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Awesome Websites and Projects Built with Vue.js

Choosing the right technology for building web, mobile or desktop apps is one of the most important challenges for a successful software product development. We’ve gathered a list of popular websites and projects using Vue.js. You can test these applications, and in some cases even check out their open source code.​


Gitlab is a site for developers, which gives a visual representation of the repositories. On the site there is an possibility to make a code review, review the history of changes and merge branches in one click. Vue.Js speed up the page update time by not updating all the components.

  • URL: https://gitlab.com/


Habitica is a free application for developing habits and enhancing personal effectiveness that will transform your life into a game. Game rewards and punishments motivate, but a strong social component inspires. Thanks to this, Habitica will help you become healthy, hardworking and happy. With the help of Vue.Js, the frontend of the site is implemented. This technology allows the user to quickly get the site’s content.

  • URL: https://habitica.com/

Frontend Developer Love Conference

Frontend Love Conference is a conference site for developers using Vue Js. What could be the best advertising of technology, if not a site made using this technology. Vue Js made it possible to create a simple and easy frontend on the site and made it possible to quickly obtain the necessary information.

  • URL: http://www.frontenddeveloperlove.com/


Vocativ is an award-winning producer of long and short video that uses patented technology to publish unexpected stories from around the world. Vocative brings you content that is sometimes moving, sometimes funny – always revealing. Thanks to Vue.Js, the company’s website is quickly loaded and always displays user-relevant information.

  • URL: http://www.vocativ.com/


Today it is a free Singapore-language newspaper in English, which appears in the tabloid format. It is manufactured by the state-owned company Mediacorp Group. Their edition is about 300 000 copies. Using Vue.Js, the company has created a good online analog of the classic news media.

  • URL: http://www.todayonline.com/

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