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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Please check our comprehensive FAQ section below for the answer. If you still can’t find an answer, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

General Questions

Why should I choose Echo.UA for my IT outsourcing needs?
We employ dedicated project managers whose sole responsibility is to make sure your projects are delivered on time, on budget and to the highest quality standard. Many clients have come to us after experiencing problems with other outsourcing companies who have no team leaders to oversee their projects. We have heard horror stories of project delays, cost overruns and low quality work resulting in frustrating experiences with other outsourcing firms. We make sure our clients experience stress free projects and guaranteed results. We choose only the best developers and designers for your projects. Our hiring process weeds out low quality applicants from the beginning so we know we have people we can trust to deliver quality work and good communications.
What if my developer runs into problems on the project?
All our developers are trained to turn to other team members and the project managers for assistance. If the issue is still unresolved then management will take ownership to resolve the problem quickly for you.
What if something goes wrong with a 3rd party service like hosting?
Even if a problem comes up with an external 3rd party service like hosting, shopping carts, ecommerce store, membership site or other web service we will take ownership of the problem for our clients and fix the issue on their behalf. We request details of these services to allow us to deal with these suppliers for our clients.
How professional are your employees?
All our employees are university graduates with a strong work ethic, punctuality and professional office dress for meetings, conference calls, presentations, etc.
How long has Echo.UA been in business?
More than 2 years. We started back in May 2013. We have modern development center with the latest hardware, software and fast internet connections to handle your project with ease.


Hiring, Testing, Screening & Education

What can I expect from an Echo.UA developer/designer?
We select our staff based on high standards of education, qualifications and experience. As well as superb IT and programming skills we also look for good language and communication ability when hiring employees.
Can you give me a quote over the phone?
Given the complex requirements involved in IT outsourcing we wouldn’t want to give false or misleading information to a potential client. A thorough requirements specifications is the best start to a successful partnership and allows us to provide you with a realistic quote you can depend upon going forward. With your detailed project requirements we can draw up a custom project plan and costings you know you can trust.
How do I hire a dedicated developer or designer from Echo.UA?
Once you have decided you want to hire a dedicated designer or developer from us we will send you a project requisition form to allow you to detail your requirements fully. Our HR manager will then search our database for potential candidates. The shortlisted candidates will be invited to an initial screening interview to narrow down the candidates. After screening, a comprehensive employment interview takes place which goes into each candidate’s education, employment history and personality fit for the role in question. Relevant IT testing takes place and scores are evaluated closely. Once a candidate is chosen all legal documents are completed. This includes signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for your confidentiality and data protection.
Can I take part in the candidate selection for my dedicated developer/designer?
Yes, we can send you the candidate resumes and you can shortlist the candidates yourself or with our help.
Do I have to accept your choice of developer/designer?
Our mission is to select the best candidate for you based on your requirements. However, if you decide not to accept our recommendation you are free to turn down the candidate. In this scenario we would begin the selection process again.
Do you have references that we can contact before finally deciding to hire you?
Of course! We have a list of happy clients and can provide you with contact details.
Do your developers have up-to-date vendor certifications and training?
All developers on our books are required to keep their certifications and skills current by attending training sponsored by our company. We ensure we provide the latest training on all the software we support to our staff. In addition, our selection process is so thorough that 95% of web developers who apply to us are declined at the initial screening.
What if my dedicated developer or designer decides to leave the job?
To avoid this scenario we pay our designers and developers good salaries to keep them long term. It’s very rare for someone leaves our company. If the situation does arise we can offer you a suitable replacement from our extensive database of qualified candidates.


