Internet of Things Solutions

Internet of things (hereinafter – IOT) is a complex system with the special software which includes interdependent computing devices, different numerical and mechanical devices, people or even animals with the unique identifiers (hereinafter – UIDs), the possibility to exchange through the network without human-to-human or human-to-computer cooperation.

The science behind IoT is fascinating: take any object from the physical world and transmit the data about it to the Internet.

The software developers’ job?

Build a robust, interconnected architecture to collect, send, store and manage that data.

Such ecosystems are already here: Gartner estimates over 65% of companies will rely on IoT solutions by 2020.

Internet of Things Solutions for Businesses

The Internet of Things is at the forefront of business innovation, reshaping customer experience across industries. From smart cities, homes and healthcare to the next-gen manufacturing and retail, IoT can both transform and simplify business operations and customer experience.

  • Embedded software development. Designing IoT applications that can govern other hardware, from lighting control in your house to collision detection in smart cars.
  • Firmware development for Android. Maximizing endless opportunities with Android by developing a custom application that would bridge a gap between data sensors and Android-run device.
  • Indoor & outdoor navigation system. Facilitating customers’ navigation across your venue and helping them reach their destination points. Such beacons are a great fit for shopping malls, airports, hospitals, parking lots, etc.
  • Industrial IoT solutions. Industrial sectors are ripe for the IoT adoption: real-time cargo and vehicles tracking, predictive equipment maintenance, smart energy grids, heating and ventilation, etc.
  • Enterprise IoT applications. Complex enterprise-wide Internet of Things solutions that deliver all the benefits of scalability, cost optimization and connectivity.
  • Custom IoT solutions. Bespoke Internet of Things software development to address specific pain points and unique business needs.

80% of senior executives say IoT solutions are vital to their business operations.
Don’t lag behind – explore your IoT options with Echo

IoT software development with Echo

Software developers at Echo have been building IoT solutions since 2013.

We know how to help you materialize your vision of product and customer experience. For companies that have already embraced IoT, the challenge of data streaming, connectivity and integrity is the thing of the past.

Staff Augmentation

Get access to the world-class IT talent to jumpstart your IoT software development process – software developers at Echo have got you covered.

Software Development

Benefit fully from our rich background in developing IoT solutions and get all the support you need. Exceptional engineering and management advice to get your project on a roll.

All of your IoT projects under one umbrella

  • Integrated B2B products. Let a robust B2B integration be the backbone of your business operations. Manage digital assets, track costs, enable partnerships and power your business processes.
  • IoT for smart homes. IoT home automation rewrites the definition of comfort. The possibilities are huge: automatic utilities management, smart energy grids, remote lighting and temperature control, security, gadgets, etc.
  • IoT for connected cars. IoT takes the driving experience to a whole new level with real-time diagnostics, maintenance alerts, collision prevention, navigation, hands-free driving and fleet management.
  • Device management & OS customization. All companies are unique, so why struggle with infrastructure that is not tailored for you? Echo software developers will set you up with a fully customized OS and configure your devices to power your business.
  • Wearable IoT for healthcare. Designing you advanced healthcare wearables that track health and bring all numbers to one central dashboard. Data that actually matters, accurate and in real time.
  • Industrial IoT solutions. We build full-fledged industrial IoT ecosystems that ramp up key business operations on a daily basis, optimize costs and deliver maintenance and risk alerts to your staff.

54% of enterprises see IoT solutions as instrumental to optimizing costs and boosting revenue.
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Why Echo

  • Proven background. Going since 2013, we know how to deliver the Internet of Things solutions that deliver.
  • The lens on flexibility and iteration. We enhance your IoT software development lifecycle with flexible and rapid iteration. Making tweaks when and where they are actually needed.
  • Dedicated team. Full support and accountability at any point. Your IoT project will no longer keep you up at night.
  • Huge technology set. Development frameworks we provide: PHP, Python, Java, .Net, Django, Symfony, JavaScript, Angular, Vue.js and React.
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