Telecom Solutions

The global telecom solutions industry is growing by leaps and bounds. It’s set to reach $23.1 billion by 2025.

Frictionless communication across continents would have been impossible without the robust tech infrastructure. Telecommunication software is instrumental in delivering fast and secure cross-platform connectivity, whether it’s video conferencing, messaging apps or VoIP technology.

Advanced telecom solutions

More than any other business, telcos rely on powerful digital technology to fuel their operations. Enhancing network connectivity, embracing emerging tech, boosting security and optimizing costs are just a few challenges to address.

  • Application development for the new tech. Ongoing innovation is at the core of the telecom industry. Whether it’s 5G, AR/VR, voice tech or LEO satellites, telcos need adequate infrastructure to implement the new tech on a global scale.
  • The backbone of the IoT architecture. The Internet of Things demands seamless connectivity from telecom providers. For the latter, the choice is straightforward: upgrade the network or risk losing the entire customer base.
  • Security round the clock. Preventing personal data breaches on a global scale has never been so important. Telecom solutions use encryption and real-time mapping of malicious activities to protect the data.
  • Cloud-based infrastructure. Communication and collaboration from anywhere, anytime. Cloud architecture delivers quality services at a friendly cost.
  • Big data. Telecom solutions are essential to building a robust ecosystem capable of accommodating and managing massive data sets in a cost-effective and secure manner.
  • 5G. Unleash the power of 5G technology which is going to transform business operations and customer experience in the years to come. Get ready for network speed and connectivity that is 10 times faster than today.
  • Grow customer base. Customers want communication to happen across multiple channels. Whether it’s video streaming or mobile TV, telcos need the tech that makes their telecom solutions accessible at all times.

57% of telecom users plan to spend more on 5G as a key driver of IoT communication.

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Telecom software outsourcing with EchoEcho software engineers help you reinvent your core services to meet the ever-changing demands of the digital age.

Staff Augmentation

Enhance your team with world-class expertise that makes all the difference to your project’s implementation.

Software Development

Get access to our engineering and managerial knowledge base that will guide you in the right direction and save you big.

We deliver full-suite telecom software development

  • Mobile telecom technology. Mobile networks and applications for on-the-go customers who want to experience communication via their favorite devices.
  • Omnichannel support. We provide the industry-leading omnichannel standards in telecom software development.
  • Corporate communication management software. We help you streamline company-wide communication, boost productivity, facilitate feedback and reporting and much more.
  • SMS gateways. Delivering your brand identity to your target audiences has never been so easy. Our telecom solutions help you do just that.
  • VoIP technology. Simplify business communications and reach customers globally with a custom application that helps you bypass the need for multiple providers and carriers.
  • Web and mobile app engineering. Benefit fully from our diverse background in developing web-based and mobile telecommunication software.
  • OSS/BSS infrastructure. We help you track your business performance with operational and business support systems (OSS/BSS) and integrate them with other infrastructures like NFV and SDN.
  • Communication engineering. Our experts deliver granular insights on all aspects of communication engineering: from original research to telecom software development.

Mobile accounts for 45% of the total revenue in the telecom industry.

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Why Echo

  • Proven background. In business since 2013, we have seen it all and have a full grip on what telcos need to stand out in the digital age.
  • Focus on flexibility and iteration. For telcos, speed and quality are vital. That’s why we implement a flexible and iterative approach to our telecom software development process.
  • Dedicated team. World-class engineers will attend to your business needs and provide full support at every stage.
  • Rich technology stack. Development frameworks we provide PHP, Python, Java, .Net, Django, Symfony, JavaScript, Angular, Vue.js and React.
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