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Top ERP Development Companies and Agencies in Ukraine

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire Web Developers in Ukraine?

Our pricing is completely transparent: you pay your engineers’ salaries and a flat monthly fee for our services. No hidden charges.

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We are an authorized partner of the Google Cloud Platform and our customers are confident in meeting the highest standards of Google. We are among the first to get the opportunity to use the new functionality of Google products, so we give our customers more advantages from services they already know. OWOX team has practical experience with advanced technology like Swift, PHP, ERP, SEO and more.

  • Location: Dnipro
  • URL: http://www.owox.ua/


We managed to create a cloud-based spend management solution for small and midsize businesses that helps automate procurement processes. Precoro keeps all information in one place which lets users track requisitions, approvals, budgets and orders. The easy-to-use platform provides complete control and visibility of company spend. Our main goal is to develop intuitive e-procurement software for small and middle sized businesses, that is simple to use and don’t need any technical upgrades. Every day thousands of people around the world use Precoro for spending control. Precoro team has practical experience with advanced technology like UI/UX, PHP, ERP, SEO and more.

  • Location: Kyiv
  • URL: https://precoro.com/


Our projects vary in scope from assisting start-ups with their initial launch to helping fortune 500 companies redefine one of their stagnant business units. Yes, technology is at our core, but a true success story involves much more than that. It requires leadership, commitment, and flawless delivery.Keeping the end goal in front of you is of paramount importance, and often times, technical groups lose sight of this key success factor. PreciseQ team has practical experience with advanced technology like .NET, PHP, ERP, SEO and more.

  • Location: Kyiv
  • URL: http://preciseq.com


Given the number of people who have turned their attention to the screens of gadgets, we can say that mobile applications today set a vector of action for developers, programmers and designers. Nowadays, e-commerce is at a peak of it popularity. ERP system is program package, that is based on the ERP strategy.

  • Location: Kharkiv
  • URL: http://maybe.works/

UUUDesign.com corp

Specializing in full cycle user-focused UX/UI design and PhD-led software development, we help your business excel. UUUDesign is a creative company offering a practical, straightforward and knowledgeable approach to your web and mobile needs. We’ll work with you to ensure an optimized solution; attracting new potential customers and generating new business opportunities effortlessly. UUUDesign.com corp team has practical experience with advanced technology like UI/UX, PHP, ERP, SEO and more.

  • Location: Kharkiv
  • URL: http://uuudesign.com/
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