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Reliable Meteor Development Companies and Agencies in Ukraine

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire Web Developers in Ukraine?

Our pricing is completely transparent: you pay your engineers’ salaries and a flat monthly fee for our services. No hidden charges.

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Whether you want it or not, businesses and regular users rely on open source software. Most of the servers and super-computers run Linux. Android-phones gained large market-share. Huge amount of web- and mobile-applications are built on top of open-source frameworks and libraries. The main reason for business to use open-source software is higher cost-efficiency. You can avoid their mistakes and take best parts from their practices. And that’s usually totally free. Keenethics team has practical experience with advanced technology like Java, Azure, Meteor, C# and more.

  • Location: Lviv
  • URL: https://keenethics.com/


You get the job done right — the first time around. We have revamped so much bad code — sent to us by others—in our lifetimes, it’s not even funny. You get an experienced team with a 100% job success rate, 5-Star feedback, and 100% client recommendation. High-quality, clean code; scalable and maintainable solutions. Full transparency and direct communication with developers. Devico team has practical experience with advanced technology like Java, PHP, Meteor, C++ and more.

  • Location: Kharkiv
  • URL: https://devico.io/

Vector Software

Our IT services are tailored to suit each individual organization. We want our clients to feel valued, taken care of, and in good hands. We clearly understand that working in the domain of software outsourcing means that we have to meet our customers’ various needs and develop well-packaged solutions that exceed expectations. Our web development outsourcing company boasts a dedicated team of professionals who bring high quality services at a reasonable price. Vector Software team has practical experience with advanced technology like Java, Swift, Meteor, C++ and more.

  • Location: Lviv
  • URL: https://vector-software.com/


The main objective of our company – is the satisfaction of the customer. Rid yourself of the problems associated with the maintenance of your business. Leave it to us and you receive not only treatment, but also regular advice in the introduction of new technologies and software, as well as the implementation of these technologies and a detailed instruction in their use. We value our reputation, because we put the customer`s interests above all else. Turning to the company IT Sanes, you get the quality and stability of the system. IT SANES team has practical experience with advanced technology like Java, C++, Meteor, C# and more.

  • Location: Vinnytsia
  • URL: http://itsanes.com/


We coordinate projects with our dedicated development teams. The whole process is smartly arranged to maximize efficiency. As a result, the performance of our teams is significantly better than that of local area teams. This is possible because we believe in and adhere to the following principles: deliver the highest standards of quality, stay forward-thinking and results oriented. Acceptic team has practical experience with advanced technology like Java, Azure, Meteor, C# and more.

  • Location: Kyiv, Kharkiv
  • URL: https://www.acceptic.com/
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