This Digital Portal Tells You All About Ukraine’s IT Industry

TechUkraine, the non-governmental organization in Ukraine, launched a web portal featuring comprehensive information about the country’s tech ecosystem.

TechUkraine’s platform is an integral part of the overall 2019-2023 export strategy for the IT sector. It is expected to facilitate interactions between the tech ecosystem, government agencies and business partners to support the country’s IT potential and foster its international growth.

Complete and up-to-date information

The portal will showcase a variety of useful information, including:

  • the complete overview of the tech ecosystem in Ukraine;
  • its breakdown by five largest Ukrainian tech hubs: Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Kharkiv and Dnipro;
  • insights into and timelines of Ukrainian tech companies;
  • information about doing business in Ukraine as well as investing in Ukrainian IT industry;
  • IT industry reports;
  • news coverage of Ukraine’s digital events;
  • a business directory with complete contact details which can be used by foreign investors, partners and Ukrainian companies;
  • information about TechUkraine and its initiatives.

The rationale behind the portal

As of now, Ukraine doesn’t provide an easy way to connect with its tech industry. There are various associations, hubs and big players in the tech ecosystem, but they can usually be found through personal connections or media articles.

The rationale behind the TechUkraine portal is to create a central hub with all the information about the country’s IT industry.

The benefits of such a portal vary greatly:

  • build bridges between Ukraine and the world;
  • create a thriving environment for businesses, educational institutions and venture funds;
  • facilitate interactions between all market participants.

TechUkraine’s audience is everyone with an interest in the tech ecosystem of Ukraine. IT companies can use the portal to showcase their history and success. Foreign investors can find news and information about Ukrainian companies. Lastly, international media can get up-to-date information about the structure of the market and contact market players directly.

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