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  1. What is Symfony
  2. Benefits of Symfony Development
  3. Key Skills and Experience for Symfony Development
  4. What is the Average Symfony Developer Salary (the US, UK and Ukraine)
  5. Why Would Anyone Hire a Symfony Programmer Online
  6. Online Symfony Communities
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  8. How to Hire a Symfony Development Team

Since its release in 2005, Symfony has evolved to become the most mature and solid framework for PHP development. Robust Components and Bundles make it the top feature-rich framework which developers across industries love working with.

And not just that – a dedicated Symfony community features plenty of advice and makes the learning curve much shorter.

Engineering excellence is instrumental in bringing your Symfony-based project to life. All too often, however, you might feel struck as you struggle to find experts with just the right ratio of software development skills and cost requirements.

There has to be a better way to implement your development project. With Echo, you hire engineering talent that meets your definition of excellence. We provide staff augmentation and Symfony software development services and will set you up with a detailed roadmap, cost estimation, and timeline.

What is Symfony

Software development teams from all across the world name Symfony as the most reliable PHP framework. And for a good reason – developers can combine its reusable components to design high-performing applications on the go. Moreover, Symfony can be used both as a standalone framework and in partnership with other PHP development frameworks.

Symfony is an open-source PHP framework that implements the Model-View Controller (MVC) concept and automates the most common web tasks, a broad-based system of related classes and is designed to develop and manage Web applications.

Issued under MIT license. Symfony is a free software.

The website of the first version of was launched on October 18, 2005.

Symfony should not be confused with Symphony CMS Open XML / KSLT CMS. Symfony is designed to accelerate the creation and maintenance of web applications, as well as to avoid time spent solving trivial tasks in development (for example, writing form validators).

Symfony is compatible with such object-relational displays as Doctrine and Propel. With the PHP accelerator, Symfony increases productivity and reduces server load. Symfony’s goal is to give developers full control over the configuration: almost everything can be customized, from directory structure to third-party libraries.

Benefits of Symfony Development

  • Exceptional flexibility. Components and Bundles are amazing features that truly set Symfony apart from the other PHP frameworks. Dependencies across the system are finally minimized.
  • Testing made easy. When it comes to testing, Symfony makes a coder’s life easier. No strict dependencies, reusable bundles, and automated functional testing transform the testing process from daunting to simple and efficient.
  • Great for enterprise applications. Symfony can make the most complex large-scale application come to life. Developers can easily add new components to enhance the application over time.
  • Perfect for APIs and Microservices. The lightweight architecture, which is one of Symfony’s unique advantages, makes it a great choice for APIs and Microservices projects.
  • Regular updates. Symfony regularly rolls out new versions and provides long-term support for all of them. Backward compatibility is also part of the equation which ensures high performance of applications at all times.
  • Community and documentation. As an open-source framework, Symfony is made by thousands of passionate developers. It also boasts clean, simple and insightful documentation, which is always up-to-date.
  • OOP design patterns. MVC-based Symfony delivers neat code and great functionality to implement object-oriented design patterns.

Key Skills and Experience for Symfony Development

A skilled Symfony coder has seen it all and will become a genuinely great addition to your team. The essential skills to watch out for include:

  • at least 2 years of hands-on Symfony, MySQL and PHP experience;
  • knowledge of GIT repository;
  • experience with JavaScript, HTML5, AJAX, CSS3 and JQuery;
  • understanding of LAMP, Containerization, Orchestration, and Docker.

Senior Symfony developers must not only be proficient with the above skills but should also be able to possess more granular experience with:

  • Symfony project launch;
  • profound insights into software development mechanics, Standards and LAMP;
  • managerial and leadership skills to run a development team.

What is the Average Symfony Developer Salary (the US, UK and Ukraine)

The cost of hiring Symfony developers varies in different parts of the world. Here are three top destinations to consider:

  • The United States. The US software developers are probably the most expensive in the world, with the average annual salaries approaching $110,000.
  • The United Kingdom. One of Europe’s leading software engineering nations, the UK’s developers make an average annual salary of $58,600.
  • Ukraine. As Europe’s most dynamic and thriving country in terms of IT talent, Ukraine offers one of the most competitive cost of Symfony development services: some $42,000


Why Would Anyone Hire a Symfony Programmer Online

All too often, employing an in-house team of Symfony developers does not turn out to be a viable option for your business. For one, you may find it virtually impossible to find the talent that meets your requirements locally. In addition, the cost of engaging local developers may present quite a challenge for your budget.

On the other hand, a remote Symfony team can bring the required expertise without overwhelming your resources. By resorting to online search, you also get access to a much more diverse Symfony talent that you wouldn’t be able to find at home.

So how do you hire a dedicated Symfony developer? Here’s a sneak peek into some of the handiest – and lesser-known – options.

Online Symfony Communities

Symfony boasts one of the largest communities of passionate developers who share their wisdom, tips and tricks with their peers.

  • Symfony Community (,
  • Symfony on Reddit ( and
  • GitHub (

feature amazing info and help you connect with talented people behind it.

Conferences and Hackathons

SymfonyCon Amsterdam and SymfonyLive 2019 in Warsaw, London and Berlin are buzzing industry events you can’t afford to miss. These are the places to not only learn and share but to hire world-class talent for your very own project.

How to Hire a Symfony Development Team

Finding a skilled Symfony developer might be a daunting task which puts a strain on your time and budget. This is not to mention development bottleneck that gets more worrying by the day, while you’re looking for the developer to enhance your project.

This is where Echo steps in, bringing you more than 7 years of first-class expertise in staff augmentation and Symfony software development. Our exclusive CV database features exceptional Symfony developers ranging from Junior to Senior. All of them are pre-screened, so you are bound to find a highly-qualified developer that matches your requirements.

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