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Social Platforms

New Trends in Social Platforms

Since the launch of Facebook, not so much time has passed, but since that time a lot of things have turned in the world of social platforms. Starting with a small site for a limited number of people, Facebook became a real giant and began to absorb other big players: Instagram, Snapchat and even YouTube after the launch of IGTV. We do not even remember the previously popular MySpace, which was made even earlier than FB. Today, the main trend of social platforms is mobility and bias towards modern design. The development of mobile software affects the design of applications – now it’s minimalistic and simplistic. The main device that dictates the rules for social networks, now hosted in mobile applications, is the iPhone. The release of the iPhone X forced social networks to change their appearance, integrate with the augmented reality and…

Software Development Services

Development Services in Social Platforms

Need a programmer for your project? You clearly came to the right firm. Echo presents IT staffing services and project based development. We gladly help you to find the right employee or a team for remote collaboration. All our coders are accomplished specialists skilled in building custom applications using the latest technologies, including Java, .NET, Python, Django, PHP, Laravel, Symfony. You can also hire us as a web and app development company and outsource full-cycle development services to us.

  • Management Software
  • Web and Cloud Based Applications
  • Mobile and Tablet Apps
  • Artificial Intelligence Programming
  • Data Analytics Tools

We help you execute Social Platforms projects by providing reliable developers who can join your forces and rapidly start delivering high-quality code. Contact us and check out the CVs of software engineers available for hire right now.

TOP5 Industry Startups You Need to Know

1 Puddle (www.puddle.com). Puddle is the first tool for credit in the US that anyone can use – not based on your credit score, but based on people that trust you…..

2 Socialize (www.getsocialize.com). Socialize’s drop-in Social Marketing Platform gets businesses closer to their customers by dramatically boosting app installs, mobile engagement and user intelligence — all keys to successfully…..

3 Ark (www.ark.com).  Ark enables users to search for new friends, find old classmates, and expanding their professional networks, or even their friends…..

4 Nuzzel (www.nuzzel.com).  Nuzzel solves social overload by showing you the top news stories shared by your friends, in a super-easy interface available via web, mobile, and email…..

5 True (www.trueapp.co).  True is a completely new kind of mobile community for sharing your best experiences in the most authentic way. No brands, no fake news, only original content and real sharing by real people…..

Software Development Solutions for Various Industries

Waste & Water Management

Waste & Water Management“As recycling is restored, and mandates are changing, we see the transition from waste thinking to what is being sent to a landfill or burned out to spend as an asset that is sold, resold or reused. As more organizations…” Read More

Home Improvements

Home Improvements“Innovations are very important often at home. It inspires companies to invest their best in their creativity to meet the needs of the home. Investments are now being invested in new projects. New technologies often…” Read More

Higher Education

Higher Education“Creating innovative strategies for growth and preparedness for industrial failures are just two of a series of trends that are expected to face in 2018, according to new possibilities. The tasks of scientists and…” Read More

Sports Tech

Sports Tech“Sport continues to grow with technology. After Amazon spent $ 50 million to broadcast football matches, we realized that technology absorbs all industries. Even a giant like Disney invested in BAMTech to improve the…” Read More

Being a result-oriented software development company, we tailor our software engineering products for the exact and attainable business goals peculiar for the specific industry you work in.

Echo is Trusted by the World’s Leading Companies

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  • Microsoft
  • Powwownow
  • Sky
  • Tesco

We’ve already invested over 25,000 hours into the development of this robust and customizable social network website builder software (and growing every day). We are constantly adding new features, security measures, tracking methodologies to turn this social media app builder into a powerhouse for building any kind of custom social network. Looking for social networking website design or social media app development? Nettechnocrats is best in social network site development in India. SOCIAL NETWORKING WEBSITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT. Our highly creative and versatile design team develop custom Social Network Applications and website design that includes various social media How Much Does it Cost to Make a Social Network App? Good. Now let’s take break those down into small components to understand w hat goes into social media app development, along with the costs involved you’ll probably end up with something close to $250.000-$500.000 annually. Now compare that to a custom project quote from an Brands in need of deeper customer engagement hire us for social network development, tailor-made for their targeted demographics. Our social media software are mobile-optimized and our native apps ensure a smooth performance. We build custom social networks keeping millennial and Generation- Z users in mind. Cygnis Media – US leading application development company offers Web, Mobile & Facebook App Development services. Social Media App Development The power of social media networks is the ability for your message to reach not only your target audience but their friends, and their friends. The growth potential is unparalleled. [Plaza social app for cities developed and designed by Yalantis. Check it out on Dribbble] Profiles . The first thing new users create on a social media platform is their profiles. For developers, this means that a database with personal details of the app’s users is at the core of social network app development. Social Media Application Development for Business. The rapidly developing world of web and mobile technologies has led to new opportunities for businesses, both large and small, to maintain a constant presence across multiple media channels. Businesses are now actively using social media channels for customer retention and lead development to maximize revenues.