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Popular Websites Powered by Shopify

Choosing the right technology for building web, mobile or desktop apps is one of the most important challenges for a successful software product development. We’ve gathered a list of popular websites and projects using Shopify. You can test these applications, and in some cases even check out their open source code.​


Budweiser is one of the most well known brands in the world. And they run their website with Shopify. This technology is incredibly versatile and can be used by such a large corporation. The website uses a multi-page structure, and the online store has many filters and sorting options. The intuitive design will be clear and convenient for all users.

  • URL: https://www.shopbeergear.com/

Poo Pourri

An impressive and stylish online shop built with Shopify. This complex multi store offering every single piece of natural odor solutions, essential oils and gift sets. The site uses payment extensions and Shopify Security, the best secure ecommerce solution for online stores. Poo Pourri uses special themes that allows you to display categories beautifully. In comparison to most analogous websites, www.poopourri.com is not in the least bit dry or boring.

  • URL: https://www.poopourri.com/

The Economist

The Economist brings the best of financial news, economic topics, special reports and more. A lot of the content on the website is primarily about international business and finance, science and technology. But how The Economist uses Shopify, the platform for online stores? Economist offers its own platform for paid audio, video and innovative learning environments. The magazine also uses Shopify as a tool to crucial experiment to collect information and for testing business ideas.

  • URL: https://www.economist.com/

A Book Apart

A Book Apart is a modern book store that produces paper- and ebook. Among main topics of the store are everything from web design and the front-end to the theory of public speaking. Website is powered by Shopify. A Book Apart is a mobile friendly, fast and secure store, all confidential data is encrypted and passed it through a secure connection.

  • URL: https://abookapart.com/

Tesla Motors

The online store of a famous innovation company uses Shopify to build scale and secure web application. A few years ago, Tesla was known only as an automaker, but today it offers energy solutions and advanced technologies. Shopify provides everything required to facilitate sales, including payment processing, while Tesla Motors solves problems in space.

  • URL: https://shop.tesla.com/

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