Kyiv Smart City Forum 2019 to Present Digital Ukraine

For the 4th consecutive year, the Ukrainian capital will host Kyiv Smart City Forum on October 1, 2019. The event will take place in one of Kyiv’s beloved venues, Congress and Exhibition Center “Parkovy”.

According to Kyiv city administration, speakers will showcase the latest smart solutions, innovative projects in the Ukrainian capital, global digitization trends and smart technology in urban development.

“One of the focus areas of this year’s event is the digitization of Kyiv and Ukrainian cities and the impact it has on the comfort and safety of residents. In particular, “Smart City. Your country in a smartphone” is a section dedicated to the discussion of global digitization trends, including growing support for the integration of payment systems. On top of that, city officials are going to present existing digital infrastructure in Kyiv as well as their expansion plans”, the statement goes on to explain.

Other key topics for discussion are innovative ecosystems, energy efficiency monitoring technology and waste management.

The upcoming forum is expected to be quite eventful:

  • 8 discussion panels (including Short Talks, presentations and workshops);
  • 1,000 m demo zone to provide vendors with an avenue to showcase their tech solutions and innovative products for smart cities;
  • 3,500 guests representing a diverse mix of local officials, embassies, global organizations, businesses, media, vendors, urbanists and industry thought leaders);
  • 6,000 sq. m. zone to take electric cars and hybrids for a test drive.

The highlight of the forum is going to be the annual Smart City 2019 Innovators Award Ceremony. This year, organizers came up with five nominations to award the best urban projects as well as community and government initiatives:

  • the city most open to innovation – recognizing remarkable effort in engaging residents in urban management, with the lens on innovative tech projects;
  • the best mass transit architecture – recognizing the highest standards in the development of urban transport infrastructure;
  • the most livable city – recognizing the highest quality of living and the highest happiness index;
  • the city of startups – recognizing remarkable effort in facilitating the launch of innovative projects to enhance urban space;
  • the sustainable city – recognizing remarkable effort in using smart technologies to protect and restore the urban ecosystem.

Last year, Kyiv was voted the most livable city in Ukraine.

Kyiv Smart City Forum is an initiative which aims to engage global tech leaders in the implementation of innovative projects in Kyiv. Other of its goals include establishing cooperation between the Kyiv officials and global innovation experts to foster information and knowledge exchange.

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2 years ago

It is an important time to host such a forum in Kyiv. There is much to gain from better engaging with global tech leaders and establishing partnerships within the tech sectors that benefit the city. Known for its innovation, startups, and sustainability, the investment potential from a smart city forum is huge.

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