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How Much Does It Cost to Hire Web Developers in Ukraine?

Outsourcing to Ukraine

On development stage, it is crucial to build an effective solution in the shortest terms. Professional developers in the US and the UK are on top of the world trends and obviously stay the most expensive workforce in the world. For putting a new product out there on the market, as well as maintaining or deploying the existing one it’s wise to perform some first stages of development in a cost-saving manner. If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering hiring Ukrainian web developers, but still, have some doubts. Ukraine is an Eastern-European country which offers more reliable, professional, good at problem-solving programmers. In this research, we are going to explore opportunities that Ukrainian IT-companies dispose of, not including freelancers.


The most popular wage estimation in North America and Europe is a yearly (annual) rate. However, in Ukraine it is different. Some software development companies estimate an hourly rate for each programmer. Many experts today believe that this is not the best option. The reason for this is very simple: you don’t have a fixed price, which may lead to an endless chain of unexpected spending. Because every enterprise has to pledge a certain amount of budget for workforce expenses beforehand, it is more reasonable to estimate each engineer’s salary by monthly rate.

As a rule, IT companies in Ukraine enclose agreements for a year or two ahead. EchoUA company helps to sign a contract on absolutely transparent payment terms. It is based on a developer monthly salary rate, plus overhead costs, which is called Cost+ model.

A closer look at this model is given in the following list:

  • Hardware (960 USD / 12 months) ~ 80 USD/m
  • Furniture (240 USD / 12 months) ~ 20 USD/m
  • Office rent and utility bills ~ 50 USD/m
  • Management ~ 100 USD/m
  • Recruitment, HR and employee benefits ~ 250 USD/m
  • Taxes and legal support ~ 120 USD/m
  • Company profit (business margin is around 10-20%) ~ 380 USD/m

Total Overhead is 1000 USD/m.

These numbers represent nearly half or less of an average American developer’s salary. Ukraine might be an unexplored territory for you. So how do you find the most skilled and accurate development team for your business in such a big country? Probably, the win-win strategy is to act through a trusted representative in this place. EchoUA is a professional mediator between global companies and Ukrainian IT-professionals market.


  1. We use broadest composite database of experienced developers that consistently show the best results dealing with international projects.
  2. Got “hot talents” database which helps to quickly sign a champion any headhunter would kill for.
  3. Our strong recruitment team always keep an eye on top-level engineers.
  4. We’ve build teams for the world-known projects.
  5. Chosen candidates have a proven track record of working with companies of your segment. They will fit your corporate culture standards, be familiar with business rules of your subject area, have a convincing experience using the exact technologies needed for your prospect goals.
  6. Monthly salary rates calculation including Cost+ is a transparent algorithm which has no hidden expenses. With this kind of accounting, we are interested in the maximum congruence of cost and quality.

Want to hire developers with EchoUA? Contact us and check out the resumes of software engineers available for hire right now.

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