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Trusted Underscore.js Coders, Developers for Hire in Ukraine

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire Web Developers in Ukraine?

Our pricing is completely transparent: you pay your engineers’ salaries and a flat monthly fee for our services. No hidden charges.

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Underscore.js Development Services

Underscore.js Development Services in Ukraine

Looking for a Underscore.js developer for your idea? You definitely came to the proper provider. “Echo” presents IT staffing services and project based development. We gladly help you to secure the finest dev or a team for remote collaboration. All our developers are accomplished professionals experienced in developing specially made software using the most recent trends, including UNDERSCORE JS, JavaFX, Oculus Rift, Arduino, CUDA, Amazon EC2, Numpy, API, Kubernetes, Telerik, Requirejs. You can also hire us as a Underscore.js development vendor and outsource full-cycle development services to us.


  • Hottest Ukrainian experts with over 4 yrs of commercial experience.
  • Employee retention leading methods to make sure your coders stay satisfied.
  • Dedicated account managers to assure smooth cooperation.
  • Adjustable agreement with predictable bi-weekly invoicing.

We help you execute your plans by preparing reliable Underscore.js coders who can get involved in your company and immediately start delivering five-star code. Get in touch with us and review the resumes of software engineers available for work at the moment. Also, you can read “Underscore.js Developer Salary in the US and UK compare to Ukraine” to reveal the true cost of hiring.

TOP5 Underscore.js Programmers in February 2018

1 Pavel C.,Age: 28, E-mail: pa*@gmail.com,
Skills: PHP, JS, JS (Backbone), MySQL, JS (Underscore), PHP (SugarCRM)
Contact Us to Get the Full CV (ID 556826)

2 Stanislav B.,Age: 24, E-mail: st*@gmail.com,
Skills: PHP, JS, JS (Node), PHP (Yii), JS (Require), JS (Underscore)
Contact Us to Get the Full CV (ID 512317)

3 Andriy R.,Age: 26, E-mail: an*@gmail.com,
Skills: QA (manual), QA (automation), JS, JS (Node), Bootstrap, JS (jQuery), MS (ASP.NET), MS (Umbraco), JS (Underscore)
Contact Us to Get the Full CV (ID 509304)

4 Oleg B.,Age: 26, E-mail: o.*@gmail.com,
Skills: JS, JS (Angular 1.x), HTML/CSS, HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap, JS (jQuery), JS (Underscore)
Contact Us to Get the Full CV (ID 501078)

5 Max K.,Age: 23, Skills: JS, JS (Angular 1.x), JS (Underscore)
Contact Us to Get the Full CV (ID 515691)

The rating of Underscore.js coders is based on our applicant tracking system (ATS) records and refreshed on a daily basis.

Questions and Answers related to Underscore.js Development

What is Underscore.js used for?
“Underscore is a swiss army knife that will help you write functional javascript. Most people use underscore for its collection helpers (_.contains, _.reject, etc.) but that’s not where it’s the most helpful. Underscore best methods are functions related like _.partial (curry), _.wrap, _.defer, _.debounce or Object related: _.defaults, _.extend. In the end, Underscore, or its fork Lodash, helps you write really beautiful functional code…”
Who uses Underscore.js?
“Underscore is a really simple mix-in sort of library. It adds a bunch of basic operations on arrays, collections, functions, and objects. None of these are rocket science – in most languages these functions would be built in, but in Javascript they’re not. Underscore mostly just fills in these gaps with the basic built in types. I’d recommend just looking through the API (Underscore.js). It’s quite straightforward. Because Underscore is just a set of methods for manipulating data types, there’s no real way to recognize a site that’s using Underscore…”
What can Underscore.js do that jQuery can’t do?
“Underscore is a “utility library” with handy functions. JQuery is a complete toolkit for UI development. Underscore has various computer science recipes, mostly for dealing with data processing and manipulation/extension of objects and functions. But it’s not a UI toolkit. Nobody just uses Underscore.js, standalone, to build the UI for web applications. Plenty of developers do, however, use just JQuery, standalone, to build the UI for web applications…”
What is your review of Underscore.js?
“There is some overlap between jQuery and Underscore however jQuery is better for finding and manipulating elements while Underscore is better for manipulating lists. Underscore.string adds a lot of string manipulation that is very helpful as well.”

Consider asking some of these questions during a job interview to assess candidate’s skills.

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  • Underscore.js developers for Microsoft
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