Odesa IT Market Review [Industry Research]

Ukraine is emerging as a standout Eastern European destination for IT outsourcing. The country is in the top 50 world’s innovative countries, according to the 2019 Global Innovation Index.

Odesa is among the five strongest IT cities in Ukraine, yet often overshadowed by industry growth of the rest. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Black Sea coast city has lots to offer – not just for tourists but also for tech investors.

In this article, we’ll dive into the Odesa tech market and see how you can leverage its potential for IT outsourcing or staff augmentation.

Specifications of Odesa IT Market


As of today, the Odesa IT market engages more than 45 tech businesses with over 7000 employees. This includes 15 of Ukraine’s 50 largest IT companies and such global tech giants as Snap, Oracle, and Yandex.

Besides a competitive position on the national offshore development market, Odesa boasts a prominent startup scene. In 2015, Snapchat acquired a local startup Looksery for $150 million, sealing the biggest acquisition in Ukraine’s IT history. Readdle, 3DLOOK, and Mevics are a few other locally-born unicorns that succeeded internationally.


Odesa Avia - Odesa IT Market Review [Industry Research]

Odesa International Airport serves 23 airlines. In total, there are 12 international destinations connected to Odesa directly via regular flights. European destinations include Latvia, Austria, Chech Republic, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Germany, Romania, and Belarus.

If your departure country is not on the list, you will have to change planes either in  Kyiv-Boryspil or in Kyiv-Zhulyany airport. It will add another hour to your travel time.

Profile of IT Specialists

Social and Professional Portrait

78,5% of Odesa IT workers are men. The average age ranges from 25 to 30 years.

Over half of the local IT professionals received STEM education – 56%. Most of them have either Medium or Upper-Medium English level proficiency, so the language barrier shouldn’t be an issue in Odesa.


Odesa IT employee salaries do not differ significantly from the median industry wages in Ukraine.

An average software engineer earns $2100 per month in Odesa – slightly more compared to the national median salary of $2000. Both senior and junior engineers’ wages in Odesa correspond to the national median salary rate – $3600 and $650, respectively.

QA engineers earn $1350 in Odesa, or $50 less compared to the median salary in this position.

Odesa-based Project Manager receives $1300 per month on average.

Top3 IT Outsourcing Companies founded in Odesa

1. Intersog

Intersog - Odesa IT Market Review [Industry Research]

Employees in Ukraine: 250+

A software outsourcing and IT consulting company founded in 2005 by two entrepreneurs from Odesa, Vadym Cherneha and Ihor Fedulov. Besides Ukraine, there are delivery centers in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

The company develops mobile and web apps for automotive, healthcare, education, and retail industry. Intersog provided their services to over 150 clients in 10 countries.


  • online supply chain software for Mitsubishi Motors;
  • road condition monitoring app for The University of Michigan;
  • medical records tracking system for a Norvegian health trust.

Among their other clients are Travian Games, Ski Nation, VideoMedicine, FIDO.

  • In 2019, Intersog was recognized among Top Software Development Companies Globally by DesignRush.
  • Clutch listed the company among Top IoT Developers and Top Custom Software Developers.

2. Provectus

Provectus - Odesa IT Market Review [Industry Research]

Employees in Ukraine: 480

An AI solutions and consultancy provider founded by Odesa local Gene Galanter and his partner Nick Antonov in 2010.

Aside from AI-driven technologies, Provectus has delivered projects for demand forecasting in retail, construction worker safety, disease screening & diagnostics automation, etc.

  • Provectus is AWS Consulting Partner.
  • Clients: Nielsen, Uber, American Express, Disney, Sony.

3. AB Soft

AB Soft - Odesa IT Market Review [Industry Research]

Employees in Ukraine: 200+

An IT development outsourcer established in Odesa in 2011. The founder is Kyrylo Bihay.

The company offers full-cycle web and mobile app development services with the main focus on VR and AR. AB Soft has developed software solutions for VR headsets, as well as IP telephony systems and Telco cloud applications.

