Kharkiv IT Market Review [Industry Research]

Ukraine has a few cities that have been recognized as IT hubs – Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro and Odesa.

Specifications of Kharkiv IT Industry Market


We chose Kharkiv for this review because now it is regarded as the second IT center in Ukraine after Kyiv. There are offices of more than 300 IT companies. Also, there are around 22,000 specialists involved in the IT industry. Some foreign companies have likewise decided to set up offices in Kharkiv.

Another important factor is IT education. There are many IT-based and high-quality training is offered in Kharkiv as well. Both universities and private schools have a lot to offer. We will take a look at the best examples later.

First, there are so many opportunities for cooperation and networking among IT specialists. These include annual conferences, meetups, communities, and co-working spaces. Thanks to the Kharkiv IT cluster, connections between IT companies and universities have become stronger. There are 86 companies and partners in Kharkiv actively cooperating (July 2019). Annually, companies create around 20, 000 vacancies in the Kharkiv IT industry.

Now, let’s examine all areas of the IT industry market in Kharkiv in more detail.


Kharkiv already has connections with many European capitals and big cities. There are direct flights from Poland (Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Poznan), Germany (Dortmund), Austria (Vienna), France (Paris), Italy (Rome), Spain (Barcelona) and other countries.

kharkiv airport - Kharkiv IT Market Review [Industry Research]

An alternative way is to fly to Kyiv and then take the Intercity train to Kharkiv for 5 hours. Depending on the starting point in Europe, the flight to Kharkiv can last from 1,5 to 4 hours. We can expect more flight connections appearing in the next few years.

Profile of Kharkiv IT Specialist

As research by Kharkiv IT cluster shows, most of the IT specialists in the city (35%) are from 21 to 25 years old, 31% of them are 26-30 years old, 17% are 31-35 years old and there is only one percent of those who are older than 45.

Kharkiv IT Industry Age Specialists - Kharkiv IT Market Review [Industry Research]

In general, IT workers in Kharkiv are owners of real estate and a car in the following years and are either interested in traveling or having two children in the future.

Salaries IT Specialists in Kharkiv

Salaries for junior developers start from $312 and reach close to $657. Middle developers earn from $464 to $2628, depending on the specialization and company.

Finally, senior developers can expect a salary starting from $1933 up to $3865 and more.

Kharkiv IT Industry Salaries - Kharkiv IT Market Review [Industry Research]

When it comes to these positions, the median income of a software engineer is $1800, the project manager earns $1100 on average, and QA engineer – $1300.

IT Outsourcing Companies founded in Kharkiv

1. NIX Solutions

N IX Solutions Site - Kharkiv IT Market Review [Industry Research]

  • more than 1700 employees

Victor Shalnyev, Chief Executive Officer

NIX Solutions Ltd. is a custom software development company founded in 1994. It has a prominent portfolio of completed international projects. The projects range from single-purpose tasks for small businesses to highly complex, multi-platform systems for large corporate clients.

The company’s customer base includes clients from over 10 countries. It also has partner companies in Israel, Scandinavia, Western Europe, the US, and Canada.

2. Brightgrove Ltd

Brightgrove Site - Kharkiv IT Market Review [Industry Research]

  • 300+ employees

Brightgrove is focused on software development, outsourcing, consulting. The company delivers various services to customers, which include the development of high-quality software apps, quality assurance, testing, offshore staff augmentation, and web systems design.

It was founded in May 2000 as a subsidiary of German Ecotel in response to new cooperation possibilities on the German telecom market. It has been focused on innovative technologies since its beginning.

In 2010 Brightgrove became a privately owned company, while in2011 it expanded its market presence. Clients of the company include Siemens, T-Systems, Aginity, Orange, Vodafone, Bauer Media Group, Vodafone and many others.

3. X1 Group

X1 Group Site - Kharkiv IT Market Review [Industry Research]

  • more than 75 employees

An IT staff augmentation provider founded by Valeriy Bykanov in Kharkiv (2008). The company is headquartered in Berlin and runs two R&D centers located in Kharkiv and Kyiv.

X1 Group specializes in mobile apps, SaaS platforms, online media and aggregators, and blockchain solutions. The company offers IT outstaffing services for real estate, energy, and FinTech industries. Their client base includes over 20 businesses such as Kreditech, Finiata, Budget Energie, and Casafari.