Working with your dedicated developer or designer

Can my dedicated employee work to my office hours?
It is possible. Our working days are Monday-Friday and we are also closed on public and official holidays in Ukraine. Working hours are 10am – 7pm UTC +3 and can be shifted by 2 hours towards your time zone.
Who monitors my dedicated developer/designer’s work?
A project manager or team leader is allocated supervision of your employee’s quality of work and progress. You can contact them anytime for an update.
Can you program mobile apps?
We can program apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets.
Will my website work in all browsers?
Yes. As standard practice our developers test our client’s website in all major browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari. If required we can also endure backward compatibility with older browsers and text only browsers for disables access.
Can your developers make my website work on mobile devices?
Yes, our web developers are familiar with mobile compatibility requirements and are able to build websites for viewing on all major smartphones and tablets including iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tables and Windows phones.
Do you review how my projects are going?
Yes, we are constantly striving to improve the implementation and performance of our client’s web development projects. We hold monthly review meetings with all our clients to discuss new ways to maximize profitability, effectiveness and competitiveness of their projects.
We proactively suggest operational efficiencies, methods to save time or lower costs and techniques to minimize disruptions, downtime or problems with client projects. We actively pursue strategies to help keep our clients ahead of the competition and in the lead.
Do you guarantee my projects will be on time and on budget?
Yes, we do. With a thorough requirements specification we can provide a detailed project quotation listing total hours, timelines and costs. You won’t get any nasty surprises along the way. With our iron-clad guarantee in writing you can be sure of your costs and timescales from the outset. Along with our high quality work as standard.
Do you have backup staff for emergencies?
In the event that your developer or designer takes a vacation or gets sick we supply backup employees to fill the gap. We maintain detailed and secure blueprints of all our client’s websites, applications and documentation within our project management system. Your projects will never be affected by unforeseen staff illness or absence.



Do your dedicated developers/designers speak English?
Yes. We only hire employees with at least Intermediate English to ensure good communication with our clients.
How do I communicate with my dedicated employee?
You can get in touch with your dedicated developer or designer through multiple channels. Your employee is available instantly on video calling or video conferencing, Skype and Instant Messenger. Written contact is made by email or on our project management system. We can also set up your employee with a local telephone number from your global location to make calling simple and fast.
When are you available on the phone?
We take phone calls directly between 10am EST to 7pm EST.
Do you guarantee response times in writing?
Yes, we guarantee to answer a request within 24 hour of receipt. We have invested heavily in a top-of-the-line project management system to log all client requests and responses. Our developers and designers are trained to use the system for communication and project progress updates. You can view your requests and our responses 24 hours a day in real time. All your project information and progress charts are stored on the system and constantly updated as work is completed and project milestones reached. Your dedicated employee and the allocated project manager are also available on Skype, IM, phone and email.
Can you explain stuff in non-technical terms?
We understand that some of our clients are business rather than technical professionals. We know that the technical systems and processes are there to support a business target and can explain how the technical work fulfils the requirement in layman’s terms.
Do you provide me with a weekly progress report?
With our state-of-the-art project management system you can view a snapshot of project progress any time you want. Our platform shows work completed and project milestones reached in real time. Your developers and designers update the system as and when targets are completed. You receive a detailed weekly report summarising all tasks completed on an ongoing basis.
Do you provide detailed daily reports on tasks and costs?
We provide daily reports detailing tasks completed daily. The report shows completed tasks, tasks in progress and pending tasks. You never have to guess where your project stands and how much budget has been spent. Our project management system provides a complete snapshot of project progress any time you want. All billable time and work completed is accessible to you to monitor in real time.



Is my data confidential and secure?
The security and confidentiality of your data is a primary consideration for us. We have various systems to ensure data protection and we can discuss your requirements at the initial stages. For example, we can organize for data to be stored only on your company servers and provide access to your developer or designer from our network computers only and limit access to data during work hours. We have security software to allow you to track your developer or designer’s access to data and prevent them from copying or emailing the data outside your company.
Who controls critical data like passwords and licences?
You are given a complete copy of all users, passwords, licence keys and other vital information during the setup phase of the project. We update this data on an ongoing basis and ensure only the key staff from your company have access to this information. You are always in control of your key project data.


