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Flexbox Conferences and Workshops You Should Attend

Flexbox conferences and meetups continue to offer attendees the opportunity to learn new skills, discover recent trends, view the latest technologies. You get to enjoy networking with other professionals, meet new friends and contacts in the industry. Thus, we’ve compiled a curated list of the top Flexbox conferences and other related events around the world you should consider attending to broaden your horizons, update your skill set and build relationships with key developers, leading experts and decision makers.

Workshop: Advanced CSS Layouts

This workshop is designed for designers and developers who already have a good working knowledge of HTML and CSS. We will cover a range of CSS methods for achieving layout, from those you are safe to use right now even if you need to support older version of Internet Explorer through to things that while still classed as experimental, are likely to ship in browsers in the coming months.

  • When: April 19, 2018
  • Where: San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California, USA
  • URL: https://www.webconf.asia/advanced-layouts-workshop

Event Apart Boston

An Event Apart Boston is two days of sessions from 12 speakers with intense focus on digital design, UX, content, code, and more. Following the two-day conference comes a full day, A Day Apart, with a single speaker diving deeply into one important topic.

  • When: June 25-27, 2018
  • Where: Boston, USA
  • URL: https://aneventapart.com/


We strongly believe in learning by doing. Join a workshop and bring back practical knowledge to your workplace. Lightning talks are fast-paced 10-minute talks about all the latest trends, buzzwords and more. Short talks are 30-minute talks meant to give you a deeper understanding of a subject and acts as a supplement for our lightning talks.

  • When: March 14-16, 2018
  • Where: Bergen, Norway
  • URL: https://2018.boosterconf.no/

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Smashing Conference San Francisco 2018, April 17th to 18th. Building with Flexbox and CSS Grid Layout; Other emerging specifications of interest, eg. Exclusions, Regions, Box Alignment Save $100 when signing up for the conference and a workshop! This workshop is sold out! On the Web https://rachelandrew.co.uk/ On Twitter Leveling Up With Flexbox presentation at Smashing Conference. Download the slides and view the demos for my presentation on practical flexbox progressive enhancement, “Leveling Up With Flexbox” for Smashing Conference in Oxford, as well as get links to related articles, tutorials, and tools on Flexible Box Layout. Workshops. Conference sessions are one thing, but full-day hands-on workshops are an entirely different beast. On the day before and on the day after the conference, you can dive deep into your topic of interest: Learn the emerging best practices for using Grid and Flexbox. Discover how to support browsers without support, and ensure that Thank you to all who joined us at the W2U Conference 2017 and contributed to the amazing atmosphere in the Copenhagen Zoo. We will use our experience and all your valuable feedback to make the conference even better next year. (Flexible Box) module, a W3C Last Call Working Draft, which aims to provide a more efficient way to lay out, align Putting Flexbox into Practice presentation at Blend Conference. Download the slides and view the demo page for my presentation on Putting Flexbox into Practice for Blend Conference 2013, as well as get links to related articles, tutorials, and tools on Flexible Box Layout.