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Popular Websites Powered by Hybris

Choosing the right technology for building web, mobile or desktop apps is one of the most important challenges for a successful software product development. We’ve gathered a list of popular websites and projects using Hybris. You can test these applications, and in some cases even check out their open source code.​


Asics is a global brand that produces original and stylish shoes and clothes for jogging, fitness and outdoor sports. The history of the brand began in 1949 in Japan for the production of basketball shoes. Today the company’s profit is almost $ 500 billion. In 2012, after checking, the company chose Hybris as the main platform for its global and local sites. An important reason for choosing Hybris was that this technology supports global operations and has expanded functionality.

  • URL: http://www.asics.com/


BestSecret is an online store that sells clothing and footwear from premium brands with discounts up to 80%. To become a member of the site, you must receive an invitation from an existing member. Hybris is used for development and growth this dynamic site. Using Hybris, the site quickly began its work.

  • URL: https://www.bestsecret.com/


Oakley is the Italian brand, known for the production of sports glasses, sports shoes, clothing and accessories. The company produces high-quality safety glasses for various sports. This is one of the best sites built with Hybris in terms of design, functionality and speed.

  • URL: http://www.oakley.com/


Lakeland is one of the first British shops with goods for home, decor, tableware and inspirational gifts. The company is characterized by high customer orientation, all products have a guarantee, and the site operates around the clock support, there is a free delivery and return of goods. To successfully launch an online store, Hybris was used as a platform that supports important features. For example, CSV import, complex catalog setup, rich search and system integration.

  • URL: http://www.lakeland.co.uk/

Max Mara

Max Mara, a famous fashion brand, founded by the Italian fashion designer Achille Maramotti in 1951. The main focus of the company is on the creation of clothing for women, which combines convenience and elegance. The main reason for choosing Hybris as the main technology for e-commerce was the ability to interact with customers, analyze and customize their needs.

  • URL: https://www.maxmara.com/

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