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Five Factors to Consider When Choosing a CMS

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Content Management Systems allow you to make changes on your website without going to a third party. A wrong choice of CMS will either limit your use or clutter your site and make you pay for features you don’t need.

The key to choosing the right CNS lies in knowing your needs. Below are highlights of some of those factors you may want to consider relative to your needs.

Ease of Use

if_28_power_of_knowledge_824897The CMS should be user-friendly. You should not have to be a tech guru to use it. Always test the system before buying it.




if_support_settings_maintanance_217034Functionality is a huge consideration. What can the CMS do or not do?

Ideally, the CMS should have all the features you need but also be flexible enough to allow third-party apps.

Will you need to use features such as password reset, user permission or export users? Does the CMS provide for editing permission in case of multiple contributors?


if_positive-f005_2297860 (1)Does the CMS give you enough flexibility in the way your content is displayed?

The editor, or the page through which you add content, traditionally has limited functionality giving you limited freedom regarding font size, color design and general appearance of your content.

How friendly is the editor to marking up links, text, or headings?

How does it handle assets such as images? Look for a CMS that allows editing, cropping or general altering of Images.

Does it allow uploading of Word and PDF flies, and how do these appear to the end users? Can you add descriptions? Will search engines index the flies?


if_head_signal_wifi_connection_interactivity_human_924324How interactive is the CMS? Does it make provision for user responses such as chat forums, user comments, rating, and response forms? Can you analyze results and generate an output?

Does it allow you to communicate with customers, for example through email or newsletters?



if_advokat_set-19_1937938You want a CMS that will grow with you, one that will be able to meet your changing needs. As you grow, you may want a separate website for a specific audience segment or a mobile version of the same site. You will need a feature that allows you to support several websites.

If your needs change and your audience becomes multilingual, you should be able to adapt without overhauling the website.

It is essential to know where you are as a business and where you are going. Stick to your current and future needs and select a CMS that matches your needs.

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