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Selected jQuery Development Companies and Agencies in Ukraine


IT Prosteer is a team with experience in developing innovative solutions for business optimization. It doesn’t matter if you have a small company or a big corporation, you will always get a required solution. We specialize in developing customized solutions for typical and non-typical configurations of 1C:Enterprise. Our tools will help you automate and optimize already existing business processes, and maybe launch new ones. Get to know our already implemented solutions, perhaps, that’s exactly what you need! If you need other functions, we’ll develop them for you. IT Prosteer team has practical experience with advanced technology like Java, jQuery, JavaScript, C# and more.

  • Location: Lviv
  • URL: https://itprosteer.com/


Conscensia has a holistic view on outsourcing. It is all about people. Therefore, our focus is not only on competences, but also on personalities, as good personal chemistry is the best ingredient for a long-lasting relationship between our clients and their outsourced employees. People have to be motivated – and when we motivate our employees – we believe that our clients achieve success and value from outsourcing. Conscensia team has practical experience with advanced technology like Java, jQuery, JavaScript and more.

  • Location: Lviv
  • URL: http://www.conscensia.com/

Faria Education Group

Faria was founded in 2006 to transition schools off paper onto a curriculum-focused learning platform. Today we serve over 2,400 schools and over 680,000 students in 120 countries with a distributed team of 75 spread across 7 cities. For most technology companies, there is a sea of noise drowning out signal: PR, fundraising and vanity metrics are often misinterpreted in place of true success metrics. Signal for us means customer success with well-designed products and a strong, effective and long-term oriented team. Faria Education Group team has practical experience with advanced technology like jQuery, JavaScript, C# and more.

  • Location: Ivano-Frankivsk
  • URL: https://fariaedu.com/

SaM Solutions

SaM Solutions is an international IT-services and software solutions provider with over 20 years of experience. We focus on IT consulting and custom software engineering services for both European and the U.S. markets, leveraging global resources. SaM Solutions serves global international organizations, as well as private companies, delivering technology excellence, quicker time-to-market, uncompromised quality and security of software applications. SaM Solutions team has practical experience with advanced technology like Java, jQuery, JavaScript, C# and more.

  • Location: Dnipro
  • URL: https://www.sam-solutions.com/


We can recruit software specialists that match your culture, budget, and work requirements. We’ll find resources for software development, quality assurance, and technical support that are within your time zone. At Sofitas, we know that recruiting the right people is vital when developing software in other locations or countries. Therefore, we specialize in identifying the best candidates with proven international skills for a client’s unique needs. Sofitas team has practical experience with advanced technology like Java, jQuery, JavaScript, C# and more.

  • Location: Lviv
  • URL: https://sofitas.com/

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