Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

The notion of agile management is incredibly popular in the world of software development. There are probably no IT companies that haven’t applied at least some elements of agile methodology in the organization of their work. Agile gives programmers more space for self-management and does not put them into strict frames. To make applying agile methodology (whether it is Kanban or Scrum project management) easier, various tools and applications were developed.

So what actually an agile project management tool is?

It is a tool created to support and accompany the implementation and following use of agile management methodology. It allows software developers to work to have more creative freedom but still collaborate with teammates. And project manager can check the progress, monitor the workflow, and make adjustments according to real-life updates.

Usually, agile project management tools include features for planning, creating, distribution, and monitoring tasks. Among the standard features for project management are tools for team collaboration, visualization, analysis and reporting, and tracking of progress.

In general, all basic tools for project management have to have a number of characteristics/items among which are:

  • An intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Agile project management tools are meant to save time and increase productivity. So the interface of one should be simple and intuitive. Visualizing also plays an important role in agile tools so yet again good design is important.
  • Security and reliability. There is no need to comment on this one. Every company wants its data to be protected and confidential.
  • A “task” entity. This object is one of the most important in project management. No doubts.
  • Effective filtering. An opportunity to distinguish which tasks are done, which are in progress, and which are yet to be started is crucial for efficient and quick agile workflow management.
  • Scrum and Kanban boards. Those items help to visualize and organize the tasks as well as cooperate with peers more efficiently.
  • Reporting functionality. In order to increase productivity and minimize time spent on analysis and project management reports, the best agile project management tools include automatized reporting.
  • Flexible workflow settings. Because project management using agile methodology is all about creative freedom, flexibility in arranging, adjusting, and prioritizing is a key feature of agile project management tool.

The popularity of project management using agile methodology is on the rise. So the number of different project management tools also grows. Choosing the one that will suit you, your team, or even the whole enterprise perfectly can be challenging. This brief overview of free and freemium scrum tools and agile tools comparison is aimed at helping you to narrow your options and make the right decision.

1. Scrumblr

Scrumblr - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

Scrumblr is a virtual blackboard where one can add various “post-it notes”. The blackboard can be divided into different parts for different stages or steps of a process. Although it is very easy to use, the functionality of Scrumblr is limited. It does not include any task management tools, any reporting and analytics tools, any team collaboration possibilities. Scrumblr seems to be more suitable for personal use for small projects.

2. Trello

Trello - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

Trello is one of the most popular online project management tools. It offers many team collaboration and task management features. Progress in tasks can be easily tracked with Trello. Moreover, it can be integrated into other apps, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, and synchronized on different devices. His way, Trello is suitable for any project and any size of the agile project team.

3. iceScrum

iceScrum - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

iceScrum offers great analytic tools allowing one to use both custom and agile indicators. Organizing and planning are easy with iceScrum. It offers great task management tools and is very convenient for work in the big team project management.

4. ScrumDo

ScrumDo - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

ScrumDo claims to be a safe and reliable tool for both organization-level and team-level planning. This tool is suitable for big teams and long-term complex projects. It shows the dependency between tasks and teams and allows to manage risks. ScrumDo also offers effective project management reporting tools for analysis and analytics, which helps to quickly and efficiently change and adjust plans and goals.

5. Yodiz

Yodiz - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

Yodiz offers its clients two products ‒ issue tracker and agile management tool. The former has a simplified design and limited functions but is perfect for issue tracking in small teams. The latter includes task and release management tools, analysis, and collaboration. Thus online project tool from Yodiz can be used for any project by any company or team, regardless of the size.

6. ScrumDesk

ScrumDesk - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

ScrumDesk offers great collaboration options. One can set customized rights and permissions for each person in the team. It is also integrated with Jira, Slack, and Google Drive. The only drawback is that ScrumDesk is free for up to 4 users, so if your team is bigger, it would be necessary to buy the full version.

7. Kanbanchi

Kanbanchi - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

Kanbanchi offers a free trial and three paid plans for its tool. The main advantages of this project management tools are easy integration with Google and perfectly designed task board. The option of real-time collaboration and time tracker helps watch the progress and interim results.

8. Pipefy

Pipefy - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

Pipefy offers companies lean management tools for almost every department of one’s business. It includes HR, Marketing and Sales, Administration and Finance, etc. It helps to align and organize various processes within the company, track the performance of each employee, and even calculate risks one may face. It is customizable, flexible, and offers great tools for team task management and employee collaboration.