TOP3 Product IT Companies from Odesa

1. Netpeak

Netpeak - Odesa IT Market Review [Industry Research]

Employees in Ukraine: 509

A digital marketing agency established in 2006 in Odesa. The founder is Artem Borodatyuk. The company operates in four Eastern European countries.

Netpeak is in top 50 Ukrainian IT companies and is considered the #1 SEO and contextual advertising agency of RUnet. Their main projects are:

  • Serpstat – an all-in-one SEO platform;
  • Ringostat – a call tracking and analytics system for marketing;
  • Netpeak Cloud – cloud-based solutions for online business;
  • Netpeak Checker – a tool for bulk SEO analysis, and Netpeak Spider – an SEO crawler.

Netpeak provided their services to over a thousand national and foreign businesses. Among their clients are Tripadvisor, LG, Karcher, Yves Rocher, DepositPhotos, HomeMe, OLX.

The agency is a certified partner of Google, Bing Ads, Yandex, myTarget, and Begun.

2. Readdle

Readdle - Odesa IT Market Review [Industry Research]

Employees in Ukraine: 125

A mobile app development company founded in Odesa by Andrian Budantsov, Igor Zhadanov, Dmytro Protserov, and Oleksandr Tyagulskiy in 2007. Besides Odesa, there is also a Kyiv-based office.

Readdle had started developing iOS apps before App Store was even a thing. Today, their products have surpassed 90 million downloads worldwide and frequently hit App Store top charts. The most popular Readdle apps are:

  • Spark – an email app for iOS and Android devices. In 2016, Spark was listed in the best apps rankings by Apple.
  • PDF Expert – a PDF reader and editor for iOS and Mac.
  • Scanner Pro – an iPhone and iPad scanner app.

3. Augmented Pixels

Augmented Pixels - Odesa IT Market Review [Industry Research]

Employees in Ukraine: 20+

An AR/VR startup founded in 2010 by Vitaliy Honcharuk. In 2015, the company opened an office in Silicon Valley after getting a $1 million investment from The Hive.

Augmented Pixels builds software for the robotics & drones, real estate, and real retail industry. Their flagship product is SLAM – an autonomous navigation technology for home robotics.

  • In 2016, Augmented Pixels was mentioned among the world’s AR industry leaders along Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Sony.
  • Among the clients and partners are LG, Intel, National Geographic, etc.

Other brilliant Odesa startups worth mentioning are:

KeepSolid – a data protection software development company founded by Vasylʹ Ivanov and Oleh Bocharnykov. They have built numerous VPN services, solutions for network analysis, a web browser, etc.

Clickky – a mobile marketing and monetization platform. The startup was founded by Vadym Rohovsʹkyy in 2010.

Odesa IT Communities

Odessa IT Cluster – a regional IT network that brings together 18 companies and 22 international partners with a total headcount of 3000 participants. The organization was created in 2015. Since then, Odesa IT Cluster has initiated the following projects:

  • EdCamp – professional training for IT teachers;
  • ITStudWay – a three-year IT program for Odesa university students;
  • coding courses and tech ed events for kids.

Odesa Tech Events


OdesaJS - Odesa IT Market Review [Industry Research]

  • Annual conference taking place in July since 2013

A three-day IT event aimed for JavaScript developers and web designers. The conference includes two tracks of tech speeches, workshops, tech corners for open discussion, and a “soft skills development” pre-party. This year, more than 150 IT speakers will be sharing their insights on JS development.

CODEiD — PHP Odesa Conf

CodeID - Odesa IT Market Review [Industry Research]

  • Annual conference taking place in September since 2014

A national tech meetup aimed to help PHP developers exchange their experiences and keep up with industry trends. This year’s topics include PHP architecture and concepts, Haskell for PHP developers, QC for PHP projects, etc.

