What Last Year Did to IT Industry or How 2017 Influences 2018

2017 was not so far from now and sometimes it even seems that our consciousness is still concentrating on last year events. There is nothing strange as every event gives a way to new achievements and this is basically how we live in the present point in time. Thirst for information and knowledge makes human being be a highly motivated personality with a capability to create and invent; and every invention changes our lives, though it is a good cause or a bad one.

This article is dedicated to what happened in informational technologies world last year and how it could “echo” in 2018. We are not first to think about this issue as reflecting and predicting in the epoch of developing leading-edge technologies is something worth an article. However, the goal is to highlight the main phenomena which will show their power this year even more.

Blockchain enters the arena

Blockchain popularity started before 2017 with the huge investing in blockchain projects mostly directed to finance sphere.

Last year brought the idea that blockchain can be applied not only to the financial industry, but it can also optimize the music sphere, supply chain, real estate, and even the way data is preserved in state establishments and government institutions. Blockchain is a very powerful tool that provides security and saves time and money, it is a huge step to the future that could make almost every enterprise do better without any mediators. 2018 will be definitely the year of utilizing blockchain everywhere it can prove its power.

Augmented Reality gives “more”

AR has got into the real world bringing a lot of new options and solutions.

Imagine the mirror which on Sunday morning shows you the style which suits you best and where you can find great Italian food in the way you practically feel the smell of pasta : ) Actually, now with snowballed development of AR products this mirror is a reality, AR transcends our ordinary way of life and creates new experiences being of use from beauty industry to neuroscience and army. In 2017 AR became familiar almost to every person who searched the word “augmented” in Google and definitely for all technologically progressive people. However, 2018 promises to bring even heavier investments in AR as the need of its products grows with understanding how AR can change every area starting with marketing.

Artificial intelligence (AI) steps up

After DeepMind’s computer program AlphaGo beat the best Go players of the world in 2016, it started to be really interesting which other games can become the area of AI’s “triumph”.

AlphaGo has surely changed people’s attitude to AI whatever it was. The new era came and the big jump to it was another DeepMind’s creation – AlphaZero, a machine learning product that mastered its chess playing skills to the level of Stockfish in only 4 hours. That kind of revolution in chess playing which happened at the end of last year proved that AI development in complex with the machine and deep learning will flow into new inventions in 2018 and not just in gaming.

And a few words about programming languages

Programming languages come and stay, but what technologies achieve the highest positions in the rating of popularity is always the issue to discuss from year to year.

Taking into account indeed.com rating of most in-demand technologies 2017 made on the bases of open vacancies calculation, we see that Java still hits the top. On the second place, JavaScript breathes down Java’s neck being the most popular among developers thanks to its wide range of pros such as extended functionality, pretty simple to learn syntax etc. Then go C#, Python, C++, C, PHP, Ruby and Go.

Echo provides full support for all these languages and from our experience, we understand that Python really gathers pace now. A lot of respectful online communities including Stack Overflow and Stackify have made researches on “Python popularity” that prove Python importance in Data Science, Cyber Security, and Machine learning. Surely, because of that, its demand will only grow and the need of Python developers will be stronger. Furthermore, after the Facebook release of a machine learning library for Python – PyTorch, Python can throw a challenge to JavaScript.

Without a doubt, 2018 will be a rich year on inventions and ambitious projects. We never know what tomorrow will bring us, but we know that now we change the future with bated breath as if Falcon Heavy lifts off into space every day. Success is a matter of ideas and work, so let 2018 show who will be the winner.

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3 years ago

Thanks for sharing such an informative article. Its true in 2017 people became familiar these terms AI, AR & blockchain. Now in 2018, these are the latest topics to be discussed among the people… Augmented reality & Blockchain can put together, From gaming to reality. The future of AR is also on the blockchain to produce unique visualizations & experiences.

3 years ago

Heard Facebook’s PyTorch 1.0 will be available in beta form in the next couple of months and will give developers a suite of code libraries, tools, datasets, and pre-trained machine learning models to help get their AI ambition on the road. I just can’t wait

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