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Popular Websites Powered by Meteor

Choosing the right technology for building web, mobile or desktop apps is one of the most important challenges for a successful software product development. We’ve gathered a list of popular websites and projects using Meteor. You can test these applications, and in some cases even check out their open source code.​

Telescope Nova

Telescope Nova is an app platform with the React and Meteor on the back-end to create and customize social web applications. Apps build in Telescope have flexible architecture, simplicity of independent modules and many features. The reason Telescope decided to pick Meteor framework was ability to work with interactive elements and a high performance on any devices.

  • URL: http://www.telescopeapp.org/


Adventurize is engaged in marketing strategies, computing, development and entrepreneurship. The company offers targeting ads in Minecraft to attract new customers. A first reason to use Meteor is because Adventurize wanted to increase performance because they work with millions of requests every day.

  • URL: https://adventurize.com/


Chaser is an application for budget monitoring. After connecting the application you can keep track of finance, manage accounts, store and analyze all operations. This application has quickly gained popularity among entrepreneurs and banking institutions, because it is fast-paced and can analyze a lot of data. Chaser can work in real time because Meteor was the best solution for this program.

  • URL: https://www.chaserhq.com/


Astronomer is a large company specializing in Data Engineering for processing, capturing and analyzing large amount of data. Customers can keep track of their data using apps. The astronomer is fast growing, so the main requirements for the technology were the scalability and the ability to easily add various functions. Meteor can also work with mobile apps.

  • URL: https://www.astronomer.io/


Liquid is an innovative data management system for scientists who work with the collection and analysis of a large amount of data. You can add samples through the site or through the applications for android and ios. Samples can be filtered, sorted according to different criteria, viewed as tables and charts. With the help of a meteor, developers were able to create a functional and practical application at a minimal cost of time.

  • URL: https://getliquid.io/

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