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Six Proven Ways To Help Your Blog Become Popular

On an internet with millions of competing websites, attracting attention to your blog can be difficult. Like most bloggers, you probably want to have as big an audience as possible, but rising above the blog multitude can seem impossible. You should be using all the available tools to attract visitors. The following six tips for getting and keeping blog visitors will help.

if_comment_edit_1037621. Use your comment section. One of the best aspects of the internet is that it is interactive. People like being able to engage with the content they consume. An active commenting area will keep readers interested. The most successful blogs will have communities of readers who regularly post on the main articles. Respond to comments yourself to build a connection with your visitors, helping to foster the community. Your blog will be much more likely to get a loyal following with this strategy.

if_user_profile_edit_1037812. Use other blogs’ comments section. The comment section of other blogs can also indirectly boost your own traffic. Including a link to your blog in an insightful response you leave will likely garner you a few hits. The blogger themselves might visit your site and later link to you. Making certain your comment is actually valuable is critical. Spamming another person’s website with poor-quality posts in a shameless bid for traffic is a common tactic, but not one that will ever build a loyal blog following.

if_65-blogger_1044383. Use your blogroll. The blogroll is a list of other blogs your site links to. Blogrolls are usually located in an immediately visible sidebar, and should consist of sites connected to your blog’s focus. Sending visitors away to other websites might seem like a counterintuitive way to boost your own blog’s popularity — but it does work. First off, a good blogroll will be helpful and interesting to your readers. Secondly, those you link to will probably check out your blog in return. If they like what they see they might link to you in a post, or add you to their own blogroll. Many bloggers even make it a policy to reciprocate all blogroll additions.

if_quality_content_seo_advertising_page_24256664. Produce quality content. An absolutely critical part of creating a successful blog is providing valuable, interesting content. A blog set up perfectly for success in all other aspects will still fail without well-written, meaningful content. The details of your posts will vary depending on the focus of your blog. What doesn’t vary is that readers come back to websites that sustain their interest. Before all else, make sure your posts are useful and engaging.


if_icon-ios7-cloud-upload-outline_2117225. Upload content regularly. A popular blog will have a loyal cadre of readers who visit regularly. You will never build up a fanbase like this if returning viewers rarely find new content, no matter how much your other posts were appreciated. Frequent new postings will help make visiting your blog a matter of habit for readers. Posting as often as you can without harming content quality is a good idea. Updating on a set schedule (i.e, new blog posts are made every Monday and Thursday) can increase traffic, since such regularity will make it likelier your blog will become a part of visitor’s routines.

if_angle-brackets_8507356. Use tags links, trackbacks, and other useful tools. Linking to another blog is a good way forge a connection to another blogger and get noticed by the blogging community. A trackback is a way of automatically informing a blogger that you’ve linked to them. Many blogs also put links to sites that trackback them in their comments section, helping your blog get visitors. Tags are keywords applied to articles you post. Both tags and links are often noticed by search engines, so using them will increase traffic from internet searches. Search engines are among the commonest ways blogs are discovered.

Succeeding in a field with a huge amount of competition is always challenging. Since on the internet your competition is essentially every other website, building a popular blog is exceptionally difficult. Give yourself all possible advantages in the battle for page views and readers by using the six proven tactics mentioned above for attracting more attention to your blog.

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