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WOWZA Hosting. Host Your WOWZA Application

Do you like Wowza for building applications? If so, you might have already learned how to install and configure it on your local environment to test things out. Next, you’ll need Wowza friendly hosting. If you’re just starting out, free hosting probably sounds pretty good. When your site or app needs grow, however, free plans probably won’t cut it. We’ve put together a list of the best Wowza hosting providers to help you make the right choice. Below, you’ll find a brief review of each service, plus the pros and cons.

Server Room

Our success comes from pairing what we like to call the pillars of accomplishment in this business: state-of-the-art technology and unrivaled customer service. We make it our job to make things easy for our clients. They don’t need to be technical experts, as our services are fully managed. Our support experts go out of their way to ensure every customer’s requirements are met beyond their expectations.

  • URL: https://www.serverroom.net/

Hosting Marketers

Hosting Marketers was initially founded in November of 1999. We are a web hosting company based in the United States of America. Hosting Marketers offers a complete suite of professional services, with not only web site hosting, but also offering domain name registration, and design and development. Hosting Marketers is a privately owned company with no outstanding debts or liabilities up to this date.

  • URL: https://hosting-marketers.com/


We are a premium carbon-neutral Data Center – Central India’s first data center mainly providing data center services including but not limited to dedicated servers, managed servers, colocation services. Founded in 2013 by Narendra Sen, we are a fast-growing startup with a clear cut vision of making India self-sufficient in data storage and hosting. Headquartered in Indore, our datacenter spreads out in a vast expanse of 35000 sq. ft. with a capacity of 800 racks and still growing. We believe in creative data storage by offering bankable data hosting solutions through enterprise-class technologies in a carrier-neutral environment. We have an IT infrastructure expertise that can be customized for big enterprises as efficiently as for startups.

  • URL: https://www.rackbank.com/


Founded in 2004, Primcast is a multi-national company based out of Brooklyn, NY. Our passion for media and content delivery has brought us to become one of the industry leaders in rich media delivery, along with our sister company Server Room. Uptime is critical, which is why we’ve custom designed and built our network specifically for streaming, with low latency and global coverage. We deliver excellence in streaming by providing complete service management and live support, with real humans, available anytime 24/7. Our equipment is hosted in multiple data centers in New York City and Bucharest, allowing us to setup a proprietary CDN and deliver rich media with low latency across North America, Europe, Northern Africa and Asia.

  • URL: https://www.primcast.com/


Wowza® Media Systems reduces the complexities of video and audio delivery with customizable software for organizations to build, deploy, and manage high-quality live and on-demand streaming. They call it: Simply Powerful Streaming™. New to Video Sharing Software? Learn more about Wowza , then sign up for a web hosting account from Arvixe and get going in minutes. Wowza is for you!

  • URL: https://www.arvixe.com/

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