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The Best Social Media Tips for Modern Content Marketing

For proper business development and website growth, content marketing is extremely important. How many times have you heard the slogan ‘Content is King’? Now, however, you have to have highly engaging long content that people take time to read. In order to make this happen, proper social media strategies have to be followed; some of such strategies are discussed in this article.


if_Facebook_194929The largest social network has now more than a billion accounts; that is about one seventh of the world’s population. As a result, the marketing opportunities on Facebook are also large. When you publicize a product through Facebook, make sure to include attractive images and catchy titles. Supplement these with your best copy-succinct and captivating-in order to have maximum Likes.

Now you can control who sees your pages and posts on Facebook with the help of a new feature known as ‘Page Post Targeting’ (PPT). In order to take advantage of PPT, go to your page admin settings and click Edit Page->Edit Settings->Post Privacy Gating. Here, select your audience based on location, language, gender, education, etc. With this feature, you can easily reach the best customers for your product. For instance, if you are selling a dieting product targeting women, you can filter the post by gender.

Also, you can accurately measure how successful each of your posts is on Facebook. Facebook Insights is a feature available on every Facebook page. With Insights, you can also do A/B testing wherein you can find the more effective of two different versions of the same post. The pre-requisite is that your page should have at least 30 Likes before Insights is activated.


if_web_videos_play_2835142YouTube and Vimeo are two of the top video sharing sites we have. You can do much to your content marketing strategy by incorporating videos. There are a few techniques to make sure that your videos reach the maximum audience. You should publish product demonstrations and educational video content rather than advertisements. YouTube is a free service, and you do not have to worry about video lengths and limits.

In order to make sure that your videos reach maximum audience, enable embedding. This will help other publishers show your videos on their websites. Videos that are succinct and show a clear message are well received by the audience.




When it comes to social media, Twitter is a leviathan with nearly half a billion users. This social media site provides ample opportunities to engage with your customers. A few Twitter features, such as hashtags, can help you communicate better with your followers. You should publish your tweets, with good images, in a consistent voice that reflects your brand well. Also, make the tweets timely with the help of apps such as Tweriod and WhenToTweet.

Google Plus

if_80-google-plus_104424Outside Facebook, Google+ is probably the most important social network. Since Google has incorporated Google+ on all of its other services, user engagement on Google+ is so enormous companies cannot do without an account on this network. Just as Facebook, Google+ lets you create an engaging company page. You can use hashtags to engage in trending chats and the plus sign to better connect with other users. Have your content marketing team publish regular engaging content through Google+.


if_linked_in_104828Clever professionals out there have accounts on LinkedIn as it is the one social network connecting companies. Linkedln has many times been associated with finding jobs. In order to network with other professionals in your field, you should have a Linkedln company page. This is quite similar to Facebook pages discussed earlier. Make sure that your company’s staff is promoting the Linkedln page properly. Linkedln has many groups in which you can share content and attract visitors. The quality of your content is very important as it will make people recommend your services


In this article, we talked about the most important social networks that you should be part of. To better market your content, you can also use other major social media sites, such as Pinterest, Forsquare, Flickr, StumbleUpon, and Instagram. To enhance your video marketing, you can use apps like Vine and Instagram to publish very short videos. Today, content marketing through social media sites can bring many business leads fast.

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