Dnipro IT Market Review [Research & Reports]

Ukraine is in the top world IT offshore destinations, hitting the $4 billion in software outsourcing volumes in 2018. With Kyiv being the #1 choice for outsourcing vendors, Ukraine’s capital IT market becomes increasingly crowded. That’s when smaller regional centers step up and bring their unique advantages to the table.

Let’s take a closer look at Dnipro tech landscape and find out whether you should tap into that market.

Specifications of Dnipro IT Market


Dnipro features the top 5 of Ukraine’s largest IT hubs, alongside Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and Lviv.

Currently, more than 170 digital tech companies operate in Dnipro, employing about 13000 developers, engineers, web designers, and other IT professionals. The number includes 12 of the top 50 Ukraine’s IT companies, with a total headcount of 3133 local employees.

Overall, 9% of Ukrainian IT specialists live and work in Dnipro.

Such whales as Oracle opened up their own offices in Dnipro. Besides international IT outsourcing vendors, the sheer number of product companies and startups choose to conduct their business here. Globally known Poster and Yalantis are headquartered in Dnipro, among others.


There is room for improvement in air traffic linking Dnipro to the rest of the world. You can access the city directly from Viena (Austria) and Tel Aviv (Israel).

Dnipro Aero - Dnipro IT Market Review [Research & Reports]

In other cases, you have to change planes in Kyiv-Boryspil airport which has excellent travel links with Europe. It takes one hour to reach Dnipropetrovsk International Airport from there.

Profile of Dnipro IT Specialists

Social and Professional Portrait

The median age of a Ukrainian developer is 27. On average, Ukrainian developers are 25 to 30 years old.

Only a quarter of local IT specialists are women, making men the more common gender in the occupation. The ratio corresponds to the national gender distribution of IT industry workers — 24,9% women to 75,1% men.

The majority of tech specialists hold a master’s degree — 76,3%. The share of developers with experience of up to 2 years is 48% in Dnipro.

The lion’s share of tech professionals has Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate English proficiency — 37,4% and 33,7%, respectively.


Salary benchmarks in the technology/IT sector in Dnipro are below or equal the national average. Software Engineers, for instance, earn 5% less than the average in Ukraine — $1900 per month vs. Ukraine’s median salary rate of $2000 per month.

From the top 5 Ukrainian IT hubs, Dnipro-based Seniors have the most modest salary. They earn $3400 in Dnipro against $3900 in the capital city, and $3500 in Kharkiv and Lviv. At the junior end of the scale, workers expect to earn $600, or $50 less than the average.

A similar situation is with the QA specialists who make approximately $1300 in Dnipro, which is $100 less compared to the median salary in this position.

As for the Project Manager position, the expected salary is around $1300 in Dnipro, which corresponds to the average level.

Top Outsourcing Companies from Dnipro

1. Yalantis

Yalantis Site - Dnipro IT Market Review [Research & Reports]

Employees in Ukraine: 500+

A web and mobile app development outsourcer founded in 2008. The company CEO is Alexander Kholodov. Their main and only office is in Dnipro.

  • Yalantis most recent projects are several online shopping and delivery management apps, communication platforms for finance and healthcare, and smart home apps.
  • Among the key clients are Zillow’s, KPMG, UBS, eCuris, Autoportal.

2. RubyGarage

RubyGarage Site - Dnipro IT Market Review [Research & Reports]

Employees in Ukraine: 150+

A Dnipro-born full-cycle web and mobile app development company was established in 2011. The CEO is Volodymyr Vorobiov.

As you might easily guess, RubyGarage specializes in Ruby on Rails-based apps.

  • The company has a track record of over 80 clients in e-commerce, finance & banking, healthcare, hospitality, and ed-tech industry.
  • Their project portfolio includes a real-time event analytics platform, a marketplace for artists, and a retail management platform.
  • RubyGarage is a top Ruby on Rails company on Clutch.

3. AprioritApriorit Site - Dnipro IT Market Review [Research & Reports]

Employees in Ukraine: 200+

Apriorit is in business since 2002, with Ukrainian offices in Dnipro, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, and Zhaporizhya. Dennis Turpitka founded the company.

