IT Staff Augmentation

Things move quickly in today’s IT world, and it’s important not to get left behind. You’ll likely find yourself needing to quickly recruit a specialist with a certain skill set, or even a full team (outsourcing or outstaffing). This is certainly easier said than done.

That’s where Echo’s staff augmentation services come in. With access to an immense network of highly qualified web devs, our experienced recruitment team can find the right fit.

We help you hire developers that will adapt perfectly to your in-house software engineering team.

When do you need staff augmentation

Staff augmentation can solve a lot of IT project growing pains, but there are many solutions out there.

Are you looking to hire a coder?

To make the right decision for your business, you need to consider your project requirements, budget, and schedule.

What companies usually need IT staffing

There are all sorts of companies that might need to hire a programmer to fill a gap in their current project staff. However, there are two categories of companies that stand to gain the most from IT staffing services:

  • Companies that develop proprietary IT products. Whether you are building a website, a mobile app, or any other IT product, you have a specific set of tools and technologies that you are already using. Augmenting your in-house staff with a specialist who is familiar with your stack makes a lot of sense. On a larger scale, you might want to create a whole dedicated team of offshore professionals to cooperate with.
  • Companies providing software engineering services. For contracting companies, meeting delivering products on time (and to specification) is crucial for client satisfaction. Companies often face a sudden need to expand their team of skilled and experienced developers when working on a tight schedule.

When staff augmentation can help

IT staff augmentation can come in handy in a wide range of situations. Here are some of the most common problems the model alleviates:

  • Your project is growing rapidly. Maybe your client base is growing rapidly, or maybe your customer keeps adding new features. Either way, you urgently need to expand your team of niche-expertise specialists to handle the increased scope and scale of work.
  • Your project is undergoing optimization. If budget is an issue, augmenting your team with offshore specialists can help you dramatically reduce your project’s expenses. Outsourcing parts of the software development will put less strain on your budget so you can use your resources efficiently. Ukraine is a particularly highly rated and cost-effective destination.
  • Your project needs a particular specialist. Adopting a new technology that your team isn’t familiar with? Staff augmentation enables you to complement your regular workforce with an expert developer with those niche skills, on demand. This is faster and more economical than hiring someone on a regular full-time basis.

Contact us, and we will come up with the team extension solution for your business needs!

What are the benefits of staff augmentation?

When managed by professionals, team extension relieves you of many headaches you would otherwise encounter. Echo clients receive specialized IT outstaffing services that yield the following benefits:

  • Fast recruitment of first-rate specialists. We take great pride in our ability to find specialists with exactly the right qualifications. With our immense database of candidates, we can even form dedicated development teams. In just two to four weeks, our recruiters can have the ideal developers ready to dive into your project alongside your current team.
  • Developer overhead optimization. The average hourly rate for a Ukrainian software developer is substantially lower than that of other countries. This is because of the country’s lower cost of living; it’s not a reflection on quality. Ukrainian developers are well reputed as some of the best in the world, and Lviv has been branded as eastern Europe’s Silicon Valley.
  • Reduced recruitment costs. All costs associated with recruiting, screening, and contracting developers are covered by Echo.
  • Full in-house control. The specialists we find for you will immerse themselves into your company’s processes. They will adopt your goals and KPIs, your workflows, your schedule, and your corporate culture. They will attend any meetings you want them at and report in whichever way you decide. Management and control over their work remain your prerogative.
  • Security of your intellectual property and copyright. Echo’s recruitment specialists operate to ensure your corporate information stays private. Before any new developer is introduced to your team, interviews are conducted and contracts are executed carefully to protect your interests.

Reach out to us at Echo to find out what your business can gain from our IT team extension service.

How does staff augmentation work

We take transparency seriously. When you cooperate with Echo, the augmentation process goes as follows:

  1. Evaluating your needs. You will work with Echo managers to define the specialist (or the team of specialists) that would best serve your project. We want to get a very clear picture of what you are looking for. We might organize additional consultations to fine-tune the requirements for our developer search.
  2. Candidate selection. Echo recruiters shortlist specialists in accordance with your requirements and preferences. We perform the first round of interviews with the candidates to identify those that might be ready to join your project’s regular team. Then, we pass on our top candidates to you.
  3. Interview with the client. At this stage, you can screen and interview the top specialists we identified. You ultimately make the choice, because it’s about more than just finding a coder who ticks all the boxes. You want someone who understands your company’s values so you can achieve the best possible results together.
  4. Getting started. Echo specialists, alongside members of your company, will help your chosen developers through an onboarding period. This lets your new team members get absorbed into your processes as quickly as possible.
  5. Ongoing support. Once onboarding is complete and the developers are fully up to speed, Echo provides the necessary administrative support for your offshore staff members. We also provide a comfortable working environment for your remote developers. It will feel as if they are in your offices.

Experience smooth integration of new talent with Echo’s augmentation experts.

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The advantages of Echo staff augmentation

Echo’s integrated approach to staff augmentation gives our clients unique benefits. Here are some of the reasons we stand out from among the other software outstaffing providers:

  • High-grade technological expertise. Echo has an immense database of qualified developers, and we are constantly updating it with new CVs. We currently have over 9,000 specialists who could become offshore members of your team. Every day, Echo recruiters receive around 20-30 CVs from developers with different levels and fields of expertise. We vet all candidates and check that their English is strong before including them in our database.
  • Customer-oriented approach. We pay attention to your needs and focus on achieving every request. Our dedicated team members provide you with any answers and advice you need in a timely manner. Cooperation with Echo is designed to make your company’s life easier.
  • Professional administration. Our account managers help developers get settled and integrated into their new team quickly. They also handle all the administrative documentation for the employment of your remote software developers.
  • Ongoing professional development. In order for your company to achieve growth, you need developers who are always expanding their knowledge. At Echo, we are invested in the professional growth of our specialists. Regardless of their current level, we encourage our hirees to attend training courses, workshops, and conferences, as well as to branch out and acquire new skills.
  • Responsibility for the hired specialists. The programmers we find for you will deliver results for the whole duration of the contract. We guarantee as much. The Echo support team works hard to create comfortable conditions for our developers, so they can do their most productive work. This creates a level of loyalty and reliability rarely possible with freelance, home-based programmers.
  • Cultural integration. We help your remote developers understand and embrace your corporate culture and identity. We also teach them about cross-cultural psychology so that you can communicate most effectively. Your offshore software engineers will be well placed to tune into your team processes.

How Much Does Staff Augmentation Cost

A highly qualified technical workforce and low cost of living make Ukraine the ideal location for outstaffing. It is one of the few countries where you can find premium-quality IT specialists with hourly rates lower than the international average.

A developer’s rate depends on the technology in question and their experience level. They range from $25 to $49 per hour. We need to assess the specific requirements of your business in order to determine the exact costs to rent a coder or a dedicated development team.

Speak to one of our friendly specialists today and make an inquiry. You’re likely to get an offer that’s hard to resist!

Our Clients

We are proud to have cooperated with a variety of companies. Businesses worldwide, in all niches of the IT sphere, rely on our staff augmentation services. Here are some of the satisfied clients that trust us to extend their teams. Every client on this list has become an invaluable part of our family. We would love to provide top-rate IT staff augmentation service for your company too.

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