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Selected Ionic Development Companies and Agencies in Ukraine


Zoral is a fintech software research and development company. We operate one of largest labs in Europe focused on Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), predictive systems for consumer/SME credit and financial products. We are one of the world’s leading companies in the use of unstructured, social, device, MNO, bureau and behavioral data, for real-time decisioning and predictive modeling. Zoral software intelligently automates digital financial products. Zoral team has practical experience with advanced technology like Java, Android, Ionic, .NET and more.

  • Location: Kyiv, Kharkiv
  • URL: https://zorallabs.com/


Creation, promotion and support of sites – a multi-stage, “compound” process, and when the site is “on the knee” and the programmer writes texts and draws pictures, you usually get quite a sad result in the code and in visualization. Therefore, it always makes sense to look at online advertising agencies with their own good “production capacity”. 4Limes team has practical experience with advanced technology like Java, SMM, Ionic and more.

  • Location: Odesa
  • URL: http://4limes.com/


Forma-Pro is a full stack development company with 15 years of experience. Our aim is a high-quality product meeting the customer’s needs. We like doing our job well and make sure we have everything needed for that. Location in Kharkov, Ukraine – one of Eastern Europe’s biggest centers of higher education and research – allows us to hire highly qualified specialists in computer sciences. Forma-Pro team has practical experience with advanced technology like Java, C++, Ionic and more.

  • Location: Kharkiv
  • URL: http://www.forma-pro.com/


We craft, design & code interfaces for efficient products that stand-out on the market. Based in Kyiv. MRGNC team qualifies in delivering a full stackweb development starting from a brief or an ideato a working product. MRGNC team has practical experience with advanced technology like Angular, Node.js, Ionic, Swift and more.

  • Location: Kyiv
  • URL: http://mrgnc.io/


Grandiz is a software outsourcing company with special focus on cost effectiveness and quality talent. Founded in 2007, Grandiz has become the IT talent and solutions provider in a range of sectors from financial services, industry and real estate to retail, advertising and Internet startups. Grandiz stand for honor, support, justice, learning and hard work. We establish honest and trustworthy relationships with every partner, client and employee. Grandiz team has practical experience with advanced technology like Java, C++, Ionic, JavaScript and more.

  • Location: Odesa
  • URL: https://grandiz.com/