4. Sloboda Studio

Sloboda Studio Site - Kharkiv IT Market Review [Industry Research]

  • more than 60 employees

Sloboda Studio is among the first Ruby on Rails web development agencies in Eastern Ukraine. It was established in 2010 in Kharkiv by Pavel Obod. Besides Kharkiv, there is also an office in Cherkasy.

  • The company has delivered 100+ projects. Their areas of expertize include online marketplaces development, AI and machine learning solutions.
  • Sloboda Studio was recognized as the 2018 Best Ruby on Rails Company by DesignRush
  • They were featured in the 2019 Top RoR developers and the Top 3 Web Developers in Ukraine on Clutch.

5. JustCoded

Justcoded Site - Kharkiv IT Market Review [Industry Research]

  • more than 60 employees

A web development and consulting agency founded in Kharkiv by Serhiy Soshyn and Kostyatnyn Boyko. The company is on the market since 200, and its headquarters is in London.

JustCoded focuses on web app, Wordpress, and custom website development services, and provides consulting for FinTech businesses. Their portfolio features a platform for designers and architects and platforms for real estate investment and rental housing.

  • JustCoded is in 2019 Top Developers rankings by Clutch.
  • Among the clients are Expedia, FxPro, CapitalRise,, TOG, Archello.
  • Some of their tech partners are Mangopay, Goji, Difitek, GCEN, Contentful.

Product Companies in Kharkiv

1. CS Ltd

CSLtd Site - Kharkiv IT Market Review [Industry Research]

  • 430+ employees

CS was established in 1997. It is an independent software vendor that provides companies of all sizes with IT solutions and services. CS also creates IT-enabled infrastructure across the financial industry. It has 22 years of experience working with both local and international projects.

In particular, CS concentrates on financial and banking services, providing them with solutions. It offers a full development cycle – from analysis to technical support. The delivered products help customers to be competitive in their market.

CS Ltd is the first and the only Ukrainian developer of banking software that owns the status of the Oracle Platinum Partner. It is also a partner of Microsoft, IBM, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, VMware.

2. Devart

Devart Site - Kharkiv IT Market Review [Industry Research]

  • 100+ employees

Devart was founded in 1997. The research and development center is situated in Kharkiv, Ukraine and the headquarters – in the Czech Republic. The company develops database tools and native data access solutions for different servers.

Today, it is one of the leading developers of ALM solutions and database management software. Devart has more than 40 000 customers, including well-known foreign companies, government and educational institutions, and private individuals. Among its customers are Siemens, Tesco, Samsung electronics, BMW, Bank of America, Boeing, Deutsche Telekom, Volkswagen, IBM, and many others.

Devart IT company is a Microsoft Silver Application Development Partner, Silver Partner in the Oracle Partner Network Specialized program.

3. TeamDev

TeamDev Site - Kharkiv IT Market Review [Industry Research]

  • 100+ employees

TeamDev is an international software company founded in 1994. It has acquired around 3000 customers including those who are at the top of the Fortune International 500 list.

The company specializes in Java software development, development of cloud systems based on Google and Amazon, creating software for biotech and engineering organizations, UI component-building solutions for web development, AI-based image processing solutions. It also offers the creation of programmer productivity products for software developers. These include java-Native integration solutions, enterprise business management solutions and frameworks for cloud and enterprise systems.

List of clients culminatesNokia, Siemens, Mazda, Adobe, eBay, Google, Symantec, Motorola, and many others.

Kharkiv IT Communities

1. Kharkiv IT cluster

Kharkiv IT Cluster was created in 2015 by 6 Kharkiv IT companies: AltexSoft, Insart, Promodo, Sloboda Studio, Telesens, and Videal. It aims to transform the Kharkiv IT infrastructure by connecting software development companies, local authorities, and universities. It also conducts annual research on IT infrastructure in the city.

YouTube video

The main achievements of the Kharkiv IT cluster so far include the creation of strong legal practices that protect local IT companies, establishing strong connections with embassies and creating opportunities for networking in the community of developers. It has likewise established learning platforms (kids2IT, students2IT, Unicorns).

Kharkiv IT cluster has also initiated professional talks on legal, marketing, HR, finance issues that can benefit both IT project managers and software developers. It continues to work on IT community growth and development of the IT sphere in Kharkiv, turning it into an innovative and attractive IT location.

2. IT Talk

An open community that can be joined by anyone who is interested in the IT field. It has presentations both for software developers and project managers in .NET, C, JAVA.

