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Useful WordPress Plugins You Didn’t Know About

Many useful plugins for WordPress exist. The ones listed below can help you perform various “backend” administrative duties more easily. Some of these tools perform only a single function, while others are more feature-rich. Learn how you can optimize your database, hide or show items in the admin area, boost site security, redirect dead links, or design a page layout without a line of code. We’re leaving out well-known plugins like Jetpack, Akismet and Google Analytics.

1.Auto Hide Admin Bar

if_Ui_glyphs_invisible_1491014This is one of those plugins that does only one thing, and does it simply. Normally, when you view your blog while logged in to WordPress, there is an admin bar across the top. This could be distracting for some people who want a “clean” view of their site while editing Use Auto Hide Admin Bar to make this bar disappear. You can bring it back anytime by hovering the mouse pointer over the top of the page.

2.Admin Columns

if_981_-_Administration_2070497Admins can access a list of all posts via the admin panel. This page is officially called Posts Screen, and it is useful for carrying out bulk operations on multiple posts. But the default columns displayed may not all be relevant for some users. For example, the “author” column would be useless for a blog that has only one contributing author. Some users may need other kinds of information displayed instead of standard data like tags or comments. Admin Columns helps address such issues. With this plugin, you can add, edit or remove columns to show just what you need. Aside from default fields, it comes with dozens of preset fields like slug, word count, date published and so on.

3.Broken Link Checker

if_broken_link_114646Nobody wants to point visitors to an invalid web page. But no matter how diligent you are in keeping your blog up to date, it is impossible to track everything on your own all the time. Broken Link Checker can help make your routine maintenance work easier. It monitors your WordPress site for invalid links and images. You decide which areas the plugin will scan, what types of links it will check, how often to scan and so on. A time-saving bulk select option lets you remove hyperlinks in multiple bad URLS at the same time. Broken Link Checker can send you email notifications to alert you.

4.Table Press

if_paper_presser_184153As awesome asWordPress is, it is perhaps baffling that it does not let you do something as simple as inserting a table in WYSIWYG mode. You need to code in raw HTML to do that. But TablePress is here to help. With this plugin, you can create tables separately from your other content. Later, you can insert these tables in posts or page via shortcodes. As if that weren’t cool enough, TablePress also lets you import and export tables in a number of formats.

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