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MATLAB Conferences and Events You Should Attend In 2018

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DATE 2018 in Dresden: Highlighting Future and Emerging Technologies and Designing Autonomous Systems

DATE combines the world’s favorite electronic systems design and test conference with an international exhibition for electronic design, automation and test, from system-level hardware and software implementation right down to integrated circuit design.

MATLAB Expo 2018 Espana

Attend MATLAB Expo 2018 to learn from MATLAB® and Simulink® experts, listen to real customer cases and discover the latest trends in the sector. Data Analytics (Predictive Maintenance, Big Data, Sensor Analytics). Main themes: Machine Learning (including Deep Learning), Implementation of Model-Based Design, Systems engineering including systems design and integration, Design and implementation of embedded systems (control software for systems and more.

MATLAB Expo 2018 Italy

Participate in the MATLAB Expo 2018 to find out what’s new on MATLAB® and Simulink®, listen to user testimonials and check for new uses of the software. MATLAB Expo 2018 is the conference of users of MATLAB and Simulink. Come and listen to real cases presented by users, discover new products with the MathWorks team, learn about our partners’ solutions and meet other professionals to share your experience with.

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