IT Weekend Ukraine 2019 to Take Place on Sep 7th

With just a few more days left until the official start of IT Weekend Ukraine 2019, Congress and Exhibition Center “Parkovy” in Kyiv is getting ready to welcome the forum’s speakers and guests. IT Weekend is a big event for the Ukrainian IT industry. Whether you want to learn about the latest industry trends or discuss where Ukraine stands in the global innovation landscape, this is the place to visit.

Today, many outsourcing companies are finding themselves at the crossroads. What new business approaches are worth incorporating to deliver higher value to customers?

One strategy is to rethink the value proposition. A mere technical execution is often not enough – rather, digging deep into the client’s needs is what matters most. For many IT firms, this product-centric change is seen as the next step in the evolution of IT outsourcing.

The key question is how the Ukrainian IT industry can achieve this? This year, IT Weekend Ukraine puts the discussion about Products front and center. Speakers will use real-life examples to explain the shift sweeping the IT outsourcing industry. Expanding the frontiers of cooperation and establishing better product development frameworks is another topic for discussion.

Mindset vs. tasks

The next step on the agenda for Ukraine’s IT outsourcing industry is the shift towards 360-degree product development mindset. The shift is a complete opposite to purely technical project execution. At the same time, clients expect their IT partners to move beyond traditional competencies and deliver full-fledged business consultancy services as well.

For the product mindset, the most important thing is to identify a real problem and root causes that the client is looking to solve. This goes hand in hand with understanding key business goals, establishing effective communication and diving deep into the customer’s business. The ultimate goal is to build long-term partnerships.

Team growth = product growth

The ongoing learning process is essential for all team players, be they developers, designers, or business analysts. As for product managers, the new product paradigm should be written in their DNA.

The next-generation team must rest assured that its Product Manager has all it takes to reach product development goals. His or her ability to educate the team on the market as well as customer needs is equally important.

Oksana Krykun, Product Management Office Associate Director at SoftServe, says:

“A product manager must possess five skills: communication and prioritization skills, sense of ownership, analytical thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. In this day and age, a product manager should be ready to take risks in a highly volatile environment. Making last-minute decisions in the hope of getting hold of crucial info often backfires. What matters is the ability to identify when the time has come to move the project to the next development phase and demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities while working with the team. Such skills are instrumental in building high-quality, world-class products.”

The lens on the final product

IT Weekend Ukraine 2019 will welcome a variety of IT professionals who flock here to learn the best product development practices. Speakers will share unique insights from both the development team (SoftServe) and the client’s (Microsoft, Google, etc.) perspectives. Four panel discussions will focus on SoftServe’s core areas of innovation as well as the general market trend to enhance the industry’s product development stack:

  • Enterprise Tech. Topics for discussion include building the next-gen teams, collaborating with Microsoft Teams, implementing app development strategies, building and implementing hybrid integration solutions and overcoming technical challenges in innovation-driven projects;
  • Deep Tech. Topics for discussion include machine learning, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and cloud solutions;
  • Smart X. Topics for discussion include the evolution of Smart Agriculture as well as IoT case studies in the agricultural industry;
  • Innovation. Topics for discussion include innovation implementation in product management and case studies of the large-scale innovation implementation.

As part of the “404: Errors, failures and other #it” discussion panel, IT Weekend Ukraine 2019 will also feature first-hand accounts of the product development journey from four speakers:

  • Alexander Konotop, CEO, Ajax Systems;
  • Anton Avrinskyi, CEO & Co-founder,;
  • Dima Maleev, Technical lead, Patreon;
  • Dmitry Derkach co-founder, Planeta Kino.

The highlight of the forum is going to be the Ukrainian IT Awards Ceremony 2019.

Moving to the next Big Thing

It’s not an easy task to deliver both software development and business consulting services for the project. Among other things, it requires significant additional effort from all of the product development team.

However, the upshot is a stronger position of Ukrainian IT companies in the global market. Ukraine has a great opportunity to successfully compete against the US and Western European software development firms by offering more affordable consulting and smart development services.

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Rana Aun
2 years ago

Yes, it is going to be a big event for the Ukrainian IT industry. It will be a great opportunity for everyone to learn about the latest industry trends as well as discuss the position of Ukraine in the global innovation landscape. This is definitely a great place to visit.

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