9. VivifyScrum

VivifyScrum - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

Vivify offers not only an efficient tool for team and project management but free Scrum training as well. The feature of invoicing is also included, so bills and payments can be managed through VivifyScrum as well. This tool is suitable for companies of different sizes ‒ from small teams to big corporations.

10. KanbanTool

KanbanTool - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

Perfect for real-time collaboration, KanbanTool allows its users quickly and effectively communicate and react to all the changes. Analytic tools visualize all the results and help KanbanTool users monitor tasks and project progress more efficiently. A great choice if your team was searching for a free kanban app.

11. Targetprocess

Targetprocess - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

Efficient data analysis and team project tracker of Targetprocess lets agile enterprises save time, efforts, and money. A very interesting feature called Service Desk is also included. It allows clients, vendors, and stakeholders track, offer and vote for ideas without Targetprocess membership. Also, Targetprocess can integrate with more than 60 applications and programs. So it is quite easy to standardize the processes throughout the whole company.

12. CollabNet

This tool includes everything a company needs to implement an agile project methodology. VersionOne has release tracking, team cooperation, agile analysis, and report features. Another benefit ‒ invoicing and budgeting tools as well as customer idea management tool. It is also easily scalable, so one may use it both for small teams and on the enterprise-level.

13. Zoho

Zoho - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

Zoho is adjustable and customizable, so it is suitable for teams with any management style and any level of collaboration. This tool offers forums and feeds for easy cooperation with not only the employees but also with outside vendors and consultants. Online task tracking system allows to change and improve the workflow in real-time.

14. Kanbanize

Kanbanize - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

This Kanban project management software is suitable for those who want to save time by prioritizing, analyzing, and seeing dependencies and risks in the project faster and reacting instantly. Tools for time tracking and team collaboration are also included in Kanbanize. Email integration makes creating and following tasks even easier.

15. Asana

Asana - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

Asana makes agile project management simple by offering its users broad team collaboration and product planning options. With this tool, one can control product launch, product feedback, and product roadmap. More than 100 available integrations and mobile version make Asana great all-in-one pm tool option.

16. Taiga

Taiga - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

This award-winning project management tool is simple and nicely designed. It offers users the options of Kanban, Epics, and Scrum methodologies. Taiga is easy to use. It includes gamification for teams, social management, and opportunity for seamless integration with other apps. Another useful feature is the opportunity to create wiki pages in order to save all of your project’s documentation. Also, this tool has its own community, so if you face any challenges or have any questions, you will quickly get help.

17. AgileCRM

AgileCRM - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

This software includes task tracking Marketing, Sales, and Service tools. Countless integrations include social media, financial tools, telephony integration and many more. It helps to tie all the company’s activity in one software and thus plan and manage agile it projects easier.

18. GoodDay

GoodDay - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

GoodDay ties goals, strategy, and tasks in one place. It lets analyze and plan the development of the business quicker. It’s a project and task management tool with rich collaboration options and convenient time tracking features. GoodDay is perfect for the teams of any size. Moreover, it has a lot of customizing options that help visualize and personalize this tool according to the needs of anyone.

19. Phabricator

Phabricator - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

Phabricator is created specifically for software development projects management. That is why besides task management tools it includes features that relate to code writing and reviewing. Chat channels, offered in Phabricator, make a great team collaboration tool. This tool also includes an option for creating wiki pages, convenient for agile project management documentation.

20. Hygger

Hygger - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

Hygger includes kanban boards, task lists, and project management timeline. It also lets the manager highlight the most important things with the use of WIP limits, swimlanes, and RICE/ICE prioritization. It also includes great options for cooperation and reporting. Mobile versions available for both Android and iOS allow users to stay in touch all the time.

21. OpenProject

OpenProject - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

OpenProject includes great tools for planning and managing the product. It supports both Scrum and Kanban methodologies. Another interesting feature is a bug tracker, which would be important for quality assurance teams. The Premium version of the tool offers users even more customizing and personalizing options.

22. Wrike

Wrike - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

Scalable and time-saving, Wrike includes all the necessary features for creating, planning, reporting, cooperating, and analyzing the project. Using it increases the productivity and efficiency of any team. Wrike lets your team use resources and time more effectively.

23. Yanado

Yanado - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

Yonado is a task management tool created specifically to integrate it with Gmail. It turns one’s Gmail page into an efficient, convenient, and easy project management tool. It has options for task tracking and sharing, Kanban-style visualizing, and calendar planning. However, team collaboration options are limited in this one. And it is still hard to call Yanado stand-alone tool, it is rather a useful add-on.

