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It is the management tool for both the data state and the state of the interface in JavaScript applications. It is suitable for single-page applications in which state management can become complex with time. Redux proposes to store the entire state of the application in one place, called “store”. Components “send” the state change to the “store”, not directly to other components. Beside this Redux is not associated with any particular framework. The “store” can be considered as an “intermediary” in all state changes in the application. The components do not communicate directly with each other, all changes must go through a single source and components get their state from the “store”. The aim and general concept of using the “store” for coordination the state of an application is a template known as Flux. This designing template complements the unidirectional data flow. The component only initiates the change and does not care about the other components that should receive this change. Redux makes the data flow more accurate. This management tool helps to write applications that are gradual, run in different environments and are easy to test.

Redux Development Services

Redux Development Services in Ukraine

Need a Redux developer for your company? You definitely came to the relevant agency. “Echo” offers IT staffing services and project based programming. We gladly help you to find the right dev or a team for remote development. All our developers are accomplished experts skilled in building customized applications using the up-to-date technologies, including REDUX, Unity, Laravel, Dojo, SSIS, Cucumber, AWS, Xamarin, Meteor, React Native, Neo4j. You can also hire us as a Redux development agency and outsource full-cycle development services to us.


  • Top-rated Ukrainian programmers with over 3 years of industry experience.
  • Employee retention leading practices to make sure your programmers stay contented.
  • Personal account managers to ensure effective cooperation.
  • Flexible agreement with simple bi-weekly invoicing.

We help you launch your plans by providing reliable Redux developers who can get involved in your company and immediately start delivering top-notch service. Reach out us and review the CVs of candidates available for hire at the moment. Also, you can read “Redux Developer Salary in the US and UK compare to Ukraine” to reveal the true cost of hiring.

TOP5 Redux Programmers in December 2018

1 Anton K.,Age: 25, E-mail: ko*@icloud.com,
Skills: PHP, JS, JS (Angular 1.x), JS (Node), JS (React), Bootstrap, JS (TypeScript), JS (Angular 2.x), JS (Gulp), JS (jQuery), MySQL, NoSQL (MongoDB), JS (Vue), SaaS, JS (Redux), JS (React Native)
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2 Yaroslav C.,Age: 30, E-mail: ya*@gmail.com,
Skills: JS, JS (React), HTML/CSS, HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap, JS (Angular 2.x), JS (jQuery), NoSQL (MongoDB), JS (Redux), AJAX
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3 Boris M.,Age: 28, E-mail: bo*@ria.com,
Skills: JS, JS (Node), JS (React), JS (Redux)
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4 Anna B.,Age: 28, E-mail: an*@gmail.com,
Skills: JS, JS (React), JS (Angular 2.x), JS (Gulp), JS (jQuery), SaaS, JS (Redux)
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5 Yurij K.,Age: 25, E-mail: la*@gmail.com,
Skills: JS, JS (Angular 1.x), JS (Node), JS (React), Bootstrap, JS (Angular 2.x), JS (jQuery), JS (Redux)
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The rating of Redux coders is based on our applicant tracking system (ATS) records and updated on a daily basis.

Questions and Answers related to Redux Development

What is Redux and who uses it?

“Redux provides an easy way to centralize the state of your application. First of all, Redux is hard to initially grasp. It has that sort of difficulty curve that spikes straight up. One of my favorite features of Redux is that as you add more features, your application tends to scale in complexity horizontally rather than vertically. What I mean by that is adding more features will add more code, but it tends to be code that is added “in addition” to your existing code, rather than “on top”.”

How do I handle large data sets in Redux?

“If you’re working with datasets that large, I’m hoping you’ve taken the time to evaluate using a database – retrieval using more powerful query tools might be a big help. That being said, there’s no reason that React and Redux wouldn’t be a great combo for this job. As you may know, a large portion of React’s performance wins come from the idea of “diffing” DOM updates before actually updating the application – if a list of three items becomes four, React will calculate the least amount of changes…”

What is the difference between Flux and Redux?

“Constraints. Mostly. But first, I should probably point out that Flux is a pattern and Redux is a library. Flux is a fancy name for the observer pattern modified a little bit to fit React. But Facebook released a few tools to aid in implementing the Flux pattern, so the following is the difference between using these tools (which is commonly referred to as using Flux) and using Redux…”

What problem is React Redux solving?

“React solves problems with view-layer binding. Redux solves problems related to state-mutation in highly-asynchronous and non-deterministic environments (if you have 30 buttons you can press on a web page, and each one leads to a change of 5 or 6 properties in your app, how do you know which states you are in, and what bugs you’ll find, or even if changes in your first button-press will take effect before changes relating to your second button press?).”

What are the best books for learning Redux?

Best Redux Books that You Should Have on Your Bookshelf

Consider asking some of these questions during a job interview to assess candidate’s skills.


Big Names Using Redux

What Fortune 500 companies are using Redux in production among other popular technologies? A good example is Peugeot (www.peugeot.com).

Official International Peugeot Website – Peugeot. Visit the official Peugeot.com website and discover the models, services, history and universe of the Lion brand.

Also, big brands use Meteor, Scala, JavaFX, .NET, Hybris.

Typical Programming Projects and Tasks for Redux Developers

Senior Javascript Developer

NOTE: This is an ongoing contract for Upwork. Your proposal will be reviewed by an Upwork team member within 48 hours. Best fit freelancers will be invited to 3 rounds of technical interviews, each ... (United States)

React.js Development In Logistics Area

We are looking for an experienced react.js developer to help us out with developing our frontend in the logistics domain. You would work as part of a team and communicate directly with the product ... (Singapore)

URGENT! Looking For Front End Dev For Ongoing Project

My front-End developer has disappeared and now I need a new person to take his place. Required skills: HTML5/CSS3, JS, React.js/Redux, some experience with React Native will be a pluse (if you have ... (Germany)

ReactJS / Django REST Framework Developer (3-6 Months

Our product has an embeddable audio player for customers and a Django app dashboard. The customers embed the audio player in their web pages, then use the dashboard to manage the orders for new audio, ... (United States)

These results are based on the freelance Redux jobs extracted from Upwork in December 2018.

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