They deliver solutions for SaaS, data management and cloud computing, and cybersecurity vendors.

  • In 2018, the company was featured in the Manifest Top Software Developers and Clutch Top Global B2B Companies rankings.
  • Apriorit is a Microsoft, Mobindustry, and YouTeam partner.

4. Cleveroad

Cleveroad Site - Dnipro IT Market Review [Research & Reports]

Employees in Ukraine: 140+

A web and mobile outsourcer founded by Evgeniy Altynpara in 2014. Cleveroad is headquartered in Dnipro and has another office in Kharkiv.

Cleveroad caters to banking, real estate, logistics, healthcare, agriculture, and entertainment industries predominantly.

  • The company reports delivering over 500 B2B and B2C apps. Among these products are fitness, P2P sports, and local custom services marketplaces, as well as global networks for golf players, dancers, and drivers.
  • Cleveroad is featuring in the 2019 Leading Developers and the Top UK Providers by Clutch;
  • Clients: Virgin Atlantic, Fuji HI, MoneyWiz, HSBS, Octopus, DPD, Cartogram.

5. Archer Software

Archer Site - Dnipro IT Market Review [Research & Reports]

Employees in Ukraine: 200+

A Dnipro-born outsourcing and dev augmentation company was founded in 2000.

Their expertise covers automotive, healthcare, FinTech, and IoT domains.

  • Archer Software delivered more than 500 projects for 200+ clients. Among the latest products are a driving behavior monitor, enterprise apps for Renault, a virtual lab for automotive training, health tracking software, etc.
  • The company partners with Microsoft, ACC Ukraine, IT Ukraine Association.
  • Clients: Renault, Volvo, Smartling, GreenRoad, US Golf Association.

Product Companies from Dnipro


Murka Site - Dnipro IT Market Review [Research & Reports]

Employees in Ukraine: 400+

A social casino game developer established in 2011 by Anton Krasnyy and Max Polyakov. There are four dev centers in Ukraine located in Dnipro, Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Lviv.

  • Murka’s top social and mobile games are Scatter Slots, Infinity Slots and Slots Era.
  • Their overall player base exceeds 5 million monthly
  • Murka is the EGR Social Operator and Social slots operator winner (2017, 2018).

Dnipro IT Communities

IT Dnipro Community is among the most prominent and influential IT clusters in Ukraine. Founded in 2017, today it unites 29 tech businesses and four partners, including SoftServe, DataArt, Siteсore, Yalantis, DAXX, ISD.

IT Dnipro Community Site - Dnipro IT Market Review [Research & Reports]

The community co-organizes several major local IT events: IT Dnipro Conference, ITEM, and IT Biz Meetup.

IT Dnipro Community supports a few educational projects:

  • International Collegiate Programming Contest – the only official international coding competition for students in Ukraine.
  • Regular coding competitions for children.
  • Series of meetups for IT professionals and enthusiasts.

Dnipro Tech Events


ITEM Dnipro Global Site - Dnipro IT Market Review [Research & Reports]

  • Annual event taking place in November since 2013

The oldest local IT conference geared for CEOs, Project and Program Managers, and Team Leads. The event hosts about 1600 participants. Among the last years’ speakers were experts from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, GitHub, Spotify, and Pinterest.

This year’s agenda is focused on business growth, sales & marketing, and project & people management.

2. RunIT

Runit2019 Site - Dnipro IT Market Review [Research & Reports]

  • Annual tech conference held in May since 2017

An event for IT professionals and enthusiasts offers five sessions: PM & business analysis, QA & QC, web development, back-end development, and the panel for beginners. This year the event was host to more than 30 speakers and over 500 attendees.

3. IT Dnipro Conference

IT Dnipro Conference Site - Dnipro IT Market Review [Research & Reports]

  • Annual tech conference held in September since 2018

The event aims towards the development of Dnipro IT industry. This year’s conference will explore business management, investments, and legislative regulation on conducting IT business in Dnipro region.

Dnipro High Schools

There are eight universities offering IT-related degree programs in Dnipro. Each year, Dnipro high schools fuel the Ukrainian IT market with 1000+ fresh graduates.

