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Groundbreaking Medical Google Glass Apps

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Groundbreaking Medical Google Glass Apps

Google Glass is a hands-free wearable device that resembles eyeglasses. Even though it does not feature any actual glass or lenses, it can take pictures and videos navigate, text, call and function like a smart phone. Despite the technological capabilities of this headset, it is not just for tech geeks – Google Glass and its apps are breaking new ground in healthcare technology. Offering hands-free access to patient records and vital statistics and the ability to transmit direct audio and video, Glass enhances diagnosis surgery and medical education. Here are some of the incredible apps for Google Glass that are revolutionizing medicine and health care delivery.


Transitioning medical records from paper to electronic format is a vast improvement, but drchrono for Google Glass takes medical record management to a new level. The premier portable Electronic Health Records (EHR) platform provides a convenient way for patients to contact their doctor, schedule an appointment and view their records and bills. Health care providers can store videos, photos and notes in electronic medical records or in Box, a cloud-based storage and collaboration service that can be shared with the patient on request. Originally created for the 2010 launch of iPad-managed records, developers took the leap and made it available for Google Glass Medical professionals can now treat patients while simultaneously viewing records and images, without carrying laptops or tablets

Breastfeeding Support Project

An example of how Google Glass enables remote education, the Breastfeeding Support Project app allows mothers to call a lactation consultant via a secure Google Hangout. The consultant can view breastfeeding problems through the mother’s Google Glass camera and provide advice on latching on, posture, technique and duration. Mothers can view instructions or get live help while standing, sitting or reclining, and use their hands to hold and position their infants. In initial trials of the Breastfeeding Support Project app, 100 percent of participants learned to breastfeed successfully with remote assistance.


Doctors no longer have to turn away from patients to check their charts – Intellivue presents vitals and medical histories directly in Google Glass. This frill and instant access to medical records saves time in the examination room and the app’s speech-to-text feature eliminates the need for transcription. In tests of Intellivue with Google Glass, doctors operated the device with voice controls while maintaining contact with patients and medical equipment. The Google Glass IntelliVue Solutions concept represents a major change to medical technology and a potential improvement to patient care.


Vipaar is an augmented reality video platform that fuses two views and enables visual troubleshooting and assistance. The company has developed a pilot program with which a doctor performed a successful shoulder replacement surgery remotely with an augmented reality video transmitted through Google Glass. The attending surgeon viewed the remote surgeon’s hands directing the surgery through his Google Glass device, and the remote surgeon saw the surgery as clearly as if he were in the operating room.

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