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Encouraging Active Comments on Your Blog

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Encouraging Active Comments on Your Blog

Even if you’re an expert blogger, you may struggle to attract a steady stream of comments from your readers. Drawing in hundreds of new visitors each day is no guarantee that your readers will leave comments; your current content may fail to inspire your readers to respond. A few tactics, including simplifying the comment process on your blog and crafting interactive posts, can inspire lively debates on your blog.

Ask a Question

The concluding sentence of each blog post can discourage or inspire your readers to leave a comment. If you end your post with an opinionated statement that allows little room for discussion, your readers may feel too intimidated to comment. Asking a question, however, can encourage even the most reluctant readers to respond. Closing your blog entries with a question shows that you sincerely want to know what your readers think.

Include a Personal Story

A robotic blog post about your favorite cookie recipe is not likely to inspire many comments from your readers. However, if you tell your readers about your grandma making a plate of the cookies to cheer you up, you add a personal touch to your posts that your readers will respond to. A reader who has similar memories is more likely to chime in with her own story.

Politely Offer Your Opinions

Few things rile people up as much as controversy. If you keep to bland subjects, such as yesterday’s lunch, you’re unlikely to inspire many engaging comments from your readers. Writing about your opinions in a respectful manner is a great way to find people who agree and disagree with you. The readers who agree with your opinions will leave supportive comments, and those who disagree will try to change your mind with their own opinions. If you aren’t afraid to take a stand and express your opinions, you’ll quickly generate more traffic and comments.

Make it Easy to Leave a Comment

Many bloggers erect barriers around their comments to stop spammers. Forcing readers to register before they can comment, for example, is one of many ways to prevent unwanted advertisements from showing up in your comments. However, these obstacles may also discourage your casual readers from interacting with you; only your most devoted fans will jump through endless hoops to leave a comment. Look for other ways to reduce spam, such as using an anti-spam plug-in.

Interact with Your Readers

Take the time to interact with your readers. Your readers leave comments so that they can talk to you directly. Ignoring them or leaving a generic auto-response will not encourage them to make future comments. Interacting with your regular readers is also a good way to extend the life of your blog posts and encourage even more people to respond.

A healthy comments section is a good way to improve your traffic and keep your blog active. Inspiring good comments only takes a little extra effort each day. A few simple techniques can help you build a community of readers around your blog.

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