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Ten Bad Things That Your Website’s Visitors Hate

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Ten Bad Things That Your Website’s Visitors Hate

Web design is an art that requires professional experience. On any day, you may visit a number of websites that contain features that you do not like. Some bad things of a web design include the website being rather slow, a large number of ads, or broken links. A webmaster has to do a number of things to maintain a website properly. In this article, you will find ten of the worst things a website can have.

  1. The Website Loads Slowly

Hundreds of thousands of websites suffer from the slow-loading problem. It is estimated that a normal visitor browses away from a website if it takes more than four seconds to load. Although this depends much on the visitor’s browsing speed, a webmaster can do a few things to make his website faster.

As a first step, you should reduce the overall size of a page to nearly 30 KB. This includes all the elements on the page: the HTML markup, scripts like JavaScript or VBScript, images style sheets etc. You can also take advantage of certain web caching plugins like W3 Total Cache, if you are using WordPress, and professional web hosting to build your website.

  1. Too Many Ads

Generally, a website earns its revenue through advertisements. Due to this reason, people are used to find a few ads on any website. People do put up with the ads if the content on the site is worth visiting for. However, the case is different if your website is riddled with ads. Too much advertising can only negatively affect a site. Firstly, it slows down the page and drives people away. Secondly, it could mess up the code on the page and the website may show errors.

It is also not a good thing to have the advertisements show up before the actual content does. Some websites including some professional publications show an advertisement page along with a ‘skip ad’ link to view the content. This is may not be a good idea for any website.

  1. ‘Under Construction’ Banner

If you are launching a new website, it is normal to put up an ‘under construction’ banner. In such cases, try to make the website available to the visitors as soon as possible. On a page with such a banner, do not place links to other pages that also have the same banner. It could be very annoying to the visitors. Also, put up this banner only if you are sure to bring the site online within a few days; one good addition to this banner is the date of launch of the site.

  1. Broken Links

A website with a huge number of pages can in time accumulate a large number of broken links. Sometimes the link targets go out of business or change their URLs. This is normal. However, a visitor does not enjoy a page with several broken links. You have several tools to fight this problem. One free solution is Xenu’s Link Sleuth. “This application crawls through the pages of your website like a search bot and spots broken links. This is easy to do and enhances your website’s quality.

  1. Unnecessary Plugins

A huge number of sites publish content requiring a certain plugin installation. These sites show you a message like ‘Install Flash to watch the movie’. An average visitor may not find this quite attractive. It is apt for any such website to have a plugin-free version as well to show the content properly to all visitors. For instance, if you have a movie that relies on a different plugin than Flash, it is clever to upload the same movie to YouTube and make it available to people without that particular plugin. A web designer should make a website with as little plugin content as possible.

  1. The Text Is Not Easy to Scan

Some websites contain articles with huge soo-word paragraphs. In addition, the articles may not be properly broken down with subheadings. Combine these with a tiny, illegible font and no images, and you give a drab user experience to a visitor. In order to make a page work better, have as many subheadings as required and break down the content in short paragraphs of less than five sentences each. Also, put up a few images to illustrate your content well.

  1. Loading Pop-ups and Pop-unders

The time when pop-ups used to be big is long gone. Good web designers no longer use pop-ups and pop-unders to display advertisements or content. Today’s web development technologies let you have pop-up windows right within the web page. You can utilize these design options to some level to enhance your website. Also, make sure you do not overdo it.

  1. No Contact Options

A professional website must have a few things in it. An ‘about us’ page, a disclaimer, a contact form, etc., are some of them. A way to contact the web master is essential for any professional website. Not adding one or not giving an updated contact detail does not help your site’s visitors.

  1. Bad Content

Copied content, content with several mistakes a poor rewrite of an already published story, etc., can drive most visitors away. When you are publishing a new page, make sure that you have enough useful content on it. Also, put in some time to edit the text and remove errors

  1. No Search Options

If you have a large website, such as a blog that is updated on a regular basis, a search form is essential. This helps visitors find the content that they need. People use the search function to find a page that was published a while back on your website. With a search form, hence, you can increase the page views of your website and provide appropriate content to your visitors. Also, make sure that your search function works well in finding the right content from your site. Many webmasters use Google’s custom search function to find content from within their sites.


A website’s design, to be effective, has to take into account many factors. High traffic is essential to generate revenue from any website. Hence, make sure that you publish valuable content and make it properly accessible to the visitors of your site.

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