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New Trends in Online Retail

Thanks to a combination of technologies for displaying special technologies and innovations, IoT Glass-Media is dedicated to improving the quality of customer service in physical retail products, including shop windows and stores. As a result, the pedestrian movement is increasing, and the negative location is effectively used. With the use of AI, the special lab provides retailers with new ways to communicate with their customers through corporate chats. Specially designed to interact with multiple data sources on various online platforms, special company and the special software has spent two million conversations II in 2017. From the promise of the retail apocalypse to the e-commerce brands that make the leap from digital to physical, the retail sector is experiencing a period of change. As new technologies grow and retailers have to…

Software Development Services

Development Services in Online Retail

Need a programmer for your project? You clearly came to the right firm. EchoUA presents IT staffing services and project based development. We gladly help you to find the right employee or a team for remote collaboration. All our coders are accomplished specialists skilled in building custom applications using the latest technologies, including Java, .NET, Python, Django, PHP, Laravel, Symfony. You can also hire us as a web and app development company and outsource full-cycle development services to us.

  • Management Software
  • Web and Cloud Based Applications
  • Mobile and Tablet Apps
  • Artificial Intelligence Programming
  • Data Analytics Tools

We help you execute Online Retail projects by providing reliable developers who can join your forces and rapidly start delivering high-quality code. Contact us and check out the CVs of software engineers available for hire right now.

TOP5 Industry Startups You Need to Know

1 Blue Apron (www.blueapron.com). Subscription commerce might be online retail’s passage into the grocery industry. Blue Apron are showing the way. When you check out their site, you’ll notice a perfectly crafted content experience designed to help users through each stage of the buyer journey. Tasty.

2 Huckberry (www.huckberry.com). These guys were the winners of Gorilla’s 2015 Ecommerce Awards. Their content marketing program, and their customer experience, is best-in-class. What you need to learn from Huckberry’s ecommerce marketing: everything. That is all.

3 Chubbies (www.chubbiesshorts.com). Every single Chubbies subscriber would still be able to distinguish their work from any other brand on earth. Chubbies genuinely mean something to their audience. Do you?

4 Beardbrand (www.beardbrand.com). Beardbrand doesn’t just sell beard oil. They’ve created a rabidly loyal community of brand fans that truly believe in the bearded man’s cause. 

5 Frank Body (www.frankbody.com/au/). Meet Frank. He’s an Australian ecommerce marketing phenomenon. He also happens to be our favourite local ecommerce startup case study. 

Software Development Solutions for Various Industries

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics“Innovations in Big Data Analytics and its software have been consistently increasing. Every year there is the improvement in different sectors. In this year the systems that support the large volumes of both structured…” Read More

Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare Analytics“The sphere of Healthcare Analytics includes pharmaceutical and research, clinical, patient behavior and claims data. In this industry, the largest players are medical consulting and companies specialized in medical…” Read More


GovTech“The contemporary and modern world, full of innovations, the number of government challenges require short-term responses and agiler but also longer term, more strategic thinking, beyond the changing priorities of…” Read More

Construction Tech

Construction Tech“The process of virtual reality has made the way out of different gaming section fully into the real world. It is one of the construction techs and models to the whole immerse owners and other stakeholders in the…” Read More

Being a result-oriented software development company, we tailor our software engineering products for the exact and attainable business goals peculiar for the specific industry you work in.

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