24. Ciro

Ciro - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

Ciro is free for small teams. With this tool, it is easier to sort out and organize the tasks according to their priority, complexity, and necessary efforts. It also offers tools for productive communication for a team with any collaboration style. Another advantage is that Ciro is mobile-friendly, so you don’t need your laptop to track the progress of your team.

25. nTask

nTask - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

nTask is an organizing tool not only for companies and businesses. It also works as a personal task management system. It allows combining goals, tasks, meetings, and projects in one simple and convenient task-board. Collaboration via comments, activity logs, and customizable notifications are also available.

26. ClickUp

ClickUp - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

ClickUp is simply designed task management, time management, and agile process management tool. It can be easily and fully adjusted for the needs of each team. Other benefits of ClickUp include numerous reporting and collaboration tools. And the possibility of integration with different apps and accessibility on various devices and platforms as well.

27. Proggio

Progio - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

Suitable for all kinds and sizes of the projects, Proggio is easy-to-use and clear. Available in a mobile version, Proggio lets one track the progress of the project anywhere and anytime. Another useful feature is integration with Jira. However, team collaboration options are not the strongest side of this tool.

28. Milanote

mnote - Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Team

One of the qualified tools that can be used for serving numerous purposes including blogging. Using this tool, you can organize creative projects and place them into excellent visual boards. It will provide you a feel like you’re working on the wall in a creative studio. Milanote would be a great fit too for workers and designers who work remotely.

As can be seen, there are numerous versions of agile project management tools. Thus, it is possible to find the right one, the one that will perfectly match the needs and desires of your team. It will make your project management seamless and effortless. However, choosing the best team project management software may take some time.

But do you plan to use an agile project management tool for work with your onshore or offshore team?

Then there are a number of features you should pay special attention to.

  • The ability to combine project management tools with the applications you use daily for work saves time greatly.
  • Team collaboration. With the remote team, you have no opportunity of communicating face-to-face every day. Then it is crucial for the chosen tool to include extended collaboration features. The best project and team management software includes not only the commenting option but also features for chats, forums, and exchanging files.
  • Mobile versions. This feature helps you and your team stay connected at all times and wherever you are. It is also important for managers who travel a lot and do not always have an opportunity to use a laptop or PC.
  • Intuitive interface. When your team is working on remote, there are usually no time and no suitable conditions for additional training. That is why the design of the chosen agile project management tool should be simple, easy-to-use, and intuitive. Thus the members of the team will start using it right away, without any special training.
  • Real-time changes. It is crucial to have the ability to keep track of the changes in progress. Especially, when you work with the remote team. It allows both the project manager and the members of the team to promptly respond to emerging problems and changes and make appropriate adjustments.

However, at a certain point, there is a need for more features within the tool. Therefore, there is a need for a paid version of the tool, which usually includes many more options and has more advantages. You should switch to a paid version of your agile project management tool if:

  • Your agile project team If your team gets bigger or if your whole company wants to implement agile project management, buying a paid subscription is necessary. Some of the agile project management tools include features for HR, Sales and Marketing, and other departments.
  • You want constant support. Best software project management tools include 24\7 support and even offer Scrum training. This way, the implementation of agile methodology in your enterprise is easier.
  • You want to customize the tool. All the aforementioned tools are customizable to a certain extent. But if you want full customization (even with an option of adding your company’s logo to your tool), the paid version is an absolute must.
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3 years ago

If you plan to update this post, make sure to include on the list. It’s the world’s most powerful free project management solution used by over 6 million companies.

Thank you

2 years ago

I have used many tools for project management and found QuickScrum more trustworthy, affordable and easy to use than others.

2 years ago

Great article!
At our company, we use
It’s very intuitive and doesn’t take too long to learn and the fact that there is a free version makes it even better though we were sold on the fact that it actually integrates with Jira
All in all – very recommended

2 years ago

My favorite is – it has builtin time tracker with ability to create very sweet reports. Also it has very nice UX which allow perform less actions. It is like a trello but even faster and with tracker

Janes Jose
Janes Jose
2 years ago

Hi Lou,
Awesome list.
You should consider adding Orangescrum ( to this list. Orangescrum is one of the best Agile Project Management Tool like Wrike, and I think Orangescrum will definitely help your readers & value to this post

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