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Why Over 120 Million Googly-eyed About Google Drive

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Why Over 120 Million Googly-eyed About Google Drive

Google Drive serves up an irresistibly unparalleled IT buffet of cloud-based file storage, document sharing and office suite applications. Businesses tap into synchronized service and collaborative editing. Plus, its free to inexpensive high performance business solutions are as good as it gets for many businesses. Google Drive delivers as much application functionality as users can handle. Here’s the scoop about why Google Drive boasts more than 120 million users before it turned 2 years old.

Bigger Storage is Better Business

Businesses need storage utility for its operations. However, as more businesses conduct online commerce and software as a service, expenses often increases along with customers and transactions. Business information, product information, graphics, website content, and assorted documents can swell to the point of gobbling up storage space.

When IT costs such as hard drive storage costs continue to escalate, the costs of doing business also rockets. Hard drive storage relief can be found because Google Drive delivers 15 GB of free storage. Additionally, drastically drop storage costs with additional low cost monthly or yearly bytes. Reap benefits by supplementing or replacing existing hard drive storage with cloud based storage.

Furthermore, scaling down desktop computers to thin versions minus costly hard drives, expansions and upgrades can further reduce business costs. Besides reducing hardware costs, centralizing storage on designated computers can streamline storage and enhance IT security control.

Cloud Based Super Software Store

Capitalizing on Google Drive storage capacity is only one efficiency facet. Cloud based software service remains a potentially expensive business proposition. Software and hardware upgrades can claim more than a fair share of business operation costs. For small business, IT can be a big expense, especially business software. For small business IT can be a big expense, especially business software. However, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Yesteryear’s Google Docs have evolved on Google Drive. Users are equipped with more office suite applications than the average business needs. In fact, businesses are exploring and discovering versatile tools that can enhance business

No Fear, Google Software is Here

The Google Drive office automation suite of cloud based software is user friendly, with familiar Windows shortcuts and similar features. Word processing, spreadsheets, presentation and drawing software, for example, have familiar and similar cross functional Windows features. But not only do they bring something old and familiar to cloud based marriage of business as usual and technology, software allows user-friendly integration of software and enhanced utility.

Google Drive puts the “soft” in software. For top notch results, no high tech skills are required. Creating a business proposal, marketing material, or interactive multi-functional documents are simple. For example, deposit a hyperlinked word, image or video embedded in a presentation that links to a website or product sale without leaving Google Drive.

Google Drive Software is Everywhere

Google Drive puts the “where” in software. Access the software anywhere. Plus, documents produced by the software port to virtually anywhere online or off. Users also save, upload or download documents using a variety of file types. In fact, users can convert a document from one type by uploading it as one type, and downloading it as another, such as a PDF.

Teamwork Spikes

With a simple click, documents are shared among staff who can review or edit. In minutes, publish documents to the web for the public or limited access. Elevate proofing, direct e-mail, coupons, flyers, presentations, drawings and press releases to a higher level.

Driving Business Innovation

Google Drive delivers additional software applications beyond standard the business suite. Business apps and productivity apps are numerous. Hundreds of thousands of users explore image editors, white board, slide sharing, PDF document signing, form creators, or survey creators. The wealth of software tools upgrade business capabilities without sacrificing budgets.

Google Drive transforms IT headaches into fun and functional business capability. Google Drive makes the business of getting down to business better. Google Drive is a business driver.

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