What is the Best Programming Language to Learn

One of the hardest decisions a person will have to make is regarding the career path they want to take. If a person is looking for an exciting and lucrative profession, then taking computer science courses is a good idea. Studies show that computer science majors earn nearly 40 percent more than other college degree recipients.

Taking this degree and becoming a web development professional is a great idea. Before you can be successful in this line of work, you need to hone your programming skills. The following are some of the programming languages a web developer needs to learn.

1. Java is Widely Use in the Web Development Community

One of the most popular programming languages on the planet is Java. Usually, mobile game and application developers will use this language to bring their creations to life. If your goal is to build scalable and robust applications, this is the programming language you need to use.

The key to learning Java is finding the right online resources. If you become a master of this programming language, you can take on clients in the insurance and banking industries. This is because many of the banking and insurance mobile apps on the market are built using Java.

For most people, using Java is mostly about how easy it is to manipulate and operate. This programming language is used to create server-side programming for around 4 percent of the websites on the Internet. Not only is Java easy to learn, but it is also object-oriented.

This means that you can create tons of reusable code and various modular programs to make the development process easier. Java is also considered platform-independent. With this independence, programmers can move from computer to computer with ease. This programming language is also secure, which means developers can keep hackers out of their program once it is finished.

2. Scala is a Very Functional Programming Language

If you are looking for cutting edge programming capabilities, then using Scala. With this functional programming language, you can improve the way you think about and approach coding. While there are other functional programming languages on the market, like Haskell, Scala reigns supreme.

The reasons for this popularity have a lot to do with how easy it is to use, especially if you already have Java coding experience. If you are more familiar with C++, then you may want to use Haskell.

Did you realize that Scala powers over 2 percent of the websites found on the Internet? While this is a relatively new programming language, it is definitely gaining popularity. Most programmers like using Scala because it is very concise. This means you will not need tons of code to power an application, website or a piece of software.

Scala is also easy to scale. This is great news for business owners who want to open up their software, apps or website up to a larger audience.

3. The Power of Python

Some programming professionals prefer using Python due to how versatile it is. This programming language can be used as either a scripting or object-oriented language. There are tons of popular websites, that were built using various Python framework, and tons of popular applications. Some fun projects include one of the biggest forums online like Reddit or even some interesting apps like a sudoku app using wxPython.

In modern times, developers are using it in things like data science and even artificial intelligence. There are also a plethora of libraries to use for this coding language. Using these premade templates can make the web development process faster and more successful.

There are nearly 200,000 live websites that are powered by Python. Python offers a number of third-party modules that make interacting with various platforms and programming languages easy. These modules allow you to create a website, app or software program that is far more versatile and flexible. Using Python is also a great idea if you want data structures that are user-friendly. This user-friendly structure reducing the amount of support code needed.

4. Don’t Forget About C Programming

One of the first programming languages you need to learn is C or C++. In most cases, programmers who start their journey with these programming languages will be better for it. When taking on a system programming job, you need to have knowledge of C to complete it.

This programming language has been around for about 40 years. It can be used for everything from systems programming to game development. It offers high performance and tons of versatility, which is why is nearly as popular as Java.

The combination of both high-level and low-level languages is what most programmers love about C. This combination makes C a perfect programming language for small tasks like driver scripting and kernels. It can also be used in higher-level software application development projects. This versatility is what has made C one of the most popular programming languages on the planet.

5. Learning JavaScript is a Good Idea

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If the development work you will be taking on is more on the client side, then learning JavaScript is crucial. Not only can you use this programming language for client-side scripting, it can also be used on the server side. Using frameworks and libraries like React and Node JS is essential when trying to make JavaScript more versatile.

Most people fail to realize that JavaScript is used for client-side programming for nearly 95 percent of the websites on the Internet. One of the main reasons why this programming language is used during client-side development projects is its speed. When used properly, JavaScript can help reduce the strain put on a website’s service. This in turn makes the website much faster and more reliable.

Take Your Time When Learning a New Programming Language

Some developers make the mistake of trying to learn multiple programming languages at once. This usually leads to lots of confusion and mistakes being made. This is why taking the time to learn and perfect one programming language at a time is a good idea.

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francis woods
2 years ago

I started my career with java and have since switched to php because is just seems more streamlined and easier for me to teach other people in my office.

Hugh Sellers
2 years ago

Once upon a time I was looking into becoming a computer programmer, but I just couldn’t get into it. Back then, I knew BASIC and was getting ready to learn FORTRAN. I haven’t followed programming languages in a long time so it was cool to see what’s still being used and what’s new. Whoever designed Java and C+ really knew how to make the programs last.

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