf

Consider asking some of these questions during a job interview to assess candidate’s skills.


Big Names Using Zend

What Fortune 500 companies are using Zend in production among other popular technologies? A good example is Aetna (www.aetna.com).

Health Plans & Dental Coverage | Aetna. Learn the benefits of joining Aetna for individuals and families and learn about the benefits for employers, healthcare providers, and insurance producers.

Also, big brands use JBoss, WooCommerce, RoR, Flask, Python.

Typical Programming Projects and Tasks for Zend Developers

Wrap Apple Fairplay C Code Into A Zend Php Shared Object

Looking for someone with experience that can talk to me. We have tested the C code from Apple FPS Key Server Module. It seems to b working fine. Now we want to make it available to php. Here is the ... (Canada)

PHP Developer - German Speaking

- HTML und CSS Arbeiten an verschiedenen Websites - Austausch von Text und Bildern über FTP (Wordpress, Typo3, Shopsystem) - Bearbeitung von Templates (HTML/CSS) - Direkter Kundenkontakt als freier ... (Germany)

Freelancer PHP Developer Needed For Creating A New Custom

Job Description We are a new company developing an online platform and we are in a quest for a PHP Developer with a clear passion for engineering and able to write well-documented code. The PHP ... (Greece)

Convert Admin 'Sellers' Section Of SaaS Web Application From

We are looking for someone to convert our existing functionality for our "Sellers" and "Seller Requests" section of Admin panel for a SaaS application, written with Dojo toolkit in Zend Framework, ... (United States)

These results are based on the freelance Zend jobs extracted from Upwork in December 2018.

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