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Secrets Revealed: What Goes Into Web Portal Development Cost

Ever wonder where website design quotes come from? Given how complex technology and the Internet can be, trying to figure this question out can be a challenge. However, if you are trying to find a quote for how much your website will cost, it is important to know enough to make an educated guess. Below is a brief guide that reveals the secrets behind web portal development cost. From services to pages, we take a look at what adds extra cost. In addition, there is an example at the end that shows what an average website will cost.

Type of Website

if_difference-divide-path-finder_1818885The first thing to consider when considering web portal development cost is the type of website you are making. The “normal” website cost is associated with the most frequent, aka small business. Small businesses make up the majority of websites created, and as a result are considered standard for cost. Compared to small businesses, corporate websites are significantly more expensive, and often come with a wider range of features and support. On the other end are non-profit websites that require much less in terms of features and will normally be less expensive.

Type of Service

if_SEO_and_Internet_Marketing-21_777838There are two main types of services that mean dramatically different work has to be done. The first is the service of creating a website from scratch. This involves creating a plan, outline the plan, coding the website, designing the website, inputting information, and finalizing the format. Compared to this the service of an existing site redesign. Existing site redesigns are usually less expensive as many of the costs from creating a new website from scratch are no longer factors.

Number of Pages

if_46_2306240Though less of an indicator of potential cost, the number of pages you need created for your website can gradually increase the price, as people will need to plan for, code for, and incorporate each page into your website. How much more this costs will depend on the nature of your business and your current needs.


if_wired_seo-14_372181Websites are not static. They are dynamic portals where information can pop up, highlighted things can become emphasized, and flash/videos can be played. There are any number of services you can add to a website, which are again dependent on the kinds of things you need. This can include things like online forms and calendars.


if_database_299089Another thing that effects cost through storage size is whether or not you want to include a database. A database will allow you to store information online, which may be potentially useful for your business. On the other-hand, it also means costing more.

An Example

Lets say you have a small business and you want to create a website from scratch. You want a limited number of services and you do not need that many pages or a complex database. In the end, you are looking at around $2k to $10k for a completed website.

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  1. Stephanie
    October 5, 2014 at 1:20 pm

    This gives me much to think about. But I'm glad there are companies out there who are happy to scale their packages and prices to meet my needs. I assume this is something you do?

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