Marketing Solutions

All the market innovations chance the face on the marketing at the whole.

Marketing Tech helps companies to become better by communicating and engaging their audience to the new level by using artificial intelligence and data analysis. The global martech market is estimated at a whopping $100 billion in 2019 (source: – and more new solutions are expected in the future.

Brands and companies can see marketing data online across all channels using the application programming interfaces equipped by professional software. It can help them to optimize the system of omnichannel implementation and provide an overview of what happened online and offline. Marketing tech is the powerful driver of leads based on top-of-funnel and makes the best management reputation.

Our job is to give you ample marketing technology services to grow your brand and build a loyal customer base. We design tailored, feature-rich digital products to accompany your marketing campaigns across all channels.

Martech software solutions

Martech platforms transform your marketing strategy and rationalize your spend. And not just that – they also personalize and finetune cross-channel customer experience. An upshot? Delighted customers that turn into your most loyal brand advocates.

  • CRM software. Countless spreadsheets mustn’t hold your essential sales data hostage. A customer relationship management tool brings together your sales funnel and customer journey.
  • Email marketing software. Reach and nurture your prospects and leads. Send engaging messages to the right audience at the right time.
  • Marketing automation software. Your customers want to see the friendly human behind every sales message. Automate and scale your personalized approach throughout the customer journey.
  • Analytics and data visualization solutions. Your marketing data is worthless unless you employ in-depth analytics and act on it. Analytics software gets the job done, while data visualization tools polish your reports.
  • Content management software. Content is the backbone of your digital marketing strategy. With content management software, content creation turns into an easy and scalable process.
  • Website optimization software. A post-landing page and website optimization software empower you to analyze top-performing pages, A/B test and optimize your digital assets.
  • Content marketing platform. Plan, strategize, run content teams, craft content and promote it all via one central dashboard – a good content marketing platform has got you covered.
  • Design software. Beautifully and cleverly presented content has the power to win the hearts and minds of your target audience. From logo design to blog media, you can’t do without it.
  • SEO software. Build a healthy and professional digital presence with SEO software that does all the heavy lifting. On-page and off-page SEO, competition’s research and much more.
  • Social listening app. What are your customers and influencers saying about you? Find all of this out by instructing a social listening app to do the work.
  • Event marketing solution. Generate real buzz around your upcoming event and streamline all essential tasks: landing pages, email campaigns, invitations, reminders and more.
  • Business intelligence software. Onboard crucial marketing data from multiple sources into one central dashboard. Analyze it and refine your ad spend before it spins out of control.
  • Banner/display ad software. Monetize traffic and impressions with intelligent display advertising. Craft clever ads, target the right audiences and enjoy the ad budget well spent.
  • Retargeting software. Re-engage with visitors that bounced off your website and convert them into leads. A great way to gently remind people of how your product can solve their challenges.

87% of marketers say martech platforms enhance their marketing efforts.

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Martech software development with Echo

Since 2013, software engineers at Echo have been building bespoke marketing technology services for businesses across industries.

Staff Augmentation

Does your project lack crucial expertise? We will deliver the talent you need to power your initiatives.

Software Development

Grow your company and get access to our first-class engineering and managerial body of knowledge. Your business deserves it.

Our martech expertise

  • B2C marketing solutions. From e-commerce websites and applications to module development and payment gateway integration, we’ve got you covered.
  • B2B marketing solutions. Feature-rich software to manage your business. Managing business assets and teams, integrating payment tools, compiling analytics and more.

Martech platforms will make 30% of a CMO’s budget in 2019

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Why Echo

  • Proven background. Since 2013, our engineers have been working closely with businesses large and small to build marketing mechanisms products.
  • The lens on flexibility and iteration. We employ a flexible and iterative framework to our software development process. Perfect to rationalize your budget and speed up delivery.
  • Dedicated team. All the support you need, every step of the way. Focus on things that matter most to your business while we deliver.
  • Huge technology set. Development frameworks we provide PHP, Python, Java, .Net, Django, Symfony, JavaScript, Angular, Vue.js and React.
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