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The Benefits and Disadvantages to Using an Offshore PHP Development Company

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The Benefits and Disadvantages to Using an Offshore PHP Development Company

Not all company work has to be done in the office. In fact, as many companies and corporations have found out, some work can be done anywhere, given that you have the right knowledge and Internet access. Php development is one of those things where geography is less of a problem. As a result, more and more people are hiring overseas companies to do their work for them. From Europe to India and China, the market has become international. Below are a few of the benefits and disadvantages to using an offshore php development company.

Much of the Work Doesn’t Have to Be Done In House

Because much of the php development work doesn’t have to be done in the actual business, companies can have the work be done anywhere.

Costs Less

One of the primary reasons why companies look for an offshore php development company is because the price is much less for the service. Where as someone in the United States has a high level of living for their skills, someone in a developing country earns less in comparison, and can be paid less. When the technical knowledge behind the task is equal regardless of where it originates from, then many companies can find it useful to save money and look abroad.

The Best Talent

Looking abroad means considering a much wider range of talent. By spreading to a prospective offshore php development company, there is a much larger range of companies that can help. These companies may have new and novel ways at looking at problems that would not otherwise exist be known about.

Communication May Be A Challenge

While using an offshore php development company means saving a great deal of money and making use of the best talent period, the geographic distance raises issues of communication. First there are the obvious differences in native language that may make precise requests difficult to translate. Second, never being able to meet the people you are working with means a different kind of accountability. If a country oversees works with many different nations, their need to maintain a quality of satisfaction is lower. While this does not mean that any offshore php development company will be worse then local, it does raise the concern.

Morality of Not Hiring Locally

One of the biggest problems people have with any offshore operation is the question of morality. It is no secret that many things can be done much cheaper in developing countries. A large business can increase their stock price and save money by moving some operations to a different shore. The problem is that by doing this, many people in the country of origin won’t have a job.

Moving operations offshore is moral because it denies local individuals a way of life simply to save money. For companies that are not seen as strapped for cash, this can be seen as morally bad. What you decide to do however is up to you. Good luck with your choice!


  1. Jim
    October 7, 2014 at 8:54 pm

    We’ve done this when working on project where it would be in our best interest to focus solely on our competencies or when time constraints were an issue. Besides having meetings at odd times (to account for time differences) and a few languages misunderstandings here and there, outsourcing has been a godsend for my small business.

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  2. Andrea Martin
    October 7, 2014 at 2:38 pm

    I will admit, I love to utilize the likes of an offshore PHP developer or any offshore website developer because of how much cheaper it is and how it is usually just as reliable. Of course there are risks. When researching a developer, please make sure to see their overall reviews and make sure to only go for their services when the reviews showcase how good they are. If they have poor reviews, skip them. Always research a business before buying into them.

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