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GPS Developer Salary in the US and UK compare to Ukraine

While a tendency to distribute engineering across different locations beyond a home country is still topical, allowing startups in the USA and Western Europe to significantly save costs, source better technological expertise, accelerate time to market and do more for less, we’ve built an up-to-date guide to GPS coders compensation in Ukraine, one of Eastern European leading destinations of software development resources.

GPS Developer Salary in the US

The average GPS specialist salary in the United States is $47,000 a year and hourly rate is $29. Entry level positions start at $25,000 a year while most experienced developers make up to $90,000 a year. These results are based on the salaries extracted from Indeed.com job descriptions in February 2019. The most of the developers are required now in:
Austin, TX, Atlanta, GA, Houston, TX

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Latest GPS Jobs in the US

1 Assistant Director of Global Engagement
The Assistant Director of Global Engagement will help lead the overall recruitment and admissions initiatives for the School's PharmD and PhD (Pharmaceutical...

2 Operations Coordinator
Monitors the GPS monitor system installed in all Employment and Community Services vehicles to ensure safe operation by staff....

3 Project Scientist
Excellent computer skills, including proficiency with MS Office, GIS, and GPS. We are seeking a Project Scientist to join our growing Environmental Services...

4 General Ranch Manager
GPS planters with late model JD tractors . 5k ranch in central texas and a 8k ranch in western CO....

5 Pinellas/Pasco County Courier Driver FT/PT
Familiar use of technology including gas cards, gps systems, etc. We are looking for professional, dependable and reliable, full-time and part-time independent...

GPS Developer Salary in the UK

The average GPS specialist salary in England is £40,000 a year and hourly rate is £25. Entry level positions start at £25,000 a year while most experienced programmers make up to £90,000 a year. These statistics are based on the salaries parsed from Indeed.co.uk job descriptions in February 2019. The most of the developers are required at the moment in:
South West, London, Birmingham

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Latest GPS Jobs in the UK

1 Link Worker
Work as part of a small team to deliver an effective Social Prescribing Service to service users and GPs across NEL;...

2 Sous Chef
We love what we do, do you?? We're looking for: Full-time, straight shifts, live-out Sous Chef. This position would suit a either a young chef working CDP...

3 Team Leader Care
Liaise with GPs and other health professionals to ensure that residents receive the medical and clinical support they require....

4 Senior Land & Engineering Surveyors Land & Engineering Surve...
You will be using the latest technology and should have experience of using modern survey equipment, GPS and LAser Scanners....

5 Pharmacy Advisor (Dispenser)
Seeking opportunities to engage with GPs and practice teams to drive services and items. The importance of your role....

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The True Cost of Hiring an In-house vs Remote GPS Developer in Ukraine

Usually hiring managers face the “in-house vs outsource”. The biggest mistake CTOs, CEOs, and startup founders make when selecting (and comparing) consultants is: they forget the embedded costs. In reality, there are numerous and substantial costs involved in hiring and maintaining employees. An in-house developer (or any worker) is always more expensive than his salary when you factor in embedded costs which aren’t reflected in the employee’s salary:
  • employee benefits (+10%)
  • administration and infrastructure (+10%)
  • paid leaves (+10%)
  • training (+5%)
  • management (+5%)
  • recruitment (+10%)

The outsourcing company copes with the same embedded costs (though maybe in less amounts). The only difference is it had already factored these costs into its price quote. So, let’s take a fresh look at the adjusted (salary + 50%) numbers.

PeriodUS vs UkraineUK vs Ukraine
1 dev/m$5,250$3,200£4,375£2,400
1 dev/y$63,000$38,400£52,500£28,800
10 devs/m$52,500$32,000£43,750£24,000
10 devs/y$630,000$384,000£525,000£288,000
US = United States, UK = United Kingdom
In this case, outsourcing to Ukraine is the most cost-effective option.

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