1. Oles Honchar Dnipro National University (1918)

This university is considered the main local provider of tech graduates. The Faculty of Applied Mathematics consists of three departments: Calculating Mathematics and Mathematical Cybernetics, Mathematical Support of Calculating Machines, and Computer Technologies.

Near 800 future tech specialists pursue their degrees full-time, and 120 more are enrolled for a part-time admission. The graduates specialize in software engineering, computer modeling and programming technology, systems analysis, and informatics.

The median salary of a Dnipro National University graduate is $2100.

2. Dnipro University of Technology (1899)

The oldest higher education institution in the city. Dnipro Polytechnic offers seven specialized bachelors and masters programs in the IT and engineering fields. The faculty departments are:

  • Information Systems and Technologies
  • Software Engineering
  • System Analysis and Control
  • Security Information and Telecommunications.

3. Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology (1930)

The university students earn master’s degrees in computer engineering, computer science and information technologies, automated control of technological processes, and metrology and measuring technology.

Students can also acquire IT competencies at:

  • Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture;
  • Dnipro National University of Rail Transport;
  • University of Customs and Finance;
  • National Metallurgical Academy Of Ukraine;
  • Alfred Nobel University.

Dnipro IT Courses

1. STEP IT Academy

Itstep Site - Dnipro IT Market Review [Research & Reports]

  • 72 schools with 1800 teachers.
  • 95000 graduates per year.
  • Courses: software development, web design, network administration, digital marketing, etc.
  • There are full and part-time attendance options. An individual learning plan is available. Course duration varies from 6 months to 2,5 years depending on the program, with the lessons twice a week.
  • Graduates get Microsoft, Autodesk, and Cisco certificates.

2. Level Up learning center

  • 650+ graduates per year.
  • Courses: software, web and mobile app development, management, UI/UX design, digital marketing, QA, etc.
  • Program duration is 12-50 weeks. Students can study in groups or individually.
  • Graduates can enroll in their IT incubator in Dnipro to get working experience.

3. SoftServe IT Academy

  • 1600 graduates per year.
  • Courses: DevOps, Web UI, Java, C++, .NET, iOS, etc.
  • There are paid courses for beginners and free courses for those with technical skills. There is an in-class format only, with access to online course materials.

Dnipro residents can also level up their tech skills by attending Sigma Software University, ORT, Hillel, SkillsUp.

Workspaces in Dnipro

IT coworking spaces started popping up like mushrooms for the last five years:

  • Coworking 365 — a coworking space with a meeting room, a relax room a and every piece of equipment for business events and webinars. Opened in 2015.
  • I Cultural Business Hub — an educational and business center for corporate meetings and cultural events. Opened in 2014.
  • SoftWork — a workspace catering for events of various scales, from business lunches to crowded conferences.
  • Spalah — a 3-in-one space that combines educational hub, coworking, and IT school.

Dnipro locals can also work and chill at doSTup, Coworking Clubs, and City Mums.

Assessments of Dnipro IT Industry

In summary, these are the key reasons to take an interest in Dnipro for outsourcing or outstaffing:

  • world-class developers at attractive rates;
  • solid high ed tradition in engineering and applied science;
  • rapidly developing tech ecosystem and booming IT industry culture;

Being in the top, but not the top digital tech city, is what makes Dnipro an increasingly attractive yet accessible market for outsourcing software development.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to outsource to Ukraine, it might be challenging to gain valuable local market knowledge. Feel free to contact us for professional advice. We are here to help.

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3 years ago

I am ashamed to admit the Dnipro IT market was not on my map. More than 170 digital tech companies operate in Dnipro, but somehow I managed to overlook it. There seems to be a lot of talent in Dnipro given the sheer number of IT and other professionals living and working in the city, driving IT markets outside of the region and across Europe.

Software tester
2 years ago

More than 60% of all the aforementioned specialists are employed in outsourcing IT companies. However, the number of startups and international offices is growing. Ukrainian outsourcers cooperate mainly with companies from the United States.

Anna Redcliff
Anna Redcliff
1 year ago

Good article, but when will it be about other cities?

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