Office Locations

Where are you located?
We are located in Lviv, Ukraine.
Can I visit the Ukraine to train or meet my developer? Can he or she visit me?
Yes, you’re welcome to visit us and meet your employee anytime you wish. We consider ourselves as an extension to your office. We can make arrangements for your employee to come to your office location anywhere in the world. You will be responsible for hotel and travel expenses.


Intellectual Property

Do I maintain intellectual property rights?
Yes, all work remains your intellectual property at all times.


Pricing & Payment

What payment terms and methods are available?
We work on a simple and clear payment schedule. An initial payment is made before your employee begins to work for you. For the duration of the project, the monthly payment is required before the employee begins doing the actual work. For example, if the employee is scheduled to commence work on 1 March, we require a full month payment to be made prior to this date, e.g. 25 February. You are protected from any overpayments by following a month by month payment schedule. For the payment we prefer to receive funds by bank transfer (SWIFT). But we can use other payment methods such as PayPal or credit cards.
Do you offer a refund?
Yes, we are committed to providing our clients with high quality work delivered on time and on budget. If you are unhappy with the work we guarantee a 100% refund. If only part of the work is below your required standard we will refund payment on a pro-rata basis calculated from days or hours worked. We can replace your developer or designer with another and apply the refund as a credit for payment to the new dedicated employee.
Note: if you experience any dissatisfaction with the attitude or quality of work of your dedicated employee please notify us immediately. We strive to maintain happy clients who will keep coming back to us and will do everything we can to eliminate your dissatisfaction. We can intervene to satisfy your concerns or replace the employee swiftly if necessary.
If we are not aware of any problems with your employee within a reasonable time period we will not be able to rectify the situation or change behaviors. In this case, the standard one month notice requirement will apply.
Can I hire employees on a part-time basis?
Yes. As well as full-time employees we can provide developers and designers on a part-time or hourly basis. Our standard part-time contract offers a dedicated employee for 20 hours a week for 4 hours a day over 5 working days.
Are discounts available for multiple employees?
Yes, we offer discounts when you engage multiple developers or designers. Please get in touch with us to discuss.
Are there any hidden or unexpected charges?
No. Our project specification will detail all costs and our invoices will clearly state the monthly amount to reflect our quote. On rare occasions we may need to purchase additional software or hardware that was not specified in the initial contract. We will discuss this with you and get the greenlight for the additional expenses before purchase. We guarantee no unpleasant financial surprises on your project.
How do I terminate the services of my dedicated employee?
If you need to dismiss the services of your developer or designer we ask for one month’s notice period prior to termination of the contract. This is not available during the first month of service.
What if my dedicated employee terminates the contract?
This is unlikely to happen as we screen candidates to ensure long-term stability for our clients and pay the best salaries to the staff.
Why is this period of one-month necessary?
The one month notice period gives us time to complete the work and prepare to return the project and tasks to the client or handover to another dedicated employee.
It also provides stability to the dedicated employee and gives them time to move to another project within our company or search for a position elsewhere.
Can I offer my employee incentives and bonuses?
You are welcome to reward your dedicated developer or designer with financial incentives or bonuses as a thank your for a job well done or to motivate them to achieve greater performance targets. However, these payments will need to be processed via our platform and cannot be paid directly to the individual by your company.
How many paid holidays will my employee receive?
We offer your dedicated employee the standard 10 days annual holiday. You are not required to pay your employee while on vacation or off sick. We can provide you with a list of national holiday dates for the current year.


Legal Stuff

Am I liable for tax or insurance?
No. You are hiring our company for our services and are not liable for any additional expenses like tax, social security, national insurance or pension contributions. Your dedicated developer or designer is employed by us and we are liable for all employment expenses and legal obligations in the Ukraine.
By outsourcing your project to us you reduce your costs to one simple monthly payment which is tax deductible in your jurisdiction. We deal with all the employment, legal and pensions expenses here in the Ukraine, leaving you free to focus on your core business and minimize overheads.