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What Factors Affect Website Conversion Rates?

There is so much hype about website conversion. But how does it impact your business and what do you need to do? Your website conversion rate refers to the percentage of visitors to your site who actually purchase your product.

An understanding of the factors that influence your conversion rate will help contribute to the success of your business. Check out some of them.

Competitive Advantage

Knowing your Unique Selling Point (USP) is a great place to start. What makes your business stand out from your competitors? Whatever your competitive edge is (lower prices, excellent customer care, unique product offerings or free delivery), make sure your visitors are aware of it.


if_SEO_C_50_09.12.14-1_Artboard_30_407948Your content is the most important element on your site. Visitors to your site are usually product hunting and need your help to decide. Include articles, product reviews, and other informative content that will answer their questions and encourage them to purchase. Content that is relevant, useful, accurate and credible can help increase conversion rates.

 The Whole Nine Yards

if_smartphone-39_1135119Do you notice how cashiers at fast food outlets try to sell you a combo that is larger than your original order? It’s a marketing strategy that you can also use on your site. Upsell by showing visitors a more expensive alternative, or cross-sell by suggesting similar or complementary items.

 Easy to Navigate

if_TWalsh__navigate_explore_1464681How easy is it for visitors to navigate your site? One thing you don’t want to do is turn off visitors. There are some critical pieces that will make their visit comfortable.


if_wired_seo-21_372177Knowing your desired target group helps you to design a site that is suited to their needs and goals. Your site should also allow users to move around with little difficulty or hiccups.


if_kripto-globe-b_279439Potential customers can become frustrated if they have difficulty accessing your site from various browsers. This will force them to go elsewhere.

 Call to Action

if_click_969534The main purpose of your site is to encourage visitors to make a purchase. A call to action button that is visible and inviting can help increase sales.

Customer Reviews

if_Customer_reviews_2894393Customer feedback is a practical and simple strategy to attract potential customers. The more positive reviews you receive, the more likely visitors will purchase your product. Customer reviews, therefore, help boost sales and are very beneficial for SEO rankings.

An attractive website only invites visitors to see more but doesn’t guarantee a sale. It may simply whet their appetite. So, know the facts before you design your website.

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