Software Devs from Lviv Use an App to Clean the Carpathians

EcoHike mobile app is the latest in a range of innovative tech solutions built to eliminate human-caused pollution in the Ukrainian Carpathians. Seeing beautiful mountain landscapes once again clean and pristine is an aspiration for tourists, locals and activists alike. Now there is yet another tech-enabled way to reach that goal.

Software engineers at GlobalLogic, a digital product engineering company in Lviv, designed a dedicated mobile app to keep track of pollution in the Ukrainian Carpathians. With EcoHike app, users can create interactive maps of contaminated sites so that eco-activists and tourists can quickly find and clear them.

In case tourists spot the garbage but are not able to clean it up on their own, they can pin location in the app along with a description of the site, pictures, and videos. Other users can include that location to their itineraries in order to clean up the marked area and update its status in the app. The idea is to join forces in the nation’s effort to improve the environment in the Carpathians and the country at large.

Denys Balatsko, who is in charge of the GlobalLogic office in Lviv, is optimistic about the initiative:

“Our engineers love the mountains and have developed EcoHike for all those who want to clean the Carpathians, take care of the environment and learn to use natural resources responsibly. This is a mental shift that has already swept the rest of Europe as well as the US and other countries. That’s why we need to support such initiatives and join the movement to boost its cumulative effect.”

The idea to build the app came about following the company’s trip to the Carpathians. After spotting lots of garbage left behind by other tourists, the team decided to rise to the challenge. An upshot? The mobile app which can be used by people from all walks of life who are passionate about preserving the stunning Carpathian ecosystem.

EcoHike project manager Yuriy Golovanov says the trip to Mountain Khom’yak was the driving force behind his team’s brainchild:

“While hiking across the mountainside, we were seeing a lot of trash left behind by other tourists. It was obvious that cleaning it up would require the joint effort of many people. In turn, we could have assisted by bringing cloud and mobile technology to help the cause. And that’s how the idea of the platform came to be. Our ultimate goal is to scale the cleaning process and make it efficient and more organized”.

The GlobalLogic team has been designing and testing the application for over a year. They expect the platform to go live in August 2019. The EcoHike mobile app is available for download at Google Play and App Store.

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2 years ago

The environment is important to me and I go out of my way to support causes that seek to protect it. I was super happy to read about the development of this app. Finding a way to mobilize people as it has is so important. The impacts to local communities, and the world more broadly, cannot be overstated. The Ukrainian Carpathians are beautiful. We must keep them that way.

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