8p Conference

8p - Odesa IT Market Review [Industry Research]

  • Annual conference taking place in July since 2011

Ukraine’s largest tech event aimed at digital marketing and SEO specialists. This year the conference will be hosting over 1800 attendees and 43 industry experts. The agenda includes SEO, PPC, web marketing for businesses, SMM & Digital.

Tech Education in Odesa

High Schools

Several universities produce graduates for IT industry in Odesa.

1. Odesa I. I. Mechnikov National University (1865)

One of the oldest higher education establishments in Ukraine. The Institute of Mathematics, Economics, and Mechanics serves over 500 students and offers two IT-related academic specializations: Computer Engineering and Information Systems & Technology.

2. Odesa National Polytechnic University (1918)

The university includes two tech institutes that train IT specialists.

The Institute of Computer Systems offers 12 bachelor’s and master’s degree specializations. Here students acquire knowledge and skills in software engineering, computer science, AI, data analysis, IoT, programmable mobile systems, etc.

At the Institute of Information Security, Radio Electronics and Telecommunications, students can earn a degree in Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Electronic engineering, Telecommunications and Radio Engineering.

3. Odesa National Academy of Telecommunications (1920)

A tech-oriented higher education establishment with the focus on communications engineering.

The graduates of Institute of Computer Technologies specialize in automation and computer integrated technologies, networks and communication, and tech automation.

At the Institute of Infocommunications and Software Engineering, students major in computer sciences, information security in telecom systems, fiber-optic transmission systems, etc. Currently, about 2000 students are pursuing their tech degree at this department.

The future IT specialists also study at Odesa State Environmental University and Odesa National Academy of Food Technologies.

IT Courses

Sigma Software University

  • 600 graduates per year.
  • Programs: Architecture, Development, QA, Data Science, Business, DevOps.
  • Course duration: 2 days to 4 months, depending on the course level. There is an in-class format only.


  • 1500 graduates per year.
  • Programs: UX/UI, graphics and motion design, software and game development, project management, web marketing, etc.
  • Course duration: 1-3 months, with in-class lessons twice a week.

Hillel International

  • Programs: Development, Testing, Design, Marketing, Management, Kids school.
  • Course duration: 1,5-4 months. Students study in groups, with online access to course materials.

ONPU School of Professional Programming

  • Programs: web design, Java, JavaScript, C#, digital marketing, Unity, 2D graphics.
  • Course duration: 2 months. Only face-to-face learning is available.

Odesa residents can also improve their IT skillset at Lits IT School, IT Academy, and Mobios School.


Cooffice is designed for people for whom Open Space is organic and natural. Our residents work in different business segments, so the people who fill our space are different, but united by the value of minimalism and reasonable consumption. Opened since 2019.

iQSpace – a coworking place with meeting rooms and an event room for 180 people. iQSpace often hosts tech workshops and IT events. Opened since 2015.

Impact Hub Odesa – a part of an international network for local IT communities cooperation and social innovations support, with over 90 locations worldwide. Opened since 2013.

Divergent – an educational and coworking center that offers workplaces from a single desk to a conference room for 70 people. They also run their own English School. Opened since 2017.

Assessments of Odesa IT Industry

In summary, these are the benefits you can gain when outsourcing to Odesa:

  • well-educated talent pool with some of the most inventive and competent IT professionals;
  • lower IT market competition compared to the other Ukraine’s IT hubs;
  • a rapidly growing tech scene with large-scale events and plentiful opportunities for self-development.

Do you consider outsourcing your IT project to Ukraine? Feel free to contact us to find out how our services can help you!

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3 years ago

There seems to be a lot of potential in the Odesa tech market. Eastern European investments have a lot of potential, particularly in the IT sector, and investors are set to realize this. The outsourcing opportunities here are huge, but I never truly realized it until reading this article. Thanks for sharing.

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Reply to  Robert

I also see great potential in the tech market here. When we talk about IT outsourcing, Ukraine is emerging as a standout Eastern European destination. There are huge opportunities for everyone.

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