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Telerik is a UI library from Telerik, which allows developers to make their applications more accessible and usable. It includes components for ASP.NET MVC, WPF, WinForms, Windows Phone, Silverlight, HTML5, HTML and CSS. The components include HTML elements, such as buttons, checkboxes, menus, panels, tables and text boxes, and controls, such as grids, charts, data entry forms, date/time pickers and more. We’ve had the pleasure of working with many clients across the world, and the feedback has been great. So we decided to create a list of our own Telerik development companies.

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Featured Telerik dev companies

  • Intellias is an experienced Telerik dev company in Ukraine, offering a wide range of services from custom software development, mobile app development, and cloud computing solutions to enterprise solutions and UI/UX design.
  • SoftServe is a leading Telerik development company in Ukraine, providing custom software development, software engineering, and IT consulting services. With over 20 years of experience, SoftServe has been a trusted partner for many companies worldwide.
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Vladimir Nikitin
EXDST is an experienced digital team specializing in Sitecore development, upgrade and maintenance, digital marketing, experience optimization and support se...
Igor Prokofiev
Twincore Systems is a cloud-based web application and software development company that specializes in creating custom web, SaaS, and cloud projects based on...

How to choose the right firm?

When choosing a Telerik development company, consider their experience with the Telerik platform, their portfolio of past projects, the scope of the project and the size of the development team, and their understanding of the target market.

Additionally, ensure they have a proven track record of success and are committed to providing quality customer service and support.

Five questions you should ask Telerik developer(s) before the hire

  1. What experience do you have with developing web and mobile applications?
  2. What techniques do you use to debug and troubleshoot Telerik applications?
  3. What do you consider the key benefits of using the Telerik platform?
  4. What strategies do you use to ensure the performance and scalability of Telerik applications?
  5. How have you used Telerik tools to maintain and optimize application performance?

👋 A lot of companies to analyse? Let us help you to select the trustful service provider!

Technologies that may replace Telerik

Thinking of other choices (alternatives) may be a decent thought:

  • Angular: an open source web application framework for building web applications with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • React: an open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • Vue.js: an open-source progressive JavaScript framework for building user interfaces.

Hire Ukrainian Telerik Developers

To conclude, Telerik development companies in Ukraine offer a variety of services and solutions to help businesses realize their goals and objectives.

These companies boast in-depth knowledge and experience in the Telerik platform, allowing them to develop custom applications and solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs and objectives of their customers. With the combination of quality and competitive pricing, these companies are well-positioned to be a great option for businesses seeking a dependable, cost-effective partner to help maximize the potential of their Telerik-powered applications.

Top locations: Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Zaporizhzhia, Vinnytsia, Khmelnytskyi, Ivano-Frankivsk.

The typical rate for Telerik development in Ukraine varies depending on the specific project, the size of the team required, and the complexity of the project. Generally speaking, rates range from $15-35 per hour for junior developers, $35-50 per hour for mid-level developers, and $50-100 per hour for senior developers. Rates may also vary depending on the specific area of expertise required for the project.

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