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Robo Advisors

New Trends in Robo Advisors

Robo Advisors are technical gadgets that can give financial advice and provide different financial management online by the Internet without involving human recourses. All the advises are based on algorithms and mathematical formulas. The design of Robo Advisors software unifies its algorithms to provide services automatically, optimize and make easier clients’ assets. Such the management is very exclusive in the way of bringing management as opposed to human advice providing in financial institutions. Robo Advise services are used in financial operations, for example, commodities, bonds, stock, real estate and so on. In this way, the client has to choose a passive or active asset allocation technique. Applications based on Robo Advisor services are like the online self-guided automated management service that can help you to make better…

Software Development Services

Development Services in Robo Advisors

Need a programmer for your project? You clearly came to the right firm. Echo presents IT staffing services and project based development. We gladly help you to find the right employee or a team for remote collaboration. All our coders are accomplished specialists skilled in building custom applications using the latest technologies, including Java, .NET, Python, Django, PHP, Laravel, Symfony. You can also hire us as a web and app development company and outsource full-cycle development services to us.

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  • Web and Cloud Based Applications
  • Mobile and Tablet Apps
  • Artificial Intelligence Programming
  • Data Analytics Tools

We help you execute Robo Advisors projects by providing reliable developers who can join your forces and rapidly start delivering high-quality code. Contact us and check out the CVs of software engineers available for hire right now.

TOP5 Industry Startups You Need to Know

1 Wisor (www.wisor.io). Facilitates personalized mortgages, learning each borrower’s profile and structuring the optimal portfolio to match risk and liquidity preferences. Once a loan is closed, Wisor manages and monitors…..

2 BE Financial Technology (be-rank.com). Provides an automated exchange-traded products (ETP) platform that allows users to collect all the parameters necessary for evaluating the total cost of ownership (TCO) of each ETP in a competing…

3 Finnovest (www.finnovest.com). Offers an efficient, one-to-many investment advisory platform for the non-discretionary advisory industry, providing the ability to advise and execute trading orders to one client at a time…

4 Robin Hood pro (www.robinhoodpro.com). Developed an app that helps users optimize and manage their retirement portfolio. Using artificial intelligence and business intelligence engines, the platform aggregates, compares, and recommends…..

5 Digital Robotix (www.digitalrobotix.com). Develops a multifunctional chatbot capable of responding to customer requests. The company’s chatbot can be used for investment or financial consulting as a Robo-Advisor, as a customer service…..

Software Development Solutions for Various Industries

Wedding Tech

Wedding Tech“Wedding is a traditional event and many try to make it as classical as possible, but why, if we can use modern technologies to make the wedding even more grandiose. Most Wedding Tech gadgets aim to capture the events of…” Read More

Online Rental

Online Rental“Technologies took precedence over rental housing and real estate. Modern software allows us to use a huge number of functions of mobile applications that are closely related to the Internet of Things. Airbnb launched a…” Read More

Field Crops

Field Crops“In recent years, technology in agriculture, also known as AgTech, quickly changed the industry. The population continues to grow, which may affect access to resources. People in the industry-farmers, food producers -…” Read More

Events Tech

Events Tech“The events technology continues to make people in connection and involve them invaluable interactions, first of all, it’s a no-brainer that the industry events and would begin to leverage lightweight experiential…” Read More

Being a result-oriented software development company, we tailor our software engineering products for the exact and attainable business goals peculiar for the specific industry you work in.

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Velvetech’s financial software development services range from data integration into existing platforms to creation of custom FinTech solutions from scratch. Our FinTech software development solutions help banks, trading, and financial firms succeed in heavily regulated, high-risk financial environments. Empirica Robo Advisor allows the user to automate asset allocation using customized investment algorithms. Automated Portfolio Rebalancing is a fundamental function of any robo-advisory service. Get updates on FinTech, WealthTech, Robo Advisors, finance, software development, blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICO, machine learning, AI, wealth and Banks, Digital Advisor, Growth, Robo Advisor, Wealth Management Wealth management is a demanding industry. Cutting-edge technology is creating efficient approaches to serving clients and managing money, while it’s also challenging the old ways of doing business. Banks, Digital Advisor, Growth, Robo Advisor, Wealth Management Wealth management is a demanding industry. Cutting-edge technology is creating efficient approaches to serving clients and managing money, while it’s also challenging the old ways of doing business. Codeoid helps client to develop Robo Advisor for recommend and invest in Mutual Funds. KNOW MORE. Robo Advisor. Software Development. We provide wide range of custom software development services, study industry trends and provide best solutions is our continuous effort. Our agile development process provides rapid response. Read More . Financial services are crucial to the functioning of an economic system. Elinext is a provider of quality software solutions for the increasingly competitive finance industry. – Robo-advisors – Financial information exchange workflow – Alerting tools. Elinext is a custom software development and consulting company focusing on web Empirica builds bespoke software solutions for the FinTech industry. Since 2010 we specialize in investment software, blockchain, machine learning and advanced systems in finance. Empirica FinTech Software Framework speeds up the development of custom software projects by 40-60%. WealthTech, Robo Advisors, finance, software development …