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jQuery Conferences and Tech Talks You Should Attend In 2018

jQuery conferences and meetups continue to offer attendees the opportunity to learn new skills, discover recent trends, view the latest technologies. You get to enjoy networking with other professionals, meet new friends and contacts in the industry. Thus, we’ve compiled a curated list of the top jQuery conferences and other related events around the world you should consider attending to broaden your horizons, update your skill set and build relationships with key developers, leading experts and decision makers.

Render Conf 2018

Render Conf is an exciting conference designed for front-end developers. Returning to Oxford as a one-day event, you can still expect the same high level of inspiring and practical talks in an inclusive environment. Render Conf brings you: An awesome and varied line-up of speakers, Lots of opportunities to chat with other devs, Out-of-hours fun, including the pre-conference quiz and after-conference party, A friendly, fun and safe atmosphere.

  • When: March 23, 2018
  • Where: The King’s Centre, Oxford, UK
  • URL: https://2018.render-conf.com/

CityJSConf 2018

CityJSConf is a one day conference, a joint event from the London’s JavaScript meetups, including London JS Community, JS Monthly, Halfstack… This is a fantastic opportunity for those meetups that bring great speakers from London and the rest of UK and the world to come together to share their collective knowledge about modern JavaScript development.

  • When: March 26, 2018
  • Where: London, UK
  • URL: http://cityjsconf.org/

Web Summit 2018

Web Summit started as a simple idea in 2010: Let’s connect the technology community with all industries, both old and new. It seemed to resonate. Web Summit has grown to become the “largest technology conference in the world”. No conference has ever grown so large so fast. But we also pride ourselves in organising the “best technology conference on the planet”.

  • When: November 5-8, 2018
  • Where: Lisbon, Portugal
  • URL: https://websummit.com/

All Things Open 2018

We’re excited to start 2018 in the best way we know how – by hosting an amazing open source meetup with two world-class speakers! The meeting will take place in the Cannon Room at the brand new HQ Capital Club location overlooking downtown Raleigh.

  • When: October 21-23, 2018
  • Where: Raleigh Convention Center, Raleigh, USA
  • URL: https://allthingsopen.org/

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