IT Talk community provides opportunities to students, professionals, educators to discuss news, solutions and topical issues, exchange knowledge and experience. The meetings and events are free to attend.

3. IT Sector Kharkiv

Social media-based and actual community of specialists in Kharkiv IT field that not only discusses work-related issues but also believes in active citizenship.

The community has accounts on different social media and over 80 000 followers on Twitter.

4. ITHunt

The first professional community of IT HRs and recruiters in Kharkiv founded in 2010. It connects IT companies that are a part of the weekly IT family. The community conducts meetings for its members, organizes workshops, courses, training, and conferences.

Their goal is to connect junior HR managers and IT recruiters and experts in the field, create a platform for the exchange of experience. Also, it aims to develop the competencies of HR team members in Kharkiv and other cities. ITHunt also conducts research on the IT market.

Kharkiv Tech Events

1. .NET FullStack Kharkiv Conference

YouTube video

.NET Full Stack brings together experts in .NET development who are leading the next wave of innovation. The participants receive the chance to meet prominent specialists and get to know which current trends and practices will most likely shape tomorrow’s digital world.

They also can learn how to create applications and raise their productivity with technologies based on .NET.

The event is taking place in Fabrika Space.

2. KharkivJS x10

The largest JavaScript event in Ukraine happening since 2012. During last year’s event, around 30 speakers from different countries of the world, gathered 700 participants and had positive feedback from attendees.

This year, it will take place again in Fabrika.Space and there will be talks about Web Components, Node.js, Async Generators, WebAssembly, virtual reality and on many other topics.

KharkivJS was recognized as one of the best IT conferences in Ukraine by in 2017.

3. Kharkiv Project Management Day

The conference will happen for the 5th time. It will gather around 400 project IT managers from different regions of Ukraine as well as team leaders, CTOs, COOs, CEOs of IT companies, QAs, BAs, and Scrum Masters.

The conference will have 5 streams – Case Study, Agile and flexible methods, PM-models, Workshops, and Product Management. It will have around 50 speakers.

4. NgTalks

The event will happen for the second time. It is considered to be Europe’s largest Angular conference, where the participants can meet Angularians from many countries. The event can have a wide audience – starting from beginners to professionals in the field.

This year organizers gathered the wishes and experience gained from the first event to make the program even more exciting. It is expected to have 1300 attendees, more than 25 foreign speakers, 1 track and over 25 Angular-related talks.

5. PMCon

An annual high-standard conference for IT Project Managers and Business Analysts that is happening since 2013. The last conference gathered more than 500 project managers and business analysts from all over Ukraine.

It has streams of talks and workshops with international and Ukrainian experts. The conference offers a space for discussion about trends and topical issues in project management and business analysis.

6. Kharkiv iOS Peerlab

The first event took place on the 15th of December, 2018.

Since that time, it happens every Saturday in different co-working spaces. The participants of the event discuss iOS and everything related to their work.

The main aim of the meetup is an exchange of experience and development of the Kharkiv community of iOS developers.

Kharkiv Technical High Schools

1. National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”

Kharkiv KPI - Kharkiv IT Market Review [Industry Research]

The largest technical university of eastern Ukraine. Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute was founded in 1885.

It prepares specialists in the areas of machine-building, engineering, automation, computer science, management, control systems, and others. The university has two faculties connected to IT education – “Computer and informational technologies” and “Informatics and management”. All have three qualification levels: bachelor, specialist, and master.

2. National Aerospace University H.E. Zhukovsky “Kharkiv Aviation Institute”

The university was opened in 1930.

Now it is a leading higher education institution in Ukraine for specialists in the field of plane and space technology. Kharkiv Aviation Institute also has faculties of computer systems and networks, specialized computer systems, software of automated systems and others.

3. Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics

NURE university, founded in 1930, keeps in focus on IT education and provides a wide range of tech specializations.

Its main faculties are “Computer Science”, “Automatics and Computerized Technologies”, “Computer Engineering and Control”. It is often viewed by employers as a high-ranking institution for the education of IT specialists.

4. V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University - Kharkiv IT Market Review [Industry Research]

One of the oldest universities in the region opened in 1804.

It has a range of various academic disciplines. The faculty of computer science appeared in 2001. It has four specializations – computer science, computer engineering, cybersecurity, automation, and computer-integrated technologies.

5. Kharkiv National Economic University (KhNEU)

Established in 1912.

The university concentrates mostly on economics and business. Also, it has specialties in the areas of computer science, informatics, and cybernetics.

