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TensorFlow Developer Salary in the US and UK compare to Ukraine

TensorFlow Developer Salary in the US

The average TensorFlow coder salary in America is $120,000 a year and hourly rate is $73. Entry level positions start at $50,000 a year while most experienced consultants make up to $155,000 a year. These results are based on the salaries extracted from Indeed.com job descriptions in April 2018. The most of the developers are required at the moment in:
San Francisco, CA, New York, NY, Santa Clara, CA

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Latest TensorFlow Jobs in the US

1 AI Graduate Intern What you will be working on: Deep Learning on edge device is constrained in terms of available memory and available compute, in this context multiple...

2 Data Scientist Python, R, Hadoop, Spark, H2O, Tensorflow, Amazon Web Services, MySQL database. We are looking for a hands-on, results-oriented, intellectually curious, self...

3 Data Scientist - new You know when to use supervised vs. unsupervised vs. reinforcement vs. other types of machine learning models, have experience in deep learning (neural networks...

4 Senior Data Scientist Knowledge of machine learning libraries and such as Vowpal Wabbit, H2O, Tensorflow, Theano, Keras or xgboost and ability to apply machine learning at scale....

5 Postdoctoral Research Scientist Proficiency in programming python and familiarity with machine learning libraries such as tensorflow or Keras....

TensorFlow Developer Salary in the UK

The average TensorFlow programmer salary in the United Kingdom is £55,000 a year and hourly rate is £34. Begginer level positions start at £35,000 a year while most experienced experts make up to £80,000 a year. These statistics are based on the salaries parsed from Indeed.co.uk job descriptions in April 2018. The most of the developers are required now in:
London, England, Cambridge

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Featured TensorFlow Jobs in the UK

1 Software Developer Java Basic experience with Machine Learning tools would be an advantage, such as TensorFlow, Deeplearning4j etc. Software Developer (Java)....

2 MACHINE LEARNING ENGINEER Python – NumPY, TensorFlow. Machine Learning Engineer | Objective-C | Java | C++....

3 Big Data Architect Data Analytics (R, Python, H2O, Rapidminer, Tensorflow). Big Data Solution Architect....

4 DATA SCIENTIST Proficiency programming in Python and using machine/deep learning libraries like numpy, pandas, scikit-learn and tensorflow....

5 Senior Machine Learning Engineer Deep learning libraries (Theano, Caffe, TensorFlow or other frameworks). Machine Learning Engineer....

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The True Cost of Hiring an In-house vs Remote TensorFlow Developer in Ukraine

Usually hiring managers face the “in-house vs outsource”. The biggest mistake CTOs, CEOs, and startup founders make when choosing (and comparing) coders is: they shut eyes to the embedded costs. In reality, there are numerous and substantial costs involved in hiring and maintaining employees. An in-house developer (or any worker) is always more expensive than his salary when you factor in embedded costs which aren’t reflected in the employee’s salary:
  • employee benefits (+10%)
  • administration and infrastructure (+10%)
  • paid leaves (+10%)
  • training (+5%)
  • management (+5%)
  • recruitment (+10%)

The outsourcing firm copes with the same embedded costs (though maybe in less amounts). The only difference is it had already factored these costs into its price quote. So, let’s take a fresh look at the adjusted (salary + 50%) numbers.

PeriodUS vs UkraineUK vs Ukraine
1 dev/m$14,375$3,200£6,250£2,400
1 dev/y$172,500$38,400£75,000£28,800
10 devs/m$143,750$32,000£62,500£24,000
10 devs/y$1,725,000$384,000£750,000£288,000
US = United States, UK = United Kingdom
In this case, outsourcing to Ukraine is the most cost-effective decision.

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