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  2. Pros of Angular Development
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  4. Angular Conferences and Meetups You Should Attend
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Angular is another one of the programming world’s handy creations which grows in traction. Developers keep embracing the wonderful opportunities it delivers for single-page application design. Google maintains this frontend web development framework together with a dedicated developers community.

The framework works with an HTML page that contains additional attributes and links the input or output areas of a page with a model that is the usual JavaScript variable. The values of these variables are set manually or obtained from static or dynamic JSON data. The framework adapts and extends traditional HTML to provide duplex data binding for dynamic content, which allows you to automatically synchronize the model and appearance. As a result, Angular reduces the role of DOM manipulations to improve productivity and simplify testing.

This an open source framework is designed with the censure that declarative programming is best suited for building user interfaces and describing software components, while imperative programming fits into the description of business logic.

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What is Angular

Angular is a free web framework for developing responsive and rich internet applications.It employs Model-View-Controller to let programmers efficiently build client-side solutions. Better yet, Angular-powered applications enjoy cross-browser compatibility. The framework manages JavaScript code for every browser.

Pros of Angular Development

  • Data-binding. Angular makes a developer’s life easier by syncing the data across view and model components.
  • Codeless, prototype faster. Angular minimizes the code developers need to write. Faster and more accurate prototyping is a distinctive feature of the framework.
  • DOM management. Angular facilitates Document Object Model management. Adding, modifying, transitioning and removing HTML objects is now much easier.
  • High-performing and responsive apps. In the end, it all boils down to user experience which is why developers favor Angular. It allows creating responsive and feature-rich application experiences with a long-lasting “wow” effect.
  • Brilliant testing. Angular delivers an amazing testing environment. Whether it’s unit or end-to-end testing, developers can run tests on the go.
  • Better control through directives. Angular offers built-in directives to control attributes, tags and CSS among other things. Programmers can also use them to add custom objects and widgets.
  • HTML templates. Handy HTML templates set Angular apart from other web frameworks. This development technique can be easily controlled and enhanced.

Cons of Angular Development

  • Not for Juniors. A web development project running on Angular can only succeed if it ends up in capable hands. A lot of features call for programmers proficient with this framework. Dependency injection and deep linking are only a few examples.
  • Complex architecture. While components make a glorious Angular feature, they are not without their flaws. The common drawback coders complain about is the practical difficulty of managing them.
  • Long learning curve. RxJS library, templates, dependency injection and vague error messages take time to learn. These are only a few things Angular developers must get used to.
  • Debugging scopes. This is a painstaking and frustrating process for someone less familiar with Angular. Programmers must have a granular knowledge of layers and hierarchy of scopes in order to manage and debug them.
  • Proficiency with MVC needed. The true power of Angular lies within the MVC, among other things. To unleash it, developers have to master all the architectural patterns and map the ways in which they can be used for the benefit of the project.

Angular Conferences and Meetups You Should Attend

Angular conferences and meetups continue to offer attendees the opportunity to learn new skills, discover recent trends, view the latest technologies. You get to enjoy networking with other professionals, meet new friends and contacts in the industry. Thus, we’ve compiled a curated list of the top Angular conferences and other related events around the world you should consider attending to broaden your horizons, update your skill set and build relationships with key developers, leading experts and decision makers.

  1. ng-conf ( Where: Salt Lake City, UT, USA. The conference organizers have really taken to heart all of the feedback they received from the Angular community. If you (or your team) is looking to level up your Angular game, you won’t want to miss the event.
  2. FrontEnd Fest ( Where: Chicago, IL, USA. Help shape the future of web development at the first-annual FrontEnd Fest, the conference for modern web development technologies.

What is the Average Angular Salary (the US, UK, and Ukraine)

Angular keeps gaining traction and the cost of a development team keeps pace. Here are the top engineering nations to consider if you want to hire the best programmers.

  • The United States. The US remains one of the most expensive places globally in terms of Angular talent. The average annual Angular salary here is $81,000.
  • The United Kingdom. To hire an Angular programmer in this location, you’ll have to pay the average annual salary of $42,500.
  • Ukraine. Ukraine is the fastest-growing IT outsourcing destination in Europe. It offers business-friendly pricing, with an average annual developer salary of $24,600.


How to Hire an Angular Development Team

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