Kharkiv IT Courses

1. STEP IT Academy

istep kharkiv - Kharkiv IT Market Review [Industry Research]

Provides a wide range of stationary IT courses for both adults and children. The graduates receive Microsoft, Autodesk, Cisco, and International STEP IT academy. They successfully work in such companies as Samsung, Dell, Monobank, Ubisoft, eBay, IBM and others. The biggest advantage of STEP IT Academy is its many years of experience in teaching students.

2. Sigma Software University

It has 16 years of experience and over 20 trainers. It offers stationary courses for university students and those, who only start their career as well as for specialists who want to advance their skills. It also cooperates with 12 universities. The courses are quite available for the average budget.

3. A-Level Ukraine

The school offers a place where students can learn many programming languages in a short time. Additionally, stationary interactive courses are created by professionals and can fit in any schedule. The extra pluses are the possibility to use co-working space and take up an internship after finishing courses.

4. SoftServe IT Academy

career.softserveinc - Kharkiv IT Market Review [Industry Research]

The academy has opened in Kharkiv on the 15th of May 2019. It provides courses on Java Development, DevOps Development for Unix, JavaScript Fundamental, Quality Control, Test Automation with .NET and others. Some of the courses are free.

Coworking spaces for IT Specialists

1. Fabrika.Space

Fabrika Coworking - Kharkiv IT Market Review [Industry Research]

Fabrika as a created in 2015. It provides all conditions for studying and working – fast internet connection, 3 separate rooms for discussions and calls, coffee, tea and cookies for free, fridge, shower, zones for work and rest.

It creates a homely and comfortable atmosphere for visitors. Also, it is coworking friendly – the residents can have a day for free in one of the co-working spaces of the partner network in Lviv, Kyiv or Odesa.

2. CoWorkingClub

CoWorkingClub - Kharkiv IT Market Review [Industry Research]

A new and comfortable co-working space in the city center. CoWorkingClub provides comfortable conditions for working and spending free time during breaks. The idea is to gather a closed community of people who will spend their time there and build connections.

Altogether, it provides an environment that is appealing to those who want a place for both productive work and networking.

3. The Place Of

Placeof Coworking - Kharkiv IT Market Review [Industry Research]

Established in 2016 in a green area of Kharkiv near Botanical garden. It aims to gather creative people and IT professionals and become a platform for learning, sharing experience and working.

It offers not only rooms for work and discussions, but also the library, room for informal talks, bar and many other things. That’s how the co-working space fosters the development, cooperation, and creativity.

4. Coworking Shishka

Co-working space, founded in 2018, where you can get not only tea and coffee but also shisha. This is the main feature of the place that attracts people who prefer to work in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Also, they can appreciate a great view from the window.

The co-working space is also comfortable for groups of people. Moreover, it offers discounts for groups.

Assessments of Kharkiv IT Industry

After we looked at many areas of the IT market in Kharkiv, we can move to some conclusions. What can make it a great place for IT specialists is a wide range of vacancies, the opening of new offices in Kharkiv, a number of foreign companies having their presence, many opportunities for learning, development, professional growth and networking?

Besides, it means that a city is an attractive place for ordering the services of outsourcing and outstaffing. There are a few reasons for it:

  1. The number of companies that have more than 10 years of experience in providing outsourcing and outstaffing services.
    If you want to employ remote workers, it’s a big advantage if they already have experience of working with other companies and international customers. In this case, many IT companies in Kharkiv have a prominent experience and can provide the best results because of it.
  2. IT education and its quality are developing. This may not look like a direct reason, but the emergence of new specialists will only develop the market of outsourcing and outstaffing services in the following years.
  3. Close cooperation between IT companies. It affords companies the privilege to exchange experiences, knowledge, skills and as a result – being able to offer more high-quality services.

That’s how the situation with the current IT industry market in Kharkiv looks like. If you want to read more reviews about the IT industry and tech news in the future – please subscribe to the blog to receive updates.

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3 years ago

This is a really informative review of the Kharkiv IT industry market. I see so many opportunities here for cooperation and networking in both the public and private IT sectors. The educational opportunities as well, through on-job training and university studies, also appear promising. We need to bring more people into this space, and education in Kharkiv is the way to do it.

3 years ago
Reply to  Jacob

Yes, Jacob, this is very informative as well as interesting. There are tons of opportunities available there. Again, I appreciate the level of effort being put to gather all such